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She admires Llwydd, and often spar's with him. He is stronger, where she is faster and more agile. Their bouts are very competitive, mirroring their characters; her twin swords a match for his bloodaxe.

Training the troops

Llwydd is in charge of army recruitment and training, and has a team of dedicated instructors to support him.

He also spends time teaching Barph and Horovitz what he knows, and they in turn exchange their skills.

Some of the Last also talk about tactics, and Llwydd is very impressed by the war elephants. He forms a new Ddwyrthen mounted regiment using them, and later, mammoths cloned from preserved tissue, which are ideal for Troll troops.

Like Owain, he leads from the front, and charges into the heart of any battle.


Feature: The Seventh, Ddwyrth, or Dwarves - homo neanderthalensis


Llwydd - First Warrior of The Seventh


Llwydd The Bold
Comes from a long, and outstanding line of foremost Ddwyrthen Warlords. His father was Champion and First Warrior, like his father before him.

Llwydd held a sword before he could walk, and was brought up in a famous military family. He is dedicated to his work: killing. When not in battle, he is to be found training the Ddwyrthen troops and honing his battle skills. He is extremely fit, sometimes labouring in mines, or shifting rock by hand, simply to farther his peak of physical fitness. In this sense he is like the movie character Rocky.

In Book Three we see another side of him, where he stays to enjoy the fruits of battle, drinks beers and spirit with the regulars, and enjoys the Hokey Cokey; no doubt Kay leading him astray, but not too much. Llwydd is a staunch family man, and would never play away, unlike most Ddwyrth, who seldom bother with marriage, moving from one partner to the next; women as well as the men.

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In keeping with his status and family traditions, which are clan-like, his five children, both girls and boys, are all training to be soldiers. He has challenged his daughters to take Aroweena's title as Second Warrior, and challenged his sons not only to replace himself, but best their sisters. At times, their home resembles a battlefield; his wife Blodwen (Blodau Gwen), a second cousin from the same stock, encourages all her children to learn fighting skills, and when in the mood, sets traps or ambush for them.

Not mentioned in the text, Llwydd's children have visited the Island, and enjoyed fighting with Aroweena and Gung Loi, although on those occasions, the fighting was still 'no rules', but not full contact. One unexpected consequence, was that they met Horovitz, who beguiled them with the use of modern weapons, and those of the Ancestors.

Battle injuries
Llwydd has been wounded many times, especially when fighting the Ogres, who are almost twice his size. In Olde Prussia, he was caught across the eye (pictured), and suffered slight eye damage. This was repaired by the Island medical facility, but he refused other treatment, and is proud of his scar.


English Pronunciation:

Ddwyrthen Pronunciation:


Sex: Male.
Born: 1978.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Brown with short sides and back, and he has a full beard.
Height: 5'2".
Marital status: Married with five children, two boys and three girls.


Battle fatigues with leather cross-belts on torso, trousers, leather boots.


Gold pendants, rings and bracelets. Necklace made from bones and teeth of dead adversaries.


Ddwyrthen, Elvenhua, English.


Double winged Bloodaxe, long sword, long and short daggers, tomahawk-like hand axe. He does not like using Ancestral weapons or protection.

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