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Ju Lo

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The next Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, learns much from Lo Si, before Jien Noi's mother, fearing the arrival of the Guardian, stops their training, effectively banishing Lo Si to Forest Meade.

Later,  Empress Jien Noi rescinds her mother's order, and they resume training. Ju Lo especially, trains under the Shaman, learning a great deal of knowledge lost during the Dark Time.

The Shaman

When he and Ju Lo first visited the Shaman, Lo Si was relatively old, and although following the Shaman's words with extreme interest, discovered his mind was slower to embrace the new information, if his questions were more profound.

It was decided that although Lo Si would continue to visit, and learn specific things, the whole teachings would be taught to Ju Lo; Lo Si doubted he would live long enough to learn the all of it.


During his lifetime, Lo Si never stopped asking questions. When, and even before, he became the Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, few could reply, and fewer with answers that seemed correct.

He was determined to unlock the secrets of the old ways, building models and trying to understand the use of the tools he created. Without knowledge of 'turning', his attempts always ended in failure; yet he persisted.

The Seer

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Won Long married Lo Si under orders of a previous Empress. Her only child, Weid Noi, trained from birth to become the next Seer.

Weid Noi

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Daughter of Lo Si and Wong Long, the future Seer, comes into her destiny when Won Long passes on.

She is destined to become one of the greatest Seers of all time.

Sun Calendar

Jien Noi asked Lo Si to devise a Calendar based on the sun, of which he already knows of through his work.

The Empress has certain requirements, such as the year beginning during a quiet and pleasant time of year, the Spring Equinox is chosen.

The change from a five day week lunar cycle, to a six day week sun cycle, with one day off, was Lo Si's idea, as were twelve five week months, with one short holiday month of five or six days.

Imperial Marriage

The term given to people technically married to the Empress or Emperor. This occurs when a girl or boy does not marry at age 16.

This was the case with both Lo Si and Won Long, the latter having no interest in affairs of the flesh.

Jien Noi's grandmother, as Empress, understood the terms Deru and Weid, and ordered their union. She commanded they produce offspring; considering the children of a Druid marriage would be very special.


Feature: The Second


Lo Si - The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge


Lo Si FooLo Si first appears as the old smith in the prologue, and is a major supporting character throughout Books One and Two. was born in Forest Meade, and was always an inquisitive child, often out exploring on his own, visiting others far away, and learning as much as he could along the way.

His grandmother had been married to a previous Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, and his family were all followers of the Druid path, and what little remained of the Old Religion.

A bright and cheery child, he endeared himself to strangers he met, and was always asking questions: "How does this work?" or, "Why are you doing that?", "What is this for?"

At six years old, his main ambition was to travel to Gu Long Dux, the nearest town, but a long way away. His desire burning, he set out early one morning determined to see the town. The road was very long for such a young man, but he made it to the outskirts of the town before stopping at an inn to rest. There he met a strange old man, not that old of course, but very old to someone who is six.

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The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge
The strange man sent his companion, an older boy, on an errand, began talking with Lo Si when the lad did not return. He was kindly to Lo Si, and asked him unusual questions:

"Why are you visiting this town?"
"Because my parents often talk about it, and I wanted to know what it was like."
"What if I were to tell you about it?"
"That would be very kind sir, but I also need to see it; and know what it feels like."
"Would you like me to show you around? I could explain how this town works."
"Yes Please! Do you know where they make sticky rice pancakes with syrup, my parents are always talking about them, and they're yummie, but nobody knows how to make them. [whispering to the back of his hand] There's a secret ingredient you know..."

And that is how Lo Si met the Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, a chance meeting, but one that would change the course of history. The older boy mentioned above, was not a good student, and was greatly relieved to be allowed to end his studies. The Druid [properly Deru] showed young Lo Si around town, their talk being animated. Later, the Sage took the lad home, formally asking to take him as apprentice. Lo Si had a very good memory, something essential for Deru.

His parents were honoured by the visit of one so learned, and his mother revealed their family came from a long line of Druids of times past. She showed the elder keepsakes and talismans that were of deep significance. Some days later, as prearranged, the Druid returned, and he left with Lo Si as his new apprentice.

