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Da Phai Nai

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Was the first person to see the arrival of the Giants.


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Jack becomes a confidant of Rambling, promising to return them to their Himalayan home.

Jien Noi

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Provides a new home, and shelter for the Giants.


Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge

The Seventh and the Giants develop a strong bond, Owain challenging Rambling to a shark catching competition.


Feature: The Twelfth


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Rambling - King of the Twelfth or Giants



Rambling is a wise and reflective person, one not given to rushing headlong into things, but choosing to deliberate regards the best outcome before acting. He, like other Giants, is politely deferring, but forceful when needs be. He has an innate prescience, arriving on the island, at great risk of detection by the Great Ogre, for the birth of Ræm.

He was driven to return their people to their ancient homeland in the high Himalayas, before the Wrath of Gaia enveloped the world. This he accomplished with the help of the Allies.

When this was accomplished, he returned favour by supporting the other tribes in their ongoing battles against the Ogres. He, like his predecessors, are arguably the wisest race of all, taking a longer view of life than any other Tribe.

Master Storyteller
The name 'Rambling' refers to his ability to tell long and engrossing stories, in the style of a Celtic Mage of days of yore. His tales usually have a moral, and hidden meanings for further discourse abound.


Rambling Longshanks
Image: Rambling Longshanks, King of the Twelfth or Giants - Click to enlarge
King of the Giants

Family Man
His wife Fleetfoot Fourgay is related directly through time and blood to Furlong Fourgay, the last forefather to rule their homeland before it fell to the current Great Ogre's predecessor. Fleetfoot is a background character, always nearby, and advising her menfolk, but this is seldom written in the text.

Their son is called Rambling Longshanks Junior, normally just called Junior; he marries Constance Merryweather in Book Two. He is also a very good storyteller, and also enjoys a laugh, but does not drink very much, unlike his father.

Rambling is one of the very few who can sometimes best Owain at catching sharks with his bare hands, and drinking vast quantities of beer. They become very good friends.

Other Giants
Only one other living Giant is named, Gangling Shortfalls. He is a sage who specialises in languages. He can speak to any Tribe, even those lost for myriad time, because this is handed down from one sage to his successor.

Gangling is also unintentionally humorous, taking obvious facts and treating them as big secrets. Although highly knowledgeable, he also has a habit of waffling around the topic, instead of coming directly to the point.

Mysteries of the Giants
Two questions remain unanswered from the text of Book Two: Why did the Twelfth appear when they did, on the Island shore? And, why did they give the treasured Ægus to Ræm? The author relates:

"I purposefully left both of these as clues for the reader - to hang; as I had done with Jack, and other characters. I did not want to 'give away the goods too soon'. So, step back and ponder, which character could do this? And I mean the all of this. There is only one."

The Shaman was responsible. She visited Rambling, and told him that change was coming. She promised them their long-lost Homelands back, if they gave up the Ægis (Her personal spelling, no confusion), and gave it to a baby. One special baby she had in mind.

Rambling, if reluctantly agreed. Not that he coveted the Ægus, but because the Shaman's ask was a very big one. But the deal was done, and his family set off for The Island, and to forever change the destiny of the Twelfth.

There is a little more, unknown to the reader of the trilogy, because the Shaman protected the Giants throughout their journey, not always present from the day to day, but close at hand should the Great Ogre discover their whereabouts.



Sex: Male.
Born: 1893.
Human related age: 54.
Eyes: Grey.
Hair: Short, dark.
Height: 10'2"
Marital status: Married.
Wife: Fleetfoot Fourgay.


Leather tops and cotton trousers. Wears furs in winter.


The Ring of the True Heart.


Twelfth, Ancestor, Ddwyrthen, Elvenhua, English, Hindi; telepathic.


Large broadsword.

Later, Ancestral weapons and shields.

Ræm's Birth

The Giants arrive in time for the birth of Ræm, and present her with the Ægus, as the Shaman requested.

Rambling also makes a vow that the Giants will come to her aid when called.


Apart from telling stories, Rambling is an accomplished builder and often works with his hands.

These skills come to the fore when they return to their homelands, and whilst he does assist builders, he is most often found in charge, directing building works.


Although King, his village and retinue are small, as befits a monarch in hiding, from the Great Ogre.

He lives in an ordinary home, until they return to the Himalayas, where Fleetfoot orders rebuilding of the ancient Palace. He delegates most of the work to her whim, supportively.

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