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The High Queen comes into knowledge of her daughter's true ascendancy, after Jack bawls her out.


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Jack becomes Kay's closest friend; perhaps inevitable as they spend most of their time together, and also shared being dead together. Was it because of this, and shared mind-links, that their relationship was platonic. Find out in Book Four.


Kay is a gifted Seer, but

does not  like to use Ancestral technology as Won Long does. Instead she uses a telescope, and often frequents the Elven Observatory.

Of the Tribes of Humanity, she is the first to perceive a great threat from the stars.


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Jack has a tendency to goad Peni in fun, which Peni realises and plays up to him.

Kay on the other hand, seeks to learn from Peni, and is dedicated to mastering the Ancestral science, and tells Jack off for being diversive.

The Kay

In many ways, Kay is a dilemma, and as such, the Author and Editor came to refer to her, or certain scenes, as being: 'The Kay'.


Feature: The Eleventh or Elves




Kay, is the eldest child of Ælthrelntheine, and is High Queen of the Eleventh Elect.

Honorary title: High Lord of Destiny
is a rank only bestowed, and rarely, on (future) leaders or gifted people, who are proven to be fay.

Ælkræleinnoire is the Elven version of an albino; she has black hair and white eyes. This sets her apart from every other of the Eleventh, except for one.

In Book Two we learn the first ever Queen of the Eleventh was created specifically by Oma in her own image, and given a specific gene code that would lie dormant for æons. These gene codes activated when Kay was conceived, however, the High Elven Council was unaware, and opposed Kay's succession.

The opposition became muted when Kay passed every test given to all children, scoring the highest ever-recorded marks; she was from that moment deemed to be the High Lord of Destiny, a title rarely taken over millennia.


Known as Kay (The Dark Elf)
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Ælthrelntheine insisted this was an auspicious omen, and overruled the High Eleven Council; her unworldly child would inherit her mantle.

Ælkræleinnoire is unusual in other respects, as would befit ‘an outlaw’ of our contemporary world. She is highly intelligent, a Seer in her own right regardless of the Ancestral technology of the Eleventh, and very down to earth. She is happy to slug beer with Owain, and forms an extremely deep bond with Jack.

Early Years
Raised as an outcast, Kay became most knowledgeable in the technology of the Ancestors and learned much in the Elven libraries and schools. When older, she attended Universities of the Last, which enhanced her education in many ways, not least in scholastic knowledge, but also of the world of the Last. She admits:

"I mastered sciences in Oxford, and Doctored Cosmology with advanced, applied mathematics at Cambridge. Then I Mastered Theology at Yale, and Philosophy in Athens; Hermeneutics is a hobby of mine; the Vatican archives were most revealing ... although the greater part of my real learning entailed practicable physics and associated biological studies; such as ‘punting on the Cam’."

Yes, Kay is very clever, and gifted in: Sciences, Arts, and Prescience.

Kay's father was the Magus Elder of her father's time, the youngest man ever to hold the title, and extremely talented. He was of similar age to Ælthrelntheine. The King had plans for his daughter's nuptials, and one should surmise, Ælthrelntheine knew this. Notwithstanding, she wanted the best male doner to create her first child, she was prescient, but not fay, so she can be looked upon as a bit of a rebel in her early days. Perhaps it takes one to make one?

Learning of his daughter's pregnancy, a row erupted, because her father the King, had other plans for his her nuptials—being a political alliance. However, the High Elven Council had already approved Ælthrelntheine's succession, which would be very difficult to overturn without extreme cause. Therefore, with long-standing and powerful allegiances under threat, the blame was laid on the Magus Elder, a divisive and long-running disagreement resulted in, the Community of Mages being banished.

Kay seldom saw her father, at least, that is what everybody thought. In reality, they enjoyed semi-regular encounters, where he would expound upon the nature of life, and she became fay by listening to, then practicing, some of what he taught her, but surreptitiously.

The Sword of Deception, a magical runed blade that glows with blue fire when in the presence of Ogres or clones. This blade shimmers green in the presence of Trolls. The Sword of Deception is a badge of office, Kay being the first to wear it for several millennia.

Personal Things
Two short scenes indicate an attraction between Jack and Kay, which neither of them would seriously entertain, not only out of respect for Jack's wife, but with regards to their personal honour, and how that is regulated by Prudence. However, were they both single...?

A subplot in Book Three was a tease for the reader; would Jien Noi die early, allowing the possibility of Kay and Jack to romance.That did not happen, but the question lingers into Book Four.

Kay's maternal instincts are firing, and after dying and being resurrected, she knows she must provide an heir to the throne. Therefore, the other side of the coin is, will she wait for Jack? But does any other measure up to her expectations?

Kay develops a love of Dutch lager, and asks Jack to brings the brewery to the Island. In time he not only brings the brewery, but the staff as well.

Not written in the text; Jack includes the horse drawn drays, which deliver the larger throughout the Island.




Sex: Female.
Born: 1960.
Human related age: 25.
Eyes: White.
Hair: Shoulder length black.
Height: 7'4".
Marital status: Single, but irrelevant; the Eleventh do not marry.

However, marriage is known of, so will she marry somebody one day?


Flowing dress and robes of ground length for official or Eleven honorary.

Otherwise, jeans, tee-shirt, and trainers of the Last; or various unusual clothes.


Advanced Ring of the Protector.
Golden Torc of the Ruler Elect.
Fine, filigree headband of white metal.
Elven Return Bracelet.
Many rings and bracelets.
Advanced neophytes ring of the Second.


Elvenhua, Ancestor, Seventh, Second, English and Latin; telepathic.

Gung Loi
Image: Gung Loi - Click to enlarge

She becomes a central member of the ops team, and unplanned, but naturally, becomes Kay's understudy and relief.

The two often work together, especially in engineering, mirroring Jack and n'Gnung in the Captain's ready room.

Unlike most Eleventh, Kay is not searching for The Tablet of Enlightenment, the pursuit she considers to be a waste of time and energy.

Kay already knows the path to enlightenment resides within each living being, would they but see it.

In this way she is like her father, a renegade leader who is focused only on the truth, not distractions.

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