They travelled to Grimwaldi Rinns, the young man occasionally taxing the elders patience by asking a seemingly never ending stream of questions. That Lo Si always remembered the answers was gratifying, and an unusual bond developed between the pair.

Although teacher of the Imperial and Royal children, the Deru seldom stayed in the dormitory made available to him. Instead he preferred a quiet room in a nearby inn, often drinking a little after his day was done, and occasionally Lo So heard the sounds of a female coming from his masters room; Lo Si was offered a broad education, his master not being married.

When his master was teaching, or otherwise engaged, Lo Si was left to his own devices, and made friends with the innkeeper's daughter, Da Phai Nai. She was a couple of years younger, but full of fun. They got on very well together, and later, as he grew through adolescence, he found her outgoing nature attractive, and fell in love with her.

Their romance was not a secret, but neither was it widely known. He proposed marriage, and Da Phai Nai accepted with delight; probably the happiest moment of his life. Officially, like most Keepers of Ancient Knowledge, Lo Si was technically 'married' to the Empress at age sixteen. It was considered a bureaucratic ploy, until Da Phai Nai was due to take the female Trials of Passage. Lo Si sought leave by the Empress to marry his love, which was immediately rejected, and he was ordered to marry the Seer Elect, Won Long.

Lo Si and Da Phai Nai were distraught, but there was nothing either of them could do, except occasionally meet in secret. As a consequence, Lo Si felt as if a cold stone were embedded within his heart; Da Phai Nai's heart became a stone—at least until Jack and n'Gnung broached her defences. Lo Si supported both her and Sun Kist, visiting them at the hot springs often during the early years, and bringing with him gifts and treats. Later he became sorely troubled with arthritis and visited less often.

The Empress ordered that Lo Si be  married to Won Long, a female he did not know, nor particularly like. They produced one offspring, Weid Noi, and that was the most they could tolerate one another. With divorce impossible, they made the best of life and eventually became friends, although each of them was often away from home for long periods.

Psychology is important. It is reasonable to assume that if Lo Si had been a happy person in his home life, supported, not constantly denigrated by his wife, then he may have unlocked the secrets of such things as 'the wheel'. Nevertheless, he was continually harassed by Won Long, she always trying to emasculate him, scolding him for wasting his time making model carts; by so doing, she in turn restricted her ability to See clearly; her powers weakened by her intense dislike of her husband's former betrothed.

In the meantime, Lo Si was given druid tasks to complete, which he accomplished with aplomb, and taught the old ways. Like sages of old, Lo Si learned how to pass down all the Tribe's knowledge by word of mouth, to the next generation. By then his master had died, and Lo Si had his own apprentice. Ju Lo is next in line, both his children already studying to take their place in time. Deru, the leader's title, is regarded as the elder person of greatest wisdom.

The knowledge of the Druids comes from Mother Nature (Gaia in her goddess form), and studying the cosmos. It is mainly scientific, if of an older epoch, and is independent from that of the Ancestors. A leader of the scientific arts would be entitled Deru, Sage, or Magus: Druid.

Lo Si explained,Book 1, Chapter 17 "Yes, but Druids from an exceedingly distant past, one more than thirty thousand years ago. Druidæ to be precise, are central to our culture, which is why my title is Deru, and that of the Seer and her apprentice, Weid. When you combine those two words into one sound, you get ‘deruweid’, hence druid. Either sex can hold either position, although traditionally the aura of Deru is male, meaning stalwart like a tree, in truth and steadfastness. Weid contrarily, being representative of the female, embodies the ability create new life, and to see the future, but more in a prophetic or philosophical sense. The combination of male and female in union is the concept underlying that of Druid. By extrapolation, this refers to the harmony of life and creation itself."

Druids are interlinked with philosophy, theology, cosmology, astronomy, the passage of time, the study of Gaia, and the ways of the world and nature. Seeing, divination, and augury are also part of Druid heritage, as represented by Seers Won Long and Weid Noi.

