Image: Jack Barleycorn, The Guardian - Click to enlarge

Becomes Guardian of the Second, King of The Outlands, but avoids the role of Emperor. He and n'Gnung often bear the brunt of Da Phai Nai's broom, her weapon of choice, and joke about wearing padded pants.

Jien Noi

Image: Empress and Gatekeeper Jien Noi - Click to enlarge

Known as Jinnie by her husband, Jack, she is only the third person to ever hold the titles of Empress and Gatekeeper.


Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge

Daughter of Jinnie and Jack, Ræm becomes Empress Elect and future Gatekeeper. But, her destiny lies along the Third and Windy Way.

At the end of Book three, Ræm stands alone to face the might of The Great Ogre. Wielding the Sword of Destiny, she provides the final twist of the main plot.


Image: n'Gnung is Jack's closest friend - Click to enlarge

n'Gnung is Jack's closest friend, and becomes First Warrior of the Second, and Guardian Elect.


Image: Kay - Click to enlarge

Kay, unlike any other Elf, has black hair and white eyes, except for the first ever Elf Queen, and Oma.

Da Phai Nai

Image: Da Phai Nai - Click to enlarge

Matronly Innkeeper renowned for her broom.

Lo Si

Image: Lo Si - Click to enlarge

Lo Si, Sun Kist's father, and The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge.

Sun Kist

Image: Sun Kist, daughter of Da Phai Nai and Lo Si - Click to enlarge

Kitchen skivvy and trainee chef, becomes the Shaman's apprentice.

The Seer

Image: The Seer - Click to enlarge

A great Seer, Won Long is fallible only where Da Phai Nai is concerned.

Ju Lo

Image: Ju Lo - Click to enlarge

The next Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, trains under the Shaman, learning about knowledge lost during the Dark Time.

Over the years, he grows both as a person, and as a determined seeker of knowledge. By the time he takes over from Lo Si, he has become both a Sage and a wise man.


Image: n'Gue - Click to enlarge

Prime messenger of the Second; fastest in the land.

Weid Noi

Image: Weid Noi - Click to enlarge

The future Seer, comes into her destiny when Won Long passes on. She is destined to become one of the greatest ever Seers of all time

Gung Loi

Image: Gung Loi - Click to enlarge

General of the Second's covert forces, adapts easily to modern weapons, and those of the Ancestors.

Sar Tan

Image: Sar Tan - Click to enlarge

Sar Tan was kidnapped by the Great Ogre when she was very young. It is presumed her body was harvested for DNA, and she died as a result.


Image: Dawn - Click to enlarge

Jack's oldest and best friend; she finds a new reason for living on The Island.

Ancestor Oma

Image: Ancestor Oma - Click to enlarge

After their release from the purgatory of being un-dead, the Ancestors live with the Second, making a new home for themselves at the University.

Most settle as scientists and researchers, assisted by, and assisting the established scientific community.

Oma and Vela do not, the latter becoming a trainer of spaceship personnel, and an indispensable crew member. By contrast, Oma discovers the Ways of Gaia.

Ancestor Vela

Image: Ancestor Vela - Click to enlarge

An expert pilot

Ancestor Idym

Image: Ancestor Idym - Click to enlarge

Marries Ræm

Ancestor Taris

Image: Ancestor Taris - Click to enlarge

His image was painted on stone walls thirty thousand years ago, and bears an uncanny resemblance to Jack.


Image: Horovitz - Click to enlarge

Mercenary who changed sides and fought for the Second.


Feature: The Full character list


Full Character Listings


This list names every character in the first trilogy. It is compiled on a first appearance, importance, and Tribal basis. Let's begin at the start of Book One.

Main Characters

Jack Barleycorn - The Guardian.

The Shaman - she speaks into Jack's mind when he arrives on the shore.

Zhao Jien Noi [Jinnie], The Empress (Elect in Book One) and Gatekeeper.

n'Gnung, Jacks best friend; becomes First Warrior of the Second.

n'Gue, n'Gnung's brother; becomes Prime Messenger.


The Great Ogre

Image: The Great Ogre - Click to enlarge
Arch villain and despotic leader of the Ogres.

