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The Queen of the Eleventh helped Hogar discover the whereabouts of the Eighth.


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King Hogar was the main liaison with the Eighth, but his un-shielded visits led to discovery by the Great Ogre. Because of Kay, a greater tragedy was later averted in Book Two.


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Kay helps find Hogar after the Ogre attack, and later, is responsible for saving the Eighth and Ninth.


Feature: The Eighth


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Keos - King of the Eighth


Keos and the Eighth are not reclusive like the Fifth and Ninth; instead they are wary, cautious. To them, the Great Ogre is an ever-present threat, and not only their lives, but the extermination of their species is on the line.

Contacted by Hogar, and introduced to Ælthrelntheine as a result, Keos remains wary of the other Tribes true intentions. This changes dramatically when regrouping to hide from the Great Ogre's merciless pursuit, they meet the Ninth deep within a warren of caves. They were headed in the opposite direction from each other, but the Ninth know a way through the cave complex to the west.

Their combined escape plan set, Keos becomes aware of the other Tribes fighting the Ogre hordes outside of their safe haven. What undermines his inherent belief, is that the Allied Tribes are winning. Waiting until the Ogres are close to defeat, the Eighth and Ninth join the fray, if small in number, their presence on the field of battle makes a large statement of intent.


King Keos of the Eighth
Image: Keos, King of the Eighth - Click to enlarge

From this, Keos becomes un-elected spokesperson for what they consider themselves to be, the independent Tribes. This in turn leads them all to accept Empress Jien Noi's offer of friendship, each Tribe sending a small community to the Island, esthetically for cultural exchange, but to the Independent Tribes, this means protection and a guarantee of continuity of species.

Keos is ably supported by the Tribes leading Sage, Mentor, who is the only other Eighth mentioned by name. Mentor becomes proactive with the other Tribes, finding familiarity with people such as Lo Si, and the learned of other branches of Humanity.

Moving South
Keos establishes a new capital city for their people. However, through contact with others, he was persuaded to build a second city far to the south, where the weather was warmer. He chose eastern Tibet, where he discovered both crops and animals flourished.

Keos sends his son and heir for a stay of several weeks on the Island, and after their Island village becomes a thriving community. The Prince was wary at first, but soon came to love the experience, treating it as an adventure. Sad to leave, he found many excuses to return, and at first his father was heartened.

Later Keos learned that one reason was, that his son has taken a shine to one of the Island girls, which left him with a dilemma. He deliberates and shares his concerns with Mentor. The sage replied:

"We are often a polygimpus society, you yourself have three wives."
"Yes granted, but a heathen; and Island girl?"
Sire, I believe allowing the union, should it be requested and approved by the Empress of the Second, would be a great balm for healing the rifts between the Tribes."
"Perhaps. I will consider it. She cannot be his first wife; who do you suggest, he is almost of age."




Sex: Male.
Born: 1974.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Long, unkempt, brown.
Height: 5'8".
Marital status: Married.


Furs and animal hides.
Hide boots padded with animal hair, they live in cold climbs.


The Ring of Climes
Bone and antler carved pendants and rings. Some pretty stones.


Neighth; dialect Ninth.
He also understands a little Russian.


Spears with stone tips, daggers, clubs and various maces.

He is adept with snares and nets for catching prey.


Image: John, Chancellor of the Island University - Click to enlarge

Welcomes the Eighth to the University's grounds, and dedicates the primary school for use by the other Tribes, to encourage sharing.

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