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Gung Loi

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Gung Loi is Aroweena's kindred spirit, her adopted sister. The pair often play-fighting, or found together.


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n'Gnung and Jack save Aroweena's life when both her legs are severed in battle, as she kicked n'Gnung out of the way of a killing blow.


She is an important background character, who influences several events.

It is she who knows about the dilemma Gung Loi and n'Gnung face, when the pair discuss getting married.

Aroweena loves the Shore, and offers many suggestions to the talk at table, especially when battles are expected.


Feature: The Seventh, Ddwyrth, or Dwarves - homo neanderthalensis


Aroweena - The Keeper of Hearts


The name Aroweena is invented, but based upon the Welsh name Roweena (from Rhonwen), the leading 'A' representing the familiar prefix 'Ah-'. The name conjures fighting skills, bows and arrows, and directness of action, which she epitomises.

Aroweena if a ferocious foe, and an even fiercer friend. Most Ddwyrthen females are homemakers, the few in their army being foot soldiers. But not Aroweena; through skill on the battlefield, she has risen to become Second Warrior of The Ddwyrth, the first woman ever to attain such high status. In battle, she is usually first to berserker, becoming an automaton-killing machine.

Berserker affects her, and it takes her a while to recover afterwards. This is aided by Ddwyrthen spirit, but quenched by eating the still warm hearts of her victims. She has been known to rip a mans ribs away with her

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talon like fingers, and eat the still beating heart. That is unusual, but it would be wise not to upset her

She is an oddball, and acts as if she had been born male. She senses a similar spark in Gung Loi, and impressed with the girl’s natural fighting ability, befriends her. The pair often practice their fighting skills against one another in no rules, full contact sport.

Aroweena becomes attached to Jack, and numbers in his inner circle; one would presume with her father's dispensation. She spends most of her time on the Island, assisting wherever she can, and becoming a control room operator in the process.

One fact not revealed in the trilogy, is that Aroweena is Owain's eldest child. Like the Last, it would be unusual, but not unheard of, for a female to become the next monarch. This chance heightened by Aroweena's tenacity in battle, and furthered by the fact Owain does not have a son by his first wife; the elder male child usually taking the throne.

Aroweena married at age seventeen, an arranged union to the heir of Llwydd's clan. She has three children, two boys and one girl, the eldest being her son and heir. Both she and her husband are keen military people, who put battle and fighting practice before most other things. The husband teaches the children war-craft, and Aroweena supplements this learning, and also teaches them kingship.

They share a large household that is run by a kind, but matronly woman, who captains an assortment of home help. This is an annex of the main castle, and is historically home to the heir of the throne.

Aroweena fights with a sword in each hand, unlike most who wield a two-handed bloodaxe; she is equally destructive as ambidextrous, the twin blades giving her distinct advantage.



Aroweena is a corruption, a personalisation of the Welsh name Roweena.


Sex: Female.
Born: 1986.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Shoulder length brown hair and has a small beard with goatee.
Height: 4'10".
Marital status: Married; with three children.


Battle fatigues – trousers and shirt, leather boots.


Gold pendants, rings and bracelets. Necklace made from bones and teeth of dead adversaries.


Ddwyrth; she learns English, Ancestor, and words of other languages.


Twin long swords, long and short daggers, hand axe. Swords and daggers at her belt.


Like her father, Aroweena has used the regenerative facilities of the spaceship; no other Ddwyrth has.

The reader would be wise to assume, this is the author's ruse to have both characters in the second trilogy.

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