Book One

Chronologically: Forest Meade

  • Xi Xah - Courtier, both courtesan and concubine. Widowed, no children.
  • Xi Sai - Similar but younger. Marries Horovitz.
    • Together, Xi Xah and Xi Sai are known as 'The Girls'
  • The King of Forest Meade, elder brother of the Emperor, married to the Empress' younger sister.
  • Lo Si appears in the guise of 'Old Smith'. As the Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, and Teacher, Druid [Deru] of their Tribe, he is all but banished, leading a safe but salient life, if only by his absence.
  • Bu Te, the Innkeeper of the King's table, and Second Chef. Becomes Head Chef on The Shore.
  • Sar Tan - The Empress cousin, yet clone of the Great Ogre, not yet revealed.
  • Da Phai Nai, Mâtre Damme of the Hot Springs; later of the Shore and Hamlet. A feisty woman that in unusual ways, becomes the truest friend of Jack and n'Gnung.
  • Sun Kist, kitchen skivvy, daughter of Da Phai Nai and Lo Si.
  • Weid Noi, Seer Elect, daughter of Won Long and Lo Si.
  • To Mo and To Ma, 'The Twins', are introduced. Like Xi Xah and Xi Sai, they always remain with Jack's greater cohort throughout all three volumes, but feature mainly in Book One.

Grimwaldi Rinns

  • The Emperor, a gracious, ebullient face of power, loved by the people.
  • The Empress, now a demented shadow of her former great self, deluded by Sar Tan into drinking Mercury as a tonic; her mind unravels slowly, in small measures.
  • Tai La, replaces Xi Xah as Jack's unwanted, but constant companion. She is the eyes and ears of the Empress, until she gets bored.
  • Ju Lo appears as the Imperial teacher, one with no students. It is revealed, he is Lo Si's apprentice, and he is allowed to teach Jack their language; the pairing shares more than just use of words.
  • Gwi Lam, based on a Welsh name for a change, but meaning 'blue ghost' as pronounced in Cantonese, is the Executioner. He disappears from the pages; presumably Jinnie had him and his position, retired.
  • The Seer, Won Long, is taken to the transporter cavern by the twins and Lo Si. She is accompanied by her young helpers, named below.
  • Song Li and Song La (adopted sisters), tend Won Long, but become Bu Te's most trusted kitchen staff on the shore.

The Outlands, restoration, new Empress, return.

  • Gung Loi, leader of the fishermen from Gu Long Dux. Rises on high merit to become: General and Commander of Black Ops Forces, Bridge Supervisor, and Second Officer. Marries n'Gnung.
  • Langnor, and her husband Bufor, initially take the night-time watch of the control centre. Later they become the most senior control room staff, but over three books.
  • Many builders with a range of skills appear quickly, as do botanists advising on the right type of reed for the latrine; one example of many. They appear for a season, and most filter forever into the background, but not all. Listed here for information:
    • Dan Mok – Man of Wood. Mok [Mainland Cantonese] = HK Cantonese Muk6 = Potongwha [Mandarin] Mù. Character: 木 meaning: tree, wood.
    • Dan Fo – the botanist
    • Dan Sing - the master builder that becomes Jack’s personal builder outside, and also at the settlement later. 承建商 sing4 gin3 soeng1 builder, building contractor
    • Dan Nai – the geologist
    • Doh Zhi – the Weapons Master becomes Dan Doh officially, but prefers his old name.
    • Dan Sek – Stone master, of rock and minerals. HK Cantonese. 石
      Nb. Dan pronounced, "daan" means Master
  • The Provost, who represents the official bureaucracy of the Island, using only memory.
  • The Empress' children are named:
    • Siu Mooyi, who becomes Queen of Grimwaldi Rinns in Book Three.
    • Dai Lo, their second child, becomes King of Soi Long.

No new characters are unveiled until the final sequences of Book One:

  • Theodosius Quinn, his name means 'Giver of God', in Ancient Greek; he thinks he is 'god'.
    • Magnus – his henchman.
  • Revealed, two Sar Tan clones, the same but slightly different. Major clue to the powers at the disposal of the Great Ogre.

Enter the Allies.

  • Horovitz and his platoon of mercenaries change sides, and fight for the Allies; killing their own. In Book Two he acquires a hand-cranked Gattling Gun, which despite its age, proves to be an impressive weapon. He gathers more troops of the Last, and becomes Commander of the Island's Blitzkrieg forces.

  • Ælthrelntheine, High Queen of the Eleventh, or Elves; Lord Protector of Humankind.
    • Angkrelguer – The Elven Prince and son of above.
    • Ælfreisia – the Elf Queen’s sister.
    • 'Kay', Ælkræleinnoire, The Dark Elf. Introduced at the beginning of Book Two.
      • Eldest child and estranged daughter of Ælthrelntheine, High Lord of Destiny, Queen of the Eleventh Elect. Kay has long black hair and white eyes, like their first ever Queen, and Oma. Otherwise all Elves have blonde hair and blue/green eyes.
    • All other Eleventh are minor characters.
  • Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth, Seventh, or Dwarves.
    • Aroweena, Second Warrior of the Ddwyrth; known as 'The Keeper of Hearts', but not because of her beauty.
    • Llwydd The Bold, First Warrior of the Ddwyrth.
    • All other Seventh are minor characters.

