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Lo Si

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The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, is Ju Lo's uncle; the position passing between adept members of the greater family for all known history.

Sun Kist

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Ju Lo becomes temporary High Priest, until Sun Kist learns the role. He is very pleased to be relieved of the position, but later realises he has the knowledge of the Old Religion, which leads him to better understand his future calling.

From scholarly student to Master, Ju Lo learns to be more than the sum of his parts. He, and Jack, more than any other characters, grow into their roles as the trilogy progresses.

This is perhaps best depicted in Chapter 17 of Book Three, where Ju Lo is relaxed and wise by turns, possibly having greater understanding of the religious discussion swirling around him, than any other.

In deprecation, he states, "But I am not wise."

Most of those present missed the true meaning behind those words, because he actually meant:

"The first key to understanding knowledge, is accepting you can never know the all of it."


Feature: The Second


Ju Lo - Trainee Keeper of Ancient Knowledge


Ju Lo's Great Great Grandfather, and Lo Si's Great Grandfather, was a Deru from Forest Meade; they are distant relations.

Two years before Lo Si's master died, he urged his Protégé to take an apprentice, and at his aged mother's suggestion, Jo Lu was proposed and later accepted.

Ju Lo remembers a little about the old Deru, especially some of his stories, and the man left a deep impression on the young lad.

Ju Lo was always a studious person, he had a very good memory, and was determined to not make mistakes. Often this appeared as lack of confidence, which was not the case, he was ensuring everything was correct. When he becomes Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, he relaxes within self-confidence, and shows a different side of his character.

He married a second cousin at age sixteen, and they have a very happy family life.

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Family Man
Ju Lo's children are never named, at least in the first trilogy, but they are both training, and in self-generated competition, to become the next Keeper of Ancient Knowledge. They had grown up in a studious environment, and often watched, then helped their father memorise the history of their Tribe. It was no surprise they learned as they did so.

Because of their great interest, Ju Lo spoke to Lo Si, and they agreed the elder son could begin training as Ju Lo's heir. His daughter threw many tantrums, until special dispensation was made; they would both train to become Keepers of Ancient Knowledge, and harmony at home was restored. This proves to be most fortuitous in Book Four.

Men of Knowledge
Knowledge is formerly about learning, and later about teaching others. Ju Lo is introduced early in Book One, where he is put in charge of teaching Jack the Island language. In return, he also learns quite a bit of English, and some Cantonese. Over the months of Jack's teaching, they also become good friends, associating outside of school; Ju Lo becoming one of the welcomed at his table in Grimwaldi Rinns.

Later it was revealed that Ju Lo was responsible for sending the young girl to Jack's inaugural banquet with a rare fruit, his ruse to get a warning message to n'Gnung. In so doing, the small team managed to keep Jack alive. To the Deru, restoring the nation's Guardian, and returning the lost old ways was of paramount importance. As Druids, they would never contemplate directly opposing the Empress, but were able to obfuscate her ill-considered and hasty plans.

Near the end of Book One, Ju Lo is called in to assist in the control room of the newly discovered spacecraft. He proves to be a quick learner, and flourishes in a role well suited to his skills. He also realises, the strange symbols he presses have meaning, a language of their own. He gains confidence from becoming very good in the control room, and sees this as adding to his greater pool of knowledge, but as a vocational pursuit; one he loves.

In Book Two, he becomes the first temporary High Priest of the reinstated Old Religion. This is not his calling, although the knowledge associated is. He gains a new, additional teacher, in the form of the Shaman, who not only teaches him about the Religion of Gaia, but also many secret arts and lost skills, from before The Dark Time.

Consequently, he was thrust into the spotlight, the Shaman watching over his shoulder, as he became the focal point of high days and holidays; being the presenter, the mc, the High Priest of their society. He always felt uncomfortable, self-conscious in the role. At that point in time, he never found a larger than self persona inside of him to project; but in a strange way, he did learn how to do that very thing, but not on time. Instead, that very confidence came when he was relieved of the role; investing Sun Kist as the new High Priestess. The Shaman then gave him five trainee Priestess' to train in their role, and that was something he, by then, knew how to do.

In between times, and as he proved his resilience, Ju Lo came to embrace his inherent self-belief. He mourned the passing of Lo Si, but he stepped up in full knowledge that he was now it, The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge.

Related Characters


Sex: Male.
Born: 1988.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Short, swept back, black.
Height: 5'2".
Marital status: Married.

Boy, 7-years old.
Girl, 6-years old.
• Both trainee Keepers of Ancient Knowledge.


Long grass woven robes and sandals made out of natural materials.


Various ancient insignia and tokens of office.


Second, Ancestor and other Tribal languages. He learns some English because of Jack.


Not only is Ju Lo training to take over from Lo Si, but due to invasion and needs of the moment, he becomes an experienced and senior control room operator.

The Old Ways

During Book Three, he trains under the Shaman, and is taught about the gaps in their knowledge, lost during the Dark Time

Of his own accord, he correlates the Shamans words with those written in the Corridor of Knowledge, sometimes finding small differences, ones he later questions the Shaman about.

Because of his deep interest and intensity of learning, the Shaman indulged him, and to the extent she sometimes explained things to him in modern language.

High Priest

Ju Lo stood in as High Priest of the Old Religion, when Jien Noi first decreed its restoration. He later became the teacher of prospective priestess'.

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