What Deru Ju LoBook 3, Chapter 14 highlights is that the balance of power between male and female must remain about equal for any society to progress. If one or the other gender takes undue precedence, the society becomes unbalanced, and will eventually implode. More importantly, the path towards personal enlightenment will become obscured, if not impossible to determine.

Lo Si, the Man
The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge is plagued by doubts concerning the secrets of ages past. His memory is infallible, his mind retaining all the history as handed down through ages immemorial. He is also a ladies man, having at least two offspring, each by a different partner, and possibly more? Book One intimates he may be having and affair with Bu Te, or be her father. This is never resolved in the text, especially given his domestic arrangements, and his wife's dislike of physical union.

The truth is that neither is correct. Lo Si and Bu Te are very good friends; he advised the girl during a bad period of her life, and the two grew to greatly respect one another. Their relationship was always platonic, like that of uncle and niece.

Lo Si is wise and foolish by turns, but a solid ally who can always be counted on, despite being one of the oldest people on the island. For instance, he was the key advisor when they fled to The Outlands and begin redeveloping the village. He kept an overseers brief, advising Jack on some matters, and teaching n'Gnung how to organise the workforce.

Lo Si has a place set aside in his heart for Da Phai Nai, whom he always wished he had been allowed to marry. Like her, he feels a bitterness deep inside, but unlike his once betrothed, this manifests as a yearning to experience the simple pleasures of life.

At the age of sixteen, Lo Si was already an advanced Keeper of Ancient Knowledge; his life's work seemingly preordained. He took over duties as teacher of the Imperial and Royal houses, became engaged to Da Phai Nai. This was his secret reason for not marrying at age sixteen, although it was several years until the then Empress discovered.

Although Jack instigated rejuvenation for both Lo Si and Wong Long, they refused further treatment because of their beliefs. To them, accepting further regeneration was sacrilege to their unconditional heritage; birth, procreation, and death. Nevertheless, Lo Si becomes renewed to pass on every scrap of knowledge to Ju Lo, and often his children also; and much of this is recorded for posterity. It is clear the times of ages past have swiftly moved on within his lifetime. Such is the power released with the Prophesy being proven correct.

More Characters


Sex: Male.
Born: 1972.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Short, white, with grey/white beard.
Height: 5'1".
Marital status: Married.


Long grass woven robes, and sandals made out of natural materials.


Various ancient insignia and tokens of office.


Second, a little Ancestor and other languages.


• Sun Kist by Da Phai Nai.

• Weid Noi by Won Long.

Da Phai Nai

Image: Da Phai Nai - Click to enlarge

Lo Si's fiancée before the wedding was banned by Jien Noi's grandmother.

Sun Kist

Image: Sun Kist, daughter of Da Phai Nai and Lo Si - Click to enlarge

Daughter of Lo Si and Da Phai Nai.



Lo Si's father was a stone artisan who specialised in sharp blades of varying designs and sizes.

It was in his father's workshop that Jack first met Lo Si. The knife he gave Jack was made by his father for the Emperor, who chose another instead.

Throughout his childhood, and even into later adolescence, Lo Si often spent time in Forest Meade, ostensibly visiting his parents, but also learning the skills of working stone. This hobby stayed with him throughout his long life.

Lo Si also learned how to make the wooden models of their stock knife templates, how to attach the wooden or grass woven handle.

Both Wise and Foolish

Lo Si modeled a hand cart, as depicted in the Caves of the Ancestor, but did not realise the wheels turned. Jack was the person to enlighten him.

King Burnam

Image: King Burnam - Click to enlarge

The Third and Second know of each other from pre-history, when each Tribe was fleeing the advancing Ice Age. Burnam finds he shares a lot in common with Lo Si.


Image: Jack deeply respects Lo Si - Click to enlarge

The Guardian speaks with Lo Si, and the old man says, "Would that I could see the Sun, the Moon, and Stars, just one more time before I close my eyes forever. But it can never be.”

Jack arranges for a short visit to the space station, and Lo Si dies that night, a look of deepest satisfaction ingrained upon his face.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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