Books Two + Three

Book One finished with additional characters of the Last being added, few being important. For presentational purposes, they are listed here, as are all of the other Tribes.

The Last

Dawn enters at the beginning of Book Two, and is Jack's oldest living best friend. She is a major linking character, covering many things in the background of the plot. She adds suggestions at inter-tribal meetings, and introduces many newcomers, especially John. The Eleventh call her 'First Light of the New Day'.

  • John and Cynthia Tredwell. John is retired as Chancellor of Aston University, UK, and is determined to build a new University and research establishment on the Island.
  • Helen Crowthyere – PA and Rottweiler for John and Jack at the learning faculty admin.
  • Ami Sturgess, a nurse who arrives when Jack rescues Cynthia from hospital, for treatment.
  • Finity Gael, mastered in ancient scripts, and later gained a PhD. with a thesis concerning ancient Hittite steles.
  • Other named Scientists:
    • Don Prendergast - postgraduate anthropologist who wrote a thesis on early Hominina, which was not accepted by the educational hierarchy; but bears fruit on the Island.
    • Faye Wong - Masters in Practical Linguistics, as in verbal translation.
    • Julian [Jules] Blanchflower - Botanist and his wife / assistant Jennifer [Jen].
    • Nigel Woodcock - Zoologist has several BSc’s, zoology and related fields, and is greatly intrigued by the evolution of species over aeons.
  • The FBI:
    • Henry Walcott, SSA, FBI Department Head of special operation Zinger, meets Jack and Dawn in New York.
    • Bryony, his wife.
    • Dean and Colin his trusted SA companions.
    • Ellen is the agent in LA, Bryony was suspicious of having an affair with Henry; they did not.
    • Figaro – is an odd nerdy sort of computer and communications geek.
  • Others Characters:
    • Gary and Shirl from Australia are about the best of the independent Maritime Biologists, and long term friends of Jack.
    • Billy O’Brian leads 'The Machynlleth Group' – living a peasant lifestyle with zero carbon footprint. They use the latest alternative energy, working in symbiosis with Mother Earth.
      • Mavis, his precocious nineteen year-old daughter, refuses to go with them to the Island, unless her boyfriend, Gilly, also transports with them.
    • Gilly [Gillian] is a sort of retro-hippy rocker. An oddball builder, into all sorts of alternative energy, and very well read across a diverse range of subjects. He becomes installer of new building's services, and maintainer of extant. He is into motorbikes, and leads a rock band.
    • Don Phillips, Presidential Aide, under the Chief of Staff; forms a close bond with Jack.
    • Captain-lieutenant Stewart – leader of the SEAL platoons.
    • Adams [Sergeant], a SEAL platoon leader, appears in the Presidential bunker and accompanies Jinnie as they escape.
  • Minor Characters:
    • Dr. Janet Hopewell, CDC, Executive Head of Worldwide Relief Efforts.

Book Three

  • Important Characters:
    • Penelope Pendleton (Brief appearance end of book 2), is the world's pre-eminent sub-nuclear particle physicist, regarded as one of the most brilliant minds concerning 'Space-Time'. She appears 'dippy', but walks the fine line between genius and madness to great, and often humorous effect.
    • Phœbe Pendleton, sister of above, and world-leading pure mathematician.
    • Ali Cox, Dawn's younger brother. Senior Oil consultant working for Royal Dutch Shell.
    • Behrouz Siavashi - official guide of the Iranian government.
    • Doctor Sylvia Steel of the CDC, head of emergency international aid.
    • The Pope, entitled His Holiness.
    • Cardinal Pomfrey, entitled His Eminence, and prime contact with the Island.
  • The Magmanic Mexicans:
    • José Emmanuel Estaves – Expert and independent volcanologist
    • Fernando Perez – Independent Tectonics expert.
    • Ramone Chavez – His younger brother [They had the same mother].
  • Other:
    • Captain Carl Williams – Leader of the International Space station crew.
    • Neal Podmore, a local and County politician, takes over chief liaison and spokesman when dealing with international governments. Later his family move to the Island, escaping the Wrath of Gaia.
  • Minor Characters:
    • Viktor Earhardt - Molecular chemist and meteorologist.
    • Sachin Ram, leader of the Indian scientists, and a Hindu.
    • Professor Urquhart, aka Doc U, cuneiform specialist.

