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Princess Myuna

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Myuna discovers their blow-pipes penetrate Ancestral shields. She comes closest of all to killing the Great Ogre, before Ræm eradicates the monster for all eternity.

Prince Gelar

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He and Myuna become leading emissaries for the Third, when they stay with the Second.


Feature: The Third


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King Burnam of The Third


Burnam means Great Warrior in their own language.

Burnam, King of the Third is one of the oldest leaders of the Twelve Tribes, and has gained much wisdom through his long lifetime.

He leads an ancient Maori tribe based reclusively on New Zealand's South Island. Some of the Aboriginal tribes no longer acknowledge their shared history, thinking themselves to be different in the modern world.

However, Burnam still wears the ring the Ancestors gave to his people, The Ring of Nature, and some know of it's history and worth.

His children: son Gelar and daughter Myuna, offer to dedicate several years of their lives to working with the other tribes, promoting cross-tribal understanding, and become based on the island.

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All are mainly background characters, linking scenes and developments within the plot, although they were the first Tribe to ever aim a killing blow at the Great Ogre. They failed, their poisoned blowpipe dart not being strong enough to kill the monster. However, it did penetrate his shield and poison entered his system.

The main role of the Third is to bring other tribes of their own disparate kind, to the meeting table, of which some like the Yaqui, Hopi, and Blackfoot Sioux, become important in minor, supporting roles.

Being a collective Tribe of Gaia, they honour the Great Earth Mother, and bestow gifts like the Maori triple twist pendant, and perform the Haka.

Interesting Snippets


Heritage: Maori.
Sex: Male.
Born: 1958.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Short, dark brown.
Height: 5'10".
Marital status: Married.


Traditional Dress:
Colourful, woven grass skirt.
Sandals and shoes.

Normal Dress:
Shirt and trousers.


The Ring of Nature
Various pendants and bangles of traditional Maori design.
Ceremonial, temporary tattoos.


Maori, English, some others of the Last.


Blowpipe, spear with metal tip, long and short daggers, bow and arrows, guns and modern weapons. He is also adept with snares and nets.

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