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The Gatekeeper is responsible for ensuring nobody enters the Island, and her role is subjective.


The Gatekeeper is paired with a Guardian, the former female, and the later male.

The Guardian is also responsible for ensuring nobody enters the Island, but his role is objective, and he is stationed on the Outlands.


Image: Jack Barleycorn, The Guardian - Click to enlarge

Jien Noi is the first, and only Islander Jack finds attractive, and as much for her mind as her good looks.


Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge

Daughter of Jinnie and Jack, Ræm becomes Empress Elect and future Gatekeeper.

The Seer

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Won Long completed Jien Noi's training as Gatekeeper, after her mentor died young.

Weid Noi

Image: Weid Noi - Click to enlarge

The Seer Elect is a distant relation of Jien Noi. They trained together, and a strange bond develops between the girls; Weid being bridesmaid, and later, best friend at the birth of Ræm.


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Jien Noi the Gatekeeper and Empress


Zhao Jien Noi, grew up at court, and was taught the ways of Queenship. She found court authoritative, stifling to her free spirit.

Her release were days training to be the next Gatekeeper, and she made the most of time spent travelling between the two destinations.

She is the first person for twenty thousand years, and only the third over thirty thousand years, to hold both the titles of Empress and Gatekeeper.

The previous Gatekeeper died young, and there was a gap of knowledge she had to restore. The Seer, Won Long chaperoned her through these years of learning, helped by the trainee Seer Weid Noi, as in different ways did Lo Si, and others.

As a result, she became a keen student of the ancient ways, and often shared Lo Si's wisdom. Through this, she learned to trust her own judgement.

  Image: Empress and Gatekeeper Jien Noi - Click to enlarge

Noi’ is a title, like spinster, meaning she chose not to take a husband at age sixteen. No matter if she married later in life, she still bears that title. Her reason for not marrying was simple, she foresaw that the Prophesy would be fulfilled during her lifetime, that a new Guardian (Jack) would arrive, and that they would be married.

The tragdy of Book One, is the surreptitious murder of her mother by Sar Tan, who gave her sips of mercury as a tonic. Jack and n'Gnung prove the death was murder, by examining the clues Sar Tan left behind, and almost dying in the process. Giving Jack the task of returning the old ways empowers Jien Noi into her new role as Empress.

For the entirety of her sentient life, Jinnie had known there was a great burden resting on her shoulders; restore the old ways, and turn back ten-thousand years of technological poverty. She puts her population first, above her own needs, and formed a formidable partnership with Jack. She is revered as The People's Empress when she instigates revival of many of their lost ways and arts: fire, the wheel, fishing, and weaving are but a few to mention.

Behind the major turns of the plot lurks the Shaman, and enlightened and elemental being who had not been seen for forty years. She attends for the marriage of Jack to Jien Noi, and later for the birth of their first child, Ræm. Jack begins calling her Jinnie:

“Jinnie,” Jack said...
“In my world, a Genie is a fantastic creature who appears as if by magic, and can grant wishes, desires, make dreams come true.”
“Hmmm. Jinnie. I like it—Jackie. Touché. As for the other...”

That they produced three children (Ræm, Jason, and Mai Li), combining their two lines, thus finally recreating the Thirteenth Tribe, the Ancestors, in their own image, was Jinnie's compulsion in life. This fact of her life interweaves with Weid Noi, the only other alive that chose not to marry, for both similar reasons.

Hairband of platted leaves. This is a token of office, and similar is worn by all royalty.
Jade female Buddha pendant, gifted by Jack in Book One.
Carved pendants and rings of pretty stones, and flowers

Of the Empress:
Ring of the Second, a finely crafted ring with intricate design, gifted by Taris. It can open safes via a motif. It is dark green, like that of darkest jade.
Filigree crown, more like a tiara, made of many valuable metals and a few jewels.
Short metal sword of office.
Intricate necklace with a fire diamond centre, denoting Jien Noi’s reign. It consists of many jewels, all strung together in an intricate pattern, and resembles a cobweb, sort of.

Of the Gatekeeper:
Ring of the Gatekeeper

Of the Ancestors:
Advanced Ring of the Ancestor, not as powerful as Jack’s, but very similar in design.

Book 2 onwards:
Return bracelet.
Elven friendship bracelet
Maori double twist friendship pendant carved from bone.

The Empress' Dowry
Many things are privy only to the Empress, and in due course, her successor. Because her mother died early, Jien Noi is a little unsure how much she should allow others to know, especially Jack, her husband.

After a tiff, which both the Shaman, and Seer help bring to a head, she relents and shows Jack a metal sword and golden crown of office.

However,what fascinates him, is that she opened the safe using her ring finger as key; a motif as lock. In that moment, Jack realises they are seeking a ring to reveal the mysteries of the Ancestors.

Searching for something can be an odious task, unless you know what it is you are seeking.



Sex: Female.
Born: 1991.
Eyes: Black.
Hair: Shoulder length black.
Height: 5'2".
Marital status: Single, marries Jack in SG-1.
< Children:
Ræm, Jason, and Mai Li.


Highly intricate, woven grass bodice and short skirt.
Sandals made of natural materials'.

Latr she adopts some clothes of the Last.


Second, some English and Ancestor.


All of the Second carry a short, stone paring knife, hers is more decorative.

Magical, runed short sword/long dagger, a gift of the Ddwyrth, held in safe-keeping for Ræm.

Ancestors ray-gun, shield and return bracelets.


Image: n'Gue - Click to enlarge

He is the fastest runner in the land, and becomes Prime Messenger of the Second.

Jien Noi chose him not only for his fleetness of foot, but also to undermine the Court's intrigues. She trusted n'Gue to deliver sensitive information with the highest integrity; at which he excelled.


Image: John, Chancellor of the Island University - Click to enlarge

The University Chancellor discovers a partial ally in the Empress, whom is often more open to receiving more scientists than is Jack.

Jien Noi supports his efforts, to a degree, because she knows her reign will be defined by returning the old ways to her people.

However, she also appreciated her husband's point of view, and later limits John's growing ambitions.

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