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Da Phai Nai

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Da Phai Nai was the first person to meet the Fifth, when Jack inadvertently transported them to the Shore.

She faced them down with her broom in hand, until Jack and others arrived in support.


Xeros brings his family to the second Olympiad he attends, and his y7oung children love meeting all the other Tribes.

Ostensibly to learn other languages, the children attend the Island school, and later, University.


Feature: The Fifth


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Xeros - King of the Fifth


King Xeros inherited the throne when he was adolescent. He was related to the Ruling Household, but when the Ogres attacked the then King, all but a few were murdered in most gruesome ways.

Knowing all was lost, the King left instructions with a sergeant of his best troops named Piri, to take his ring and hide; later Piri, known as Max, was to take it to the young Xeros, which he did.

Xeros, nephew of the former King, knew most, but not all of his Tribe's history, but was helped by an aged Mage from a different clan. The sage was brought to the Island and regenerated, so he could pass on to the young king, all of his Tribal, and other knowledge.

As with any younger king, Xeros court is also young and forward thinking. He is supported by his wife and family, whom forge a new style of governing their people, especially after contact with the other Tribes.

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Ælthrelntheine was instrumental in persuading the Fifth to attend the Olympic Games. During their stay Xeros learned much from the other Tribes, and grew to understand and respect what the Allies were about. He was swayed by the warmth of brotherhood extended to them, and was persuaded to send delegates to the University, where they created a new village nearby. Xeros was so impressed with feedback from his Island team, he sent his brightest minds, and their Island village grew quickly.




Sex: Male.
Born: 1944.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Short, black.
Height: 5'9".
Marital status: Married.


Animal skin pants and tops, hides and furs in winter; leather boots.


The Ring of Honour, gifted by the Ancestors.
Worked bone, antler, and shells as talismans.


Fifth and Ancestor.


Spear with stone tip, bow & arrows, dagger. A good tracker, he uses snares and nets to catch prey.

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