The Next Generation [Book Three]

Ræm [Zhao Ræm Mooyi], named after the first Empress of the Island, is arguably, the most important character of the trilogy, but features little until the conclusion of Book Three. Even then, her presence is fleeting.

Ræm is the first of the next generation, mostly children of union between Last and Second:

  • Mixed Ancestry
    • Jacks & Jinnie’s children:
      • Eldest: Ræm.
      • Jason.
      • Mai Li.
    • Weid Noi and Ali:
      • Wong Kai, eldest son and the next Seer.
    • Horovitz & Xi Sai:
      • Ah-Nei Mei[Annie-May], eldest child, daughter.
  • Peers of the Second, the children they grew up with at the Hamlet:
    • n’Gnung & Gung Loi:
      • Eldest and son: Zhong Zhi.
      • Eldest daughter: Ah Tien.
    • Langnor and Bufor's kids:
      • Geldor, Pheldor, and Norf; female, female, male.

The Second

  • Chein Tai – becomes High Priestess after Sun Kist is promoted.
  • Siu Tao - Deputy Head Priestess.
  • Haak Len, Commander of Gung Loi’s troops.

The Third

  • Burnam, - Leader of the Third - means Great Warrior in their own language.
  • Myuna his daughter(Clearwater).
  • Gelar his son (Brother).

The Fourth

  • Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin - Red King of the Fourth.
  • Cayden, Prince - meaning: spirit of battle.
  • Cayleigh, Princess – meaning party, and his sister.

The Fifth

  • King Xeros.

The Sixth

Bigfoot, Yeti, or Sésquac.
  • Hogar - Leader of the Sixth.
  • Hollybrand – Prince and expert with their machine.

The Seventh

  • Brynllyn, the master forger of the Seventh.
  • a’Wnaed – Master smith of the Seventh who helps forge the Sword of Destiny.

The Eighth

  • Keos – King of the Eighth
  • Mentor – Sage

The Ninth

  • Groël – King of the Ninth

The Tenth

The Ogres

  • The Great Ogre.
  • All other characters are minor.
    • Malbert, a technologist.
    • General Gruelthorne, leader of attacking forces.
    • The Minotaur, revealed to be an Ogre General; killed by the Great Ogre.

Hobgoblins and Goblins

Goblins refers to clones of any Tribe. Hobgoblin  is reserved for clones of the Last.

  • Theodosius Quinn, Hobgoblin.
  • Sar Tan, Goblin, who surprised Jack by having two clones.
  • Mr. Barranger, Hobgoblin, an international trader.
  • Mr. Hunter, Hobgoblin, and his company Envirotech.

The Trolls, Thräœll, or New Tenth

  • Volkar becomes Leader of the trolls.
  • Stoltvar becomes deputy leader.

The Eleventh

  • Minor Characters:
    • Alkrengrenguer – Mage who helps forge the Sword of Destiny.
    • Algrenguer the leader of the ancient sciences of metallurgy and associated spells
    • Erglaradon – Ruler of the Eleventh some 30, 000 years ago.
  • The Magus Elder, Kay's first cousin.

The Twelfth

  • Current:
    • Rambling Longshanks is King of the Giants – Rambling refers to his ability to tell long and engrossing stories.
    • Fleetfoot Fourgay, his wife – related directly through time and blood to Furlong.
    • Their son is called Rambling Longshanks Junior, normally just called Junior.
      • Constance Merryweather, Junior’s wife.
    • Gangling Shortfalls – learned of the Twelfth who can speak all the language used by the Tribes, and Ancestors.
  • Historic:
    • Furlong Fourgay – Ancient King of the Giants.
    • Footsure Fourgay, son of Furlong.
    • Temerity Shortfalls, Footsure’s wife.

The Ancestors

  • Taris, landed the spacecraft that landed on the Island. m.
    • Captain Kael, argued with Taris and fled via an escape pod. m.
    • Robots:
      • Matron or Leading Medic 37851.
    • Entities:
      • The Core. The computer that runs the spacecraft systems.
  • Obsidian [Obus], 'Captain Black', commander of the third spacecraft. m.
  • Oma's crew, from least to most senior
    1. Iydm. male
    2. Xor. m.
    3. Cloof. female.
    4. Jem. f.
    5. Raune. f.
    6. Enok. m
    7. Stel. f.
    8. Kurnar. m
    9. Volf. m.
    10. Carro. m.
    11. Eljo. f.
    12. Vela [Vel], First Officer. f.
    13. Oma, Captain. f.
  • Book 4
    • Poh – Leader of the Ancestors cousins from Alpha Centauri. f.

