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Da Phai Nai

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Owain takes a great liking to Da Phai Nai; he is impressed by outspoken, commanding women who give as good as they get.

It appears this attraction is mutual, but it would be unfair to presume 'anything' happened between them.

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Da Phai Nai feeds the Trolls, watched by Jack, and Owain

who says, "That there lassie, I would take her for a wife.”

“You have my blessing, but we'd be lost without her. To take her would bring her joy, but destroy something else that is unique.”

“Aye me young and gallant brother, therein lies the rub.”

Owain & Da Phai Nai

Owain found a way through Da Phai Nai's rocky shell, to the warm heart within. One should assume they made love occasionally, but the truth lies between them.

Da Phai Nai would never consider wedding another while her childhood sweetheart, Lo Si, still lived.

However, after Lo Si died, she permitted Owain to build a home for them to share, near the village on the Shore.

The unusual structure was a two-storey cave, with many interior rooms. She added a veranda, with balcony above, just like Jack's home.


Feature: The Seventh, Ddwyrth, or Dwarves


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Owain - King of the Seventh or Ddwyrth


Owain a’y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Brenin is his title, meaning ‘King’ [From the Welsh].
(All Ddwyrthen names are Welsh names)

The Ddwyrth represent homo sapien neanderthalensis of the paleontological record.

Owain is small in stature but as big around, standing square and impervious. Fearless in battle his axe has slain thousands of enemies as he leads from the front.

He is highly respected by all his subjects, and has earned the respect of the other tribes by right, especially the Eleventh.

Owain's other great passion is socialising and he particularly likes to pass time with friends drinking large amounts of beer. He catches sharks live in the sea by leaping on them and carrying them still fighting out of the water.

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Owain has a larger than life personality, who is both endearing and enticing. He is one of very few people that can immediately change the mood of a group, simply by his physical presence. He prides himself on being the foremost warrior of humanity, but when not covered in his enemies’ blood, is always found drinking and enjoying earthly pleasures.

Despite his inherent bloodlust, he immediately takes to Jack like a brother, the pair forging a unique bond of deepest friendship and solidarity; others, most notably, Jien Noi, n'Gnung, Gung Loi, Ælkræleinnoire, and Aroweena, enhance this. Owain judges people by who they are, and what they do. He either likes a person, or does not. Before you have time to ask more, he is either proposing a toast, or sharpening his Bloodaxe.

Home Life
Owain, as King, is one of the few in their society who is expected to be married. Theirs is the dominant clan, so their bloodline must remain pure and intact. The first wife must be of their clan, and produce heirs to the throne, and she becomes Matriarch of the Royal Household. Other wives come under her primary jurisdiction, and can be from any clan, unless no heir is issued. All wives of the King swear an oath of Monogamy to the monarch they are wedded to.

Owain has three wives, the first two from their own clan, and a third from Llwydd's clan. Aroweena, as first born, will be his heir, his first wife producing no other living children. Here, the patriarchal societies rules do not conflict; if Owain's first wife produces a son, Aroweena may be disinherited.This is highly unlikely, especially given Aroweena's rank.

Owain does have several other children by his other wives, and also a couple of bastards, who have no rights, other than they and their mother being well cared for.

Owain's Palace
This resembles a medieval fort, the crenellated castle being surrounded by similar walls with defensive archer windows; all surrounded by dykes, and an inner moat. The complex stands on an isolated mound, deep within the main valley, that overlooks the main city that surrounds it; called Dwyrthen-Byde.

Much of the city is given over to military purposes, but other sections are home to miners, tunnelers, artisans of weapons and jewellery, and breweries; and nearer the river, homesteads and marketplaces. The whole is surrounded by rich farming lands providing bountiful produce. Barley and hops are the most important crops.




Sex: Male.
Born: 1970.
Eyes: Hazel.
Hair: Shoulder length reddish brown and clipped beard.
Height: 5'1".
Marital status: Married, polygamous.


Wears a lot of leather and rugged materials. Leather boots.


The Ring of Steadfastness
Heavy yellow gold crown
Large pendants and rings of gold.


Ddwyrthen, Elvenhua, English.


Large double-winged bloodaxe. Swords and daggers at his belt.


He faced a dilemma regards Da Phai Nai, one revealed when he and Jack visit the Troll shanty-town.

“That there wee lassie,” Owain broke the silence for the first time, “I would take her for a wife.”

I [Jack] put my arm on his shoulder and replied, “You have my blessing, although we would be lost without her, as you have just witnessed. To take her would bring her untold joy, but destroy something else that is unique.”

“Aye me young and gallant brother, therein lies the rub.”

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