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Image: Ælthrelntheine, Queen of The Eleventh - Click to enlarge

The High Queen knew the Fourth were alleged to be very small, so researched the Elven library. She discounted the African pygmy tribes, but focused on myths concerning Flores Island.

With the aid of Ancestral technology, she found the Tribe, and made contact. This explained most of her missing time during the prelude to Ræm's birth; she arrived with not only the Fourth, but also the Third.

Rambling Longshanks

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The King of the Twelfth was in stitches of laughter, when Ruaidhrí told him of "The greatest Giant that ever lived; Fionn mac Cumhaill of the Fourth."

The Great Ogre

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Was deceived by the Fourth


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Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin - Red King of the Fourth


Ruaidhrí is a proud and hilarious cockerel of a man, unafraid of any opposition, but beholden of Ælthrelntheine, who he perceives as the epitome of godliness.

By return, she thinks of him and the Fourth as mischievous children, and looks forward to their infrequent meetings. Ruaidhrí also looks forward to meeting her, trimming his beard in preparation; a rare occurrence.

Consistent with this Tribes inherent humour, Ruaidhrí is called 'The Red king' because of his red hair and beard, and also because he blushes easily, and always in the presence of the High Queen of the Eleventh.

He is the consummate pickpocket, but means no ill by it, he is simply curious.

Invited to the birth of Ræm, he gave one of his best creations to the new baby. It was a pennywhistle carved from a branch of The One Tree.

  Image: Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin, Red King of the Fourth - Click to enlarge

Ruaidhrí has two adult children; son Cayden, and daughter Cayleigh. They are younger versions of their father, who love to have fun and share a joke. The pair are influential characters in Book 2 and early in Book 3, and they make a significant differences to the outcome of the battle for Berlin. We meet them first at the celebration of the birth of Ræm. This short episode is humorous and shows them in a true light. It also reveals another side of Ælthrelntheine.

Image: Prince Cayden - Click to enlarge  


Sex: Male.
Born: 1991.
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Long, ginger-red.
Height: 3'7".

He wears typical clothes and carries a short knife.


Prince Cayden devised a plan to infiltrate the Ogre lair in Berlin.

When the Allied Tribes attacked Berlin, Cayden and Cayleigh went in ahead of the invasion, and were captured by the Ogres, as everyone expected.

All other Tribes were against the ruse, fearing the Fourth would be killed. However, they endeared themselves to the Great Ogre, who as a king might a fool, kept them nearby for amusement.

Image: Princess Cayleigh - Click to enlarge  


Sex: Female.
Born: 1993.
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Long, ginger-red.
Height: 3'4".

She likes to wear dresses and is given many by the other Tribes.


Princess Cayleigh charms the Great Ogre, disguising their true intent; at times fawning over the monster, and at other times acting the fool.

Later she was on hand to steal an Ogre controllers ring, and with Cayden, open the way for Allied forces entering from tunnels below the complex.

At home, Cayleigh is a fun-loving girl who loves to play music and dance. She is a very good flutist, and plays as she jigs and reels.

Keeping it in the Family
Not only are Cayden and Cayleigh brother and sister, but rumour has it, they have more physically intimate knowledge of one another.




Sex: Male.
Born: 1973.
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Long, red.
Height: 3'5".
Marital status: Irrelevant.
Cayden (meaning: spirit of battle), son
Cayleigh (meaning party), daughter.
Names: All names are Gaelic names.


Emerald green tunic and trousers.
Long black boots with silver buckles.
Wide belt with silver buckle.
Green cap with insignia.
Ceremonial black leather pouch.


The Ring of Curiosity.
Gold erring in right ear
Various pendants and bangles of celtic design.


Gaelic, English with pronounced Irish accent.


A silvery tongue and cheeky, beguiling smile help make him a consummate gentleman, and thief.

His other weapons are: a paring knife, lock picks, hooks on string, and the ability to divert his prey's attention.

Ælthrelntheine is wise to his ways and wiles, and ever distrusting, indulges him and his kin to be themselves; she finds their antics to be both obvious, and highly amusing.

Ruaidhrí is an artisan, skilled at crafting flutes and pennywhistles, some of which he decorates with fine engraving.

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