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• Kitchen skivvy.
• Chef.
• Apprentice Shaman.
• High Priestess.
• Shaman Supplicant.

Da Phai Nai

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Sun Kist's mother is torn between pride and loss, when her only child becomes the Shaman's apprentice.

Lo Si

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Lo Si, Sun Kist's father, is first to suggest their daughter become apprentice Shaman; but why was that?

The Shaman

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Why did the Shaman choose Sun Kist to train as Shaman? This is revealed in Book Five.

Ju Lo

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The next Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, trains under the Shaman, learning new and forgotten knowledge.

He trains Sun Kist to become the next High Priestess; both under guidance of the Shaman. He later trains the first five priestess', and learns of deeper knowledge lost during The Dark Time.


Feature: The Second


Sun Kist - Shaman Supplicant


Sun Kist is the daughter of Da Phai Nai and Lo Si; so named because as a baby, she always had a great big smile on her face.

She was brought up as a 'simple girl', to become a cook, but inherited her father's inquisitive nature, and her mother's love of plants and potions.

Until Jack arrived, she had spent virtually her whole life at the hot springs, learning how to interact with customers, wait on table, and cook.

She had been to the big city once, and it was dark when they arrived, and almost light when they departed. That night, her mother and father spoke in whispers for a long time.

She loved the times her father visited them, and he always brought with him a special treat for her. Later she was occasionally allowed to visit him in Forest Meade, a town she liked.


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Growing Up
Sun Kist, as her name denotes, grew up as a very happy and contented child. Her father was always busy, and related to the Imperial bloodline. He visited as often as he could, and taught her many things others her age did not know. He also loved her mother, and Sun Kist cried for days when she discovered the Empress of the day had forbidden her parents marriage.

However, both parents explained it to her in ways she could understand, telling her more as she grew older. She and her mother shared a private room in the Travellers Rest, but they spent little time there, always dealing with patrons and a life devoted to others' service. She had little formal education, that which she did coming from her parents. However, she learned about life, and people in all their various persuasions, knowing more than most her age about what customers desired: excellent service, attention to detail, and laughter.

Her mother was skilled in the use of herbs, and she became fascinated by how tonics and potions could be made to change the way people felt. Most wanted the hang-over cure, but that was simple; other concoctions were a lot more complex, some needing to be administered at the right physical moment, mental, or emotional opportunity.

Unbeknown to most, she learned all of her mother's skills, not only regards cooking, but the use of herbs. Much later, and when working at 'The Hamlet' Jack's home had become, she often went to the Caves of the Ancestor for self-study, and tried out new concoctions on their patrons; she could see the change in them, even though they knew nothing about what she had done. She also learned that some of the potions depicted, were reserved for special illness, and not for general consumption.

She always believed her life had a deeper meaning, but could never see how that could be. Sometimes she became depressed, but there was little time in her life for self-consideration, as there were always patrons whose needs came first.

On the eve of Ræm's birth, she became aware of a woman sitting alone, and went to attend to her needs. "See between the wad and web do thee, a daughter true to Gaia be. Of herb and spice can telleth thee, the future's set uncertainly."

Sun Kist felt like something of a flutter touched her mind, but that was stupid, wasn't it? The woman was gone, and seeing as nobody else had seen her, she shook her head and went back to the work at hand. Later the Shaman reappeared, and asked her to bring the Guardian over to talk. That night, and during the days that followed, she asked her parents about the Shaman, expressing great interest in learning from the great woman.

Although not the apparently most gifted intellectually, she was able to heft the heavy weight of sin on her shoulders, and follow her new calling. Others could not. In this sense, she displayed a virginal innocence of the world, despite having grown up in a bar, or maybe because of it.

In time, she became powerful, but was helped along the way by Ræm, another student of the Shaman, but one with a very different purpose for being there, and life to live. Their interaction was abridged from Book Three, but is available inset.

  • Ræm never consciously recognised that she quickly became far more advanced than Sun Kist over those passing years, but kept her shamanic peer close and guided her at times of distress towards the enlightenment that would surely follow. They were not natural sisters, but they were all each other had, and bonded to become more than themselves alone.

    Whilst Ræm was far more educated and exposed to palace life, while Sun Kist understood ordinary people, had a very deep affinity with nature; she knew things instinctively that Ræm took longer to comprehend. This in turn brought them each closer to a true understanding of a larger world.

    Later they truly became good friends as they travelled the land and learned together about the wonders of nature. Meanwhile the Shaman kept a watchful brief; she already understood that without Sun Kist, Ræm would never understand the truer nature of Gaia, nor heed her lessons. Eventually she saw the spark of understanding flare within Ræm’s heart, and waiting just long enough to kindle it, swiftly moved on, for the times were soon to change once more.

By the end of the first trilogy, Sun Kist has grown to become a powerful Mage, using Earth power, and the enlightenment bestowed by the Shaman. In the second trilogy, we will discover if this is enough to preserve Gaia from intragalactic forces seeking to obliterate homo sapien species from the Galaxy.



Sex: Female.
Born: 1989.
Eyes: Black.
Hair: Long, black, often swept back in a bun, or twisted into plaits.
Height: 4'11".
Marital status: Single.


Her style of dress changes radically over the course of the trilogy. At first she wears Islander clothing, but later is one of the first to wear the new clothes Jack introduces.

Later, she prefers full western dress, but for official roles with the Shaman, wears long flowing dresses and robes of office.


Sun Kist has no need of jewellery, but wears insignia of office as a duty.


Second, Ancestor, and most other Tribal languages.


Healing, the ability to transport without Ancestral technology, just like the Shaman.

Shaman's Apprentice

Sun Kist misses her mother especially, and also her old life. Nevertheless, she is wise enough to realise that her life can have higher purpose, so she sets her feelings aside, and tries hard to master the Shaman's teachings.

She loves the times she can visit her mother; the two were always extremely close. But as she grows into her new role, she seeks out her father more often, whose knowledge is more attuned to what she is learning.

Heavy Load

Sun Kist spoke with the Shaman twice, and the second time the Shaman said, "Your life to see, what would you be?"

Unsure of what the woman meant, Sun Kist replied, "I want to study plants, and learn about the potion you made, and what else you know; to be like you."

When the Shaman comes to collect Sun Kist, she is carrying a sack. Jack and others offer to help, and can barely lift it, although there are only leaves and twigs inside.

Sun Kist is asked to bring the sack, and she hefts it on her shoulder, and walks away. The sack contained the weight of people's sins.

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