Entities and Mythological personas

  • Gaia – Mother Earth, known as Geiur by the Second.
  • Khæos - was the first of the Protogenoi (primeval gods) to emerge at the creation of the universe.
  • Pontus - God of the Sea.
  • Thor - God of war, of thunderbolts and lightening.
  • The Ladies of Destiny:
    • Luck.
    • Fate.
    • Serendipity.
  • Fionn mac Cumhaill (Legendary Irish Giant from Gaelic Legend).
  • Chang-e, The Lady of/in/on the Moon (Chinese myth).

Chapter 17, Book Three:

  • Adam - the first man.
  • Lilith - Adam's first wife.
  • Eve - the first woman, Adam's second wife.
  • Shakti, Hindu - creator of the Universe; female.
  • Parvati, Hindu - creator of the Earth, female.
  • The daimōn, Satan’s Army - The Ogres.
  • The Nephilim, or Giants.
  • The Elioud, Eljo, or Elves.

The Seven Virtues

The Four Cardinal [or Classical] Virtues:

  • Justice, the foremost virtue, but not the most important.
  • Temperance.
  • Courage.
  • Prudence [wisdom], the highest virtue, moderator of all seven virtues.

The Three Theological Virtues:

  • Faith.
  • Hope.
  • Charity.

Note: All seven virtues are usually depicted as being female. 


More Characters


Image: Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge

is entitled, High Lord Protector of Gaia, a role that includes protecting all the Twelve Tribes.

Like Rambling, she is proud of her heritage, which saw the Eleventh assist with the creation of the Seventh and Second Tribes.

Kay's mother has come to understand her daughter's true ascendancy, and has become Kay's staunchest supporter.


Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge

Owain and his men are instrumental in defeating the Great Ogre.


Image: Aroweena, the Keeper of Hearts - Click to enlarge

The Keeper of Hearts, Second Warrior of the Ddwyrth.


Image: Llwydd The Bold - Click to enlarge

Llwydd The Bold, First Warrior of the Seventh.

The Shaman

Image: The Shaman - Click to enlarge

An enlightened, and perhaps, elemental being? As the trilogy progresses, the Shaman becomes increasingly entwined within the plot.

We never learn of which, if any Tribe she comes from, but she lives on the Island of the Second, and plays a very long game related to their benefit. Her essential essence can be seen as that of benefactor, and protector of the Second, and of Gaia.

Rambling Longshanks

Image: Rambling Longshanks - Click to enlarge

The King of the Twelfth is a gentle Giant, and proud that his Tribe assisted the Ancestors in pre-history.


Image: Volkar, President of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge

Representing the New Tenth or Trolls, Volkar grows into leadership of his people.


Image: Stoltvar, Deputy leader of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge

Deputy leader of the New Tenth or Trolls.

King Burnam

Image: King Burnam - Click to enlarge

The Third and Second know of each other from pre-history, when each Tribe was fleeing the advancing Ice Age.

Princess Myuna

Image: Princess Myuna - Click to enlarge

She comes close to killing the Great Ogre in Berlin, when she hits a vein in his neck with a blow-pipe dart, but the poison was not enough.

Prince Gelar

Image: Prince Gelar - Click to enlarge

becomes a leading emissary for his Tribe, when he and Myuna enjoy a long stay with the Second.

The Fourth

Image: King Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin - Click to enlarge

King Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin,
Red King of the Fourth. This mischievous race are akin to leprechauns, even down to their Gaelic roots.

Prince Cayden

Image: Prince Cayden - Click to enlarge

He devises a plan to infiltrate the Ogre lair in Berlin.

Princess Cayleigh

Image: Princess Cayleigh - Click to enlarge

She charms the Great Ogre, disguising their true intent.

The Fifth

Image: King Xeros of the Fifth - Click to enlarge

Led by King Xeros are the last Tribe to be reunited.


Image: Hogar, King of the Sixth - Click to enlarge

King of the Yeti, Bigfoot, and Sésquac, revealed to be the original Cro-Magnon.

The Eighth

Image: King Keos of the Eighth - Click to enlarge

King Keos is resistant to join with the other Tribes, until the Allied rescue of them, and the Ninth.

The Ninth

Image: King Groël of the Ninth - Click to enlarge

King Groël and his people, escaping south, meet King Keos escaping north; they are both rescued by the Allies, and fighting back, join the Council of Tribes.


Image: Penelope Pendleton, or Peni - Click to enlarge

Peni walks the fine line between genius and madness, occasionally putting a toe across the line.


Image: John, Chancellor of the Island University - Click to enlarge

Proactive University Chancellor and dedicated academic.


Image: Leading Medic 37851 or android Matron - Click to enlarge

Leading Medic 37851.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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