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Jack is the first to realise the true nature of the Troll, and is responsible for turning them into allies.

Rambling Longshanks

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The King of the Twelfth also saw something deeper in the Troll, and prevented Hogar from killing them.


Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge

Owain's men are instrumental in defeating the Ogres and capturing the Trolls.

At first wary of the threat posed by the Troll, Llwydd reports there is none. Owain quickly decides to release them, and in due course, becomes the New Tenth's advocate.


Feature: The New Tenth or Troll


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Volkar & Stoltvar - Leaders of the New Tenth


Volkar and Stoltvar were conceived by half-sister Trolls, and were born the same year. They are all but brothers, and were captured by an Ogre patrol when Hitler's armies drove people eastwards. It is revealed by them, Hitler was an Ogre clone in human form, as was Napoleon.

They guided the Allied Tribes into the Ogre's Berlin stronghold via an underground passage. Later Volkar becomes elected Leader of the Trolls, and learns how to rule his people, with help from other Tribes.

Volkar asks John to create a constitution, because they only have Family Rules, and John is glad to assist; that is, until he learns of their funeral rights.

Stoltvar becomes deputy leader, and focuses on the welfare of their people, addressing concerns of their newfound freedom, and working socially to promote a new understanding of whom they are as a Tribe.

  Image: Volkar, of the Trolls or New Tenth - Click to enlarge

Over a period of years, the Trolls prove to be great allies, being an open a sharing Tribe who welcome all visitors; except the Ogres.

When the Allies battle the Ogres, Volkar is the first to offer men in support. Later, they are trusted to form a fighting unit, and proving formidable in the battlefield, they are soon allowed to create an army. Llwydd takes a personal interest in training their troops, once they have proved themselves.


One would think it unlikely for a Tribe of slaves to feature tattoos as a sign of their clan; freedom is an alien concept to them. So why so they paint their heads?

The reason is simple. Originally the Ogres branded them, and the forehead was the most visible place. This was to assist Ogre generals (administrators in this case), keep track of different Troll groups and kill any troublesome clans.

However, the Trolls proved peaceful and compliant, so the practice was abandoned. One day, a small boy, wanting to look like his father, copied the design using ink, and the practice spread.

By chance, another boy discovered that the ink stayed if injected into the skin, by stabbing. Over centuries, the practice spread to all, the tattoos were embellished, and worn proudly by all. The Ogres did not object, because they could still tell who belonged to which clan.

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Both Volkar and Stoltvar live in the Ogre city where their people were liberated by Owain. It is in eastern Poland, nearest to Belarus.


Sex: Male.
Born: Circa 1900 AD.
Human related age: 55.
Eyes: Dark green.
Hair: Some long body hair, head bald.
Height: V; 7'11", St; 7'10".
Body Type: Rotund, robust and powerful. Marital status: Both are married.


Animal skin loincloth, furs and hides in winter.
Leather sandals or boots.


None, but the tattoo represents the sign of their clan. Stoltvar is from a different branch of the same clan.


Ogre, Troll, Ancestor.


When young, they used primitive hunting weapons like spears, bow and arrows, and traps such as snares, nets, and pits.

The Ogres did not allow them weapons, an offence punishable by beheading.

Once liberated, they took over the Ogre arsenal, and later they only, were allowed use of Ancestral weapons and protection.

Troops and Weaponry

Llwydd trains and arms the the Trolls with redundant Ogre weapons.

The counterpoint being, the Trolls became what the Ancestors tried to create.

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