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Image: Jack Barleycorn, The Guardian - Click to enlarge

He tries to guide his daughter as best as he is able; if only to make the right choices.

However, Ræm thrives off new experiences, and he is sometimes loath to give her her head, thinking she is too young. Each time she surprises him, surpassing his wildest expectations.

Jien Noi

Image: Empress and Gatekeeper Jien Noi - Click to enlarge

She knows Ræm is very special; confirmed by the reappearance of the Shaman in the Islander's lives.

However, she is devastated when Ræm becomes the Shaman's apprentice, and takes the loss with deep, personal emotion.


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Kay interacts with adolescent Ræm, often teaching her about the way the control room works, and how to operate different consol's.

She is surprised that Ræm often chooses to talk in the Ancestor's language, before she realises why. Ræm is determined to become fluent in the language.


Image: Penelope Pendleton, or Peni - Click to enlarge

She comes to know Ræm much better during adolescence. They are both determined to master the Ancestors tongue, Ræm for speaking, and Peni to read the ancient texts; an unusual bond develops between them.

One side-effect, is that Ræm often catches Peni working, and this leads her to basic understanding of physics.


Feature: The Second


Ræm, The Gatekeeper and Empress Elect


Ræm is the first person for more than 32,000 years to be born of the mixed blood of the Second and Last. She knew she was special, but others praise made her self-effacing and dismissive of complements.

She grew up in the Imperial palace, but spent much time with her mother learning the ways of the Gatekeeper. She disliked the strictures of court, but learned how to rule a nation.

She also learned much from her father, and also how to get her way with him, asking for indulgences her mother would forbid.

Her father taught her free thought, and to question the motives of those who were blinded by one course of action, ignorant of another, and perhaps, better way.

His weird assortment of companions always brought her fun and laughter, she play-fighting with Gung Loi and Aroweena. In so doing, she was receptive to different languages from a very early age.


Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge
Ræm when she was younger

Her later childhood and adolescence is revealed in her Backstory (.pdf), where she proves to be a free spirit and Tomboy.

To fully understand how precocious, talented, and confident Ræm is, the short chapter about her youth is a must read. Before her thirteenth birthday she has:

  • Is highly advanced in the language of the Ancestors.
  • Is learning with far older children at the University.
  • Has passed Jack and Gary's version of the basic Yachtmaster Ocean examination.
  • Joined Gilly's rock band on guitar and vocals; they play gigs at the University.
  • Has taken over use of n'Gnung's electric trials bike, and challenges him to obstacle races when he gets another one.

This chapter also gives details about how Gilly changes daily life; for instance, he hears about problems getting around the campus, first brining in bicycles, and later a round-route, electric, open-sided bus.

About Ræm
Zhao Ræm Mooyi, known as Ræm, is named after the Empress that brought the Second to the Island. She embodies the best of the Second and Last, thus recreating the Ancestors in their own form, one suited to life on Earth. She is destined to marry another of special bloodline. She is a highly gifted child, who grows up in an uncertain world, one desperately trying to survive the aftermath of the Wrath of Gaia.

She learns quickly under Ju Lo, and later at the University, where she proves to be a quick and compulsive learner. John encourages Ræm to excel, permitting her liberties he would not allow others. Then comes a seven-year hiatus when she goes to study with the Shaman; not as prospective Priestess, but as seeker of knowledge and greater truths.

It is as if a long-term plan is coming together. Ræm is the product of homo sapien and homo erectus genes. She becomes a leading character towards the end of Book 3, when she stands alone to face the Great Ogre, when all is apparently lost. She wields the Sword of Destiny in this final battle of the first trilogy, using a very unusual tactic, and says, "I will heal you now."

What is the significance of the Shaman in her life?

Having not been seen or heard about for millennia, except for a brief instance with Won Long when she was a little girl, the Shaman suddenly appears at the wedding of Jinnie and Jack. She next apparated at the birth of Ræm, blessed her, and washed the baby. Why?

