Image: Jack Barleycorn, The Guardian - Click to enlarge

Becomes Guardian of the Second, King of The Outlands, but avoids the role of Emperor. He and n'Gnung often bear the brunt of Da Phai Nai's broom, her weapon of choice, and joke about wearing padded pants.

Jien Noi

Image: Empress and Gatekeeper Jien Noi - Click to enlarge

Known as Jinnie by her husband, Jack, she is only the third person to ever hold the titles of Empress and Gatekeeper.


Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge

Daughter of Jinnie and Jack, Ræm becomes Empress Elect and future Gatekeeper. But, her destiny lies along the Third and Windy Way.


Image: n'Gnung is Jack's closest friend - Click to enlarge

n'Gnung is Jack's closest friend, and becomes First Warrior of the Second, and Guardian Elect.


Image: Kay - Click to enlarge

Kay, unlike any other Elf, has black hair and white eyes, except for the first ever Elf Queen, and Oma.

Da Phai Nai

Image: Da Phai Nai - Click to enlarge

Matronly Innkeeper renowned for her broom.

Lo Si

Image: Lo Si - Click to enlarge

Lo Si, Sun Kist's father, and The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge.

Gung Loi

Image: Gung Loi - Click to enlarge

General of the Second's covert forces, adapts easily to modern weapons, and those of the Ancestors.

Sar Tan

Image: Sar Tan - Click to enlarge

Sar Tan was kidnapped by the Great Ogre when she was very young. It is presumed her body was harvested for DNA, and she died as a result.


Image: Dawn - Click to enlarge

Jack's oldest and best friend; she finds a new reason for living on The Island.

Ancestor Oma

Image: Ancestor Oma - Click to enlarge

After their release from the purgatory of being un-dead, the Ancestors live with the Second, making a new home for themselves at the University.

Supporting Information

Appendices: Timeline for First Trilogy




Note: The island is in the southern hemisphere, so seasons are 6-months out from what most people know.

Book 1



12th August

Jack Leaves Canton.


24th August

Jack is washed ashore on the Island.


1st September

Day 9 on the island.


23rd December

Day 123 – Jack is transported to the interior.


28th December

Day 128 – Jack catches Jien Noi leaving the food parcel, and later arrives at Forest Meade.


30th December

Arrival at Grimwaldi Rinns after swimming.
Jack is imprisoned that night.


31st December

Jack is released by Jien Noi (Friday).



1st January

Ch 1 – Assimilation (Relative time-fix).



Jack spends about 5 weeks in the city, this is not precisely defined.


Late February

Days teaching at the hot springs – 6 days there before they go to the city - the rise of Sar Tan.


End of February

Day 7 sees Jack return to the City, and then leave that night when dark.


Next Day

Jack with n'Gnung and meet Won Long; Jinnie is told she will be executed midday the next day.


Next next Day

Ch 7 – Jack rescues Jien Noi and escapes to the shore. This is late summer = correct in Southern Hemisphere.


Early March

On the third day of their headland sojourn Sar Tan kills the Empress. Restoration.


Weeks pass…


18th April

Harvest Moon 2011.


Ch 20

The Prince completed the Trials of Passage.


August 2011

Jack passes the point of being on the island for 1 year.



Late February

Many months pass with this short section.


6th April

Harvest Moon 2012.


One year passes

The story picks up again in spring 2013.



Early March

Jinnie starts acting strangely (Baby); Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.


27th March

Harvest Moon 2013 is early that year. Lunar date.



Marriage of Jack and the Empress.


Next Day

They discover the Ring of the Ancestor, late at night.


29th March

Discover the control room, Chapter 27.



They meet Ælthrelntheine via hologram, and learn of the impending attack. Ch. 28.


30th March

3rd day after the Full Moon – 11.5 days until new Moon.


10th April (4 am)

Theodosius Quinn invades and is defeated.
Jack meets the Eleventh and the Seventh.


Last Page

Jack sends a note to Dawn.


Book 2


Book 2 begins – 12th April 2013


2013 continued



April 2013

Ælkræleinnoire arrives, they make slow progress understanding the now suspected spacecraft.


Late September

The Giants arrive the day before Spring Festival.


19/20th September

Spring Moon 2013. Ræm is born at Midnight of the Full Moon (Northern Hemisphere Harvest Moon).


22th September

The Vernal Equinox, and beginning of the new Sun Calendar.


Several weeks pass: Chapters 11 – 14 span about 3-weeks, ill-defined.


Less than 2-months Pass quickly, a couple of paragraphs.


21st December
Summer Solstice

The Giants are returned to the Himalayas; southern hemisphere seasonal time used.





16th March

The full Moon preceding Harvest Home. The phase of the Moon is correct, the eclipse of the Sun is artistic licence.



Return of The Ring of the Earth; the Shaman is restored, and the old religion reinstated.


21st June

The Sword of Destiny is forged.


2nd July

Jack and Kay fall comatose.





7th December

Kay wakes up.


12th December

Henry is introduced to the plot.


16th December

Jack and Kay put the spaceship back together (Arbitrary date).


28th December

Jack visits Henry’s family.





First Weekend

Meeting with U.S. and Chinese Presidents.


11th January

The first war with the Great Ogre.


12th January

Nuclear attack on Bushehr.


13th January

A date mentioned in the book as reference, when interviewing the Trolls.


18th January

The Trolls are granted Tribal status as The New Tenth.



The Commandments of the Troll are agreed.


29th February

Wedding of n'Gnung and Gung Loi.


Book 3


Book 3 begins – 1st March 2016


2016 continued



1st March

Jack discovers Cynthia has cancer.


2nd March

The Mexicans arrive.
The spacecraft is remodelled.


3rd March

The Mexicans work, as the islanders sleep.


Days pass



More days pass



Circa 7th March

Behrouz is found and transported back. Gary and Sheila arrive.


10th March

The scientist's revelations of Gaia's Wrath.


11th March

The last Arabian daybreak.


12th March

Early hours, Bushehr gasfield blows.
Jack speaks with the Shaman at the end of the day.


Days later

South Pars / Northfield blows; the world’s largest gasfield.


20th March

Ghawar, the world’s largest oilfield blows.





Time speeds up gradually, as we warp into the future over the next couple of chapters. Notable:


Late March

Many are rescued or protected: Billy and Gilly come to the island.
The Eden Project is protected.


End of March

They discover the world is no longer in orbit around the Sun.


1st April

They target the Middle East, the earth’s orbit is corrected.





Weeks pass Gaia's wrath subsides.



NASA visits, they work with the international spacestation.



Gung Loi gives birth to a boy, Zhong Zhi; Jinnie