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The Seer

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A great Seer, Won Long has diligently taught her daughter all she knows, but remains fallible only where Da Phai Nai is concerned.

Lo Si

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Lo Si is Weid Noi's father, and looked after his daughter for almost three years.

Imperial Decree

Because there was no Guardian, and in case anything happened to Weid Noi, the old Empress ordered Won Long to train a second Seer. Sar Tan was the most gifted, and also several years older than Weid Noi, and began training.

Won Long saw the girl was talented, but foresaw her own daughter would become the next Seer. She appeased the Empress, knowing times would change.

Jien Noi

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The Gatekeeper worked closely with 'Ah-Weid' for many years. The pair became respected friends, but not soul mates.

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Weid Noi's
life changed dramatically when n'Gue

arrived one day, with a message from her father. She already knew that times were in flux; that the new Guardian lived meant the First Way was closed, and the Third Way was open.

It was her duty to consult the Augury to determine the course of the future.

Empress Clarification

The old Empress is Jien Noi's Grandmother, who died in 1998.

Empress Zhao is Jinnie's mother, who reigned for twelve years.


Feature: The Second


Weid Noi - Seer Elect


Weid Noi grew up in a strange household, her parents both highly important people who were often away to attend their duties.

As a baby she spent most days at the transporter cavern, and nights at the Halfway House. This continued through the toddler stage, and until she learnt how to climb the steps to the outside.

One day she disappeared while the Seer was preoccupied, and a search party had to be sent out to find her. She was discovered at the Halfway House, where staff were treating her well. She stayed there for several days, and until it was decided she should attend the Imperial school.

She had seen little of her father up until that point, but stayed with him for several years, mostly accompanying him in the capital, and sometimes when visiting other towns. Otherwise she had a room in a house shared by palace workers children, and was looked after by a dedicated maid.


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During this time she usually spent four days with her father, and three with her mother. By the age of eight, she was top of her year, and more advanced than many much older children at school, including Imperial children. She brushed aside the other kids teasing, but knew that she must determine her own future.

The Empress Elect's daughter, Jien Noi, was one of the few she got on well with, but they seldom spent time together; the trainee Gatekeeper also spent several days each week with Won Long, learning how to become the next Gatekeeper; her principle having died unexpectedly.

She spoke to her father, who was thoughtful for some time. Two days later he took her to their home, and stayed with her until Won Long returned. It was agreed Weid Noi would begin full training as the next Seer, and have a dedicated room set aside for her personal use at the Halfway House.

With Sar Tan by then in service with the court, Weid Noi and Jien Noi often worked and learned together, each absorbing some of the other's art. That the Seer was able to teach each of them fundamentally differing skills does her great credit.

Weid Noi the Woman
The Seer Elect was very advanced, to the point that by the time she was eighteen, she was the equal of Won Long. In some respects she was more advanced, because she was not blinkered in her view of the world, as was her mother regards Da Phai Nai.

Like Jien Noi, she chose not to marry at age sixteen, for both similar, if differing reasons. This is explained in Book Three, where she meets and marries Ali of the Last, and becomes instrumental in recreating the Thirteenth Tribe—something nobody except Ræm foresaw, perhaps the Shaman also?

‘Weid’ is an ancient Druid title meaning ‘Seer’, however, ‘Lien’ is her given forename. There is strong earth power and respect for creation embodied by the combination: Deru + Weid = Deruweid, spoken “Druid”. This was the reason the old Empress ordered the marriage of Lo Si and Won Long; she wanted to retain the existing old ways, and saw their marriage as the best resolution of the problem.

Weid Noi was named at birth as Zhao Lien Loi, but because she, like Empress Jien Noi, chose not to marry at age sixteen, her last name changed to Noi, and her mother insisted she take the forename of power at that same time: Weid.

Weid Noi is an odd character, not comfortable in social situations and tending to keep herself to herself. Her persona is likeable, respected, yet strange; but she is neither timid, nor afraid of any challenge. This becomes evident when she takes Jack to one side and tells him Jien Noi is in love with him. She acts to change—ensure the future, from her point of view, putting it back on course to what she, not necessarily her mother, foresaw.

Jien Noi befriends the girl, asking her to be her Best Female Friend at her wedding to Jack, and also be there as her companion during the birth of Ræm. However, much later, Jack is the first to spot her unusual presence and flowering friendship with Ali. His respect for her grows as he realises she foresaw her own destiny, something hidden to most Seers. He wondered privately if she would become the most gifted Seer of all. Time, and the Second Trilogy will tell.

Weid Noi marries Ali in Book Three, and they have several children, of whom the first, Wong Kai is the only one named. He will become the next Seer; a position usually, but not always held by females. When he comes of age, he marries Mai Li, Jack and Jinnie's younger daughter; the first known marriage of a Gatekeeper and Seer.

Weid Noi's Daily Life
Her typical daily routine (2010) is never set, but she often sleeps in the cavern, where she has a mattress and small living area. Every few days she visits the Halfway House, where she enjoys the comfort of her own room, and eats well. She is their most regular patron, and they make a pack of several days food and drinks for her to take back.

Once per week, or so, she visits her mother's abode of banishment, who gives her new instructions to continue her training, or confirms those already being learned. Monthly, or as required, she will detour via Soi Long to take her mother items she requires.

Weid Noi's greatest talent is perhaps Augury, of which she learned more about from her father than mother. This is an ancient art of the Druid, which has been known from ancient history by other names, depending upon the flavour of the day. The ancient Greeks called it The Oracle, and Romans called it Augury, and like the Etruscans, limited useful observation to the flight of birds.

In pre-ancient Druid belief, Augury is a communication with earth power, a part of Gaia's sum, as a means to know a little of the future. The flight of birds, the casting of bones, are theatrical elements some employ; but the real work is done matching place to mind, and Earthen power.

The most potent Augury was at the Old Capital, but long since lost. Weid Noi used the little known Oracle in the Valley of Knowledge, and found the answers she sought.



Sex: Female.
Born: 1990.
Eyes: Black.
Hair: Long, black.
Height: 5'1".
Marital status: Single;
marries Ali of the Last in Book Three.

· Wong Kai, male, the Seer Elect.


Woven grass bodice and skirt. Sandals made of natural materials.


Various pendants and bangles.


Second, Ancestor, some English, Elvenhua, and Ddwyrthen.


Advanced training ring of the Seer, in fact a round stone.

Later: The Ring of The Knowing Eye, normally called ‘The Eye of the Seer’.

Sun Kist

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Weid Noi knew from an early age she had a half sister, but the pair never met until Lo Si takes her to the hot springs.

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Weid Noi
lives a largely secluded life.

Since her mother's banishment, she has become the sole occupier of the transporter cavern, except when Jien Noi visited.

Fortunately for her, being alone and away with her work is not a problem; she sees it as more of a blessing. This in turn explains her general lack of social skills, and dislike of socializing.


Weid Noi was never an unwanted or unloved child, but because of her parents work commitments, she had little of what would be regarded as a normal childhood.

She learned to rely on herself from a very early age, and her casually offish nature is due to the fact she seldom knew what it was like to share a cuddle, or have family fun, at least, with both parents sharing the laughter; her mother seldom laughed.


Using the powers of augury on herself, a high skill, Weid Noi discovered she should wait for an outlander husband, and in due course, Ali came to her.

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