It appears the Shaman has been playing a very long and convoluted game. Were we to presume she foresaw that Ræm would defeat the Great Ogre, she had to ensure a lot of apparently unrelated things occurred, even in order for Ræm to be born. Was her attendance of the birth, and blessing the babe, to ensure this was the child of destiny she had foreseen?

By an early age, Ræm had learned that leaning was about several different things. Her father taught her theory, and then the practical; learning what to do, practicing, then doing it herself. Being academically inclined, she also learned that understanding science was only part of the whole, accepting or questioning accepted theory was more suited to her free spirit.

Ræm has a deeply ingrained desire to learn languages. She met many differing peoples when she was young, and determined to be able to speak to each Tribe in their own language. She was partially successful, holding her own regards introductions and politeness of table. That was until she determined, the root to knowledge lay in understanding Ancestor.

She quickly latched on to the quintessential ether of Peni, who was determined to learn the language of the Ancestors; "Ræm, I must learn this so I know what it means."

The young Ræm picked up on the fact that language meant knowledge, secret knowledge in particular. She practiced Ancestor on everybody, finding Kay, Rambling, and Gangling to be great fun. She was determined to be better at it than Peni.

The one difference between Ræm, and all others learning the Ancestors language, or Centaurian as it is correctly known, is that she alone, is doing it without use of the Core's language training program.

Rising to the Challenge
Jack and Gary surprised Ræm one day, setting her the task of captaining the boat, and she accomplished a complex set of tasks, including 'man overboard'. She succeeded with only the novice Aroweena to assist. This gave her great self-confidence, Jack confirming afterwards:

He enquired, “Now you know you can sail a boat all by yourself. Why do you know that?”
“Because I have already done it,” Ræm stated as a matter of fact.

One may, or may not presume, that when the Ancestor Idym was reincarnated as living flesh, blood, and bone, she saw an opportunity to learn more; and somewhere along the way, fell in love with him. The thing is, he was bewitched by her, and the ending of Book Three was not contrived; they fell in love ... a child resulted, end of story. Or is it?



Sex: Female.
Born: 19th /20th September at midnight of the Spring Moon, 2013.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Long, brown.
Height: 5'5".
Marital status: Single, marries in Book 3.


Develops a new style of dress combining island traditions with western clothes and materials.


Captains wristband, a gold band of four bars with an anchor. Otherwise she wears little jewellery.


The Sword of Destiny, a magical runed blade that can only be used for good, at the exception of all evil.

All of the Second carry a short, stone paring knife, hers is more decorative.

Magical, runed short sword, birthright gift of the Ddwyrth.

Ancestors ray-gun, shield, and return bracelets.


The ability to transport herself using Earth Power. The Shaman and Sun Kist are the only others able to do this.

Ræm explained, "It is not magic, but enlightenment; I simply picture myself somewhere else, and will it to happen."

Birthing Gifts

Many Tribes attended the birth of Ræm, each one presenting her with a gift:

Image of Rambling, no  link

The Twelfth gave her a magical protection, known as the 'Aegis'.

Image of Ælthrelntheine, no  link

The Eleventh gave her a finely crafted and delicate friendship bracelet

Image of Owain, no  link

The Seventh gift Ræm an ancient, finely crafted, rune encrusted dagger, made by a master smith of prehistory.

Image of Ruaidhrí, no  link

The King of the Fourth gave her a pennywhistle made from a branch of the One Tree.

Image of Cayden, no  link

Prince Cayden gave her a 'twiddling stick'.

Image of Cayleigh, no  link

Princess Cayleigh made an oath of friendship, as had all the other Tribes.

Image of King Burnam, no  link

King Burnam of the Third gifted Ræm a Maori double twist friendship pendant.

The result being, the Kings and Queens of all the (then) known Tribes, attended the birth and gave the newly-born babe a gift.

Was this the author's deliberate parody of the birth of baby Jesus?

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