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As apprentice to the Shaman, Ræm is trained to become an Angel of Death.

At the end of Book three, she stands alone to face the might of The Great Ogre. Wielding the Sword of Destiny, she provides the final twist of the main plot.


Image: Volkar, President of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge

Volkar and Stoltvar were captured when teenagers,  and used as slaves by the Great Ogre, until being freed by the Allies. In return for their lives, they assist the Allies defeat the Ogre armies.


The Great Ogre has no interest in females or fornication, and lives alone but for servants.

He relaxes to battle songs and marching music, often inbibing mulled mead, and smoking his hooka pipe. Normally tobacco, be sometimes smokes drugs provided by the Last. His favourite food is human steak cooked rare.


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The Great Ogre - Tyrant of the Tenth


The Great Ogre was born around the time of the death of Jesus. He came to power when the pervious Great Ogre was killed by Ancestor Obsidian, by trickery and deception.

He was not heir to the throne, but took the reigns of power by killing all rivals. His overt hostility provoked dread amongst all other Ogres.

He has stayed alive by cloning himself, and becoming master of the process. He has developed a special procedure to ensure his mental development continues, despite renewal of his body.

The Great Ogre has become a master of cloning and mind-mapping, gene manipulation also, which has accelerated into the new millennium. Provided a tissue sample, he can clone a person in a few minutes, by using transporter technology to increase speed of generation.

The epitome of utter evil, the Great Ogre is determined to either exterminate, or totally subjugate all other sentient life, including The Ancestors. Book three reveals the Ancestors fate, although clues to their demise are left in Book Two.

  Image: The Great Ogre - Click to enlarge

Is the Great Ogre cloven hoofed?

No, he has two toes. These appear as if they are a hoof, and can be seen best on the cover of Book Three (Shown top left).

The current Great Ogre was determined to build an invincible army, and to that end, developed previous gene manipulation and cloning technology to new heights. As his work grew, so a special laboratory was created to manufacture living soldiers, and enhance previous cloning techniques. When the other Tribes fought back using Ancestral weapons, the Great Ogre created a new research department to develop those weapons and associated technology.
The Great Ogre has instigated advanced mind-mapping technology that essentially takes a snapshot of a person's mind, which can be implanted in a blank minded clone, or used for rejuvenation of himself, only. Being based in Ancestral technology, Ogre mind-mapping and brain manipulation is far in advance of their creators, and also that of the Allied Tribes.

The Great Ogre sees himself as the benefactor of all humankind, all others have to do is bow to his will, kowtow, or die. This extends to the Ogre nation as a whole, his helpers and advisors likewise. His despotic and evil nature add context to the theme of the first trilogy, balancing Male and Female, Right from Wrong, and Good versus Evil: Prudence [classical definition, not the modern version]. In this respect, The Great Ogre embodies in physicality: Original Sin, and its repercussions.

The only problem is, he thinks he is doing "The Creators'" work, and that he is now the creator, and a force of Good, and that all others are evil. The author remarked, "It's a bit like the modern world of today; given that deliberate lying, cheating, telling partial or non-truths are the political, business, appears to be the cultural norm. Is it any wonder we ended up with the world we have to live in?

"Whatever happened to sharing the feast? Marketeering, profiteering to the disadvantage of the already disadvantaged, and self-interest rules; as embodied by the Great Ogre. What happened to morality, ethical behaviour, and moderation by Prudence?"

The Great Ogre, somewhat contrary to what is written in the text of the books, especially near the end of Book Three, is not remotely interested in sex. Sexual intercourse to him, is an anathema; why, when he can make better slaves via cloning.

What turns the Great Ogre on, is others' suffering; his use sexual degradation should be viewed in this context. For instance, if Kay had called him out, he would have run a mile. He gets off on what he can do to peoples' minds; Kay clamped down, and so much so, he virtually lost all interest in her. He needed her to be conscious, aware of what was going to happen to her; he gets off on suffering, and Kay's mind was not present.

Ælkræleinnoire had already defeated him, even before Ræm had him execute himself; she in turn presented the Great Ogre with a concept, feelings that were alien to his being, ones he could not endure: Love, ethos, and pathos.


The Great Ogre misses times passed, watching the amphitheatre where animals in human and beast form tore apart feeble and ill-prepared humans with little for weapon or protection.

Most, he misses hunting in the wilds of olde Prussia, where as a child he killed all manner of beasts, and hunted the Last. His favourite dish is human leg served rare.



Book Three reveals the Great Ogre lives in the wilds of central Greenland, where he has built a massive city complex underground.

He lives in the high tower of a castle, one of the few structures above ground. Nearby lies his work base, centred on the bridge of Oma’s spacecraft.


Sex: Male.
Born: Circa 100 AD.
Human related age: 45.
Eyes: Cat-like, luminescent green with yellow eyeballs.
Hair: None.
Height: 8'9"
Marital status: Irrelevant; He clones and re-mind maps himself every century. He has no time for females.
Contextual age: 40.


The Great Ogre wears only a loincloth and wide leather belt, from which hang weapons.

He seldom wears other clothes, but dons furs when outside his enclave in Greenland.


The Ring of the Warrior, lost by Quinn to the Second.
He has no need of jewellery, but wears trophies of the dead with glee.


Ogre, Troll.
He learns a little Ancestor so he can manipulate the shileded transfer ciroles like the Guardian of the Second does.

He is slightly telepathic, but is very good at reading the minds of the unwary.


Broadsword, Mace, Flail, and double-headed axe. His favourite weapon is the Kriegsflegel. He also uses Ancestral weapons and protection.


The Great Ogre has no heir, seeing this as both pointless, and a possible threat. He believes he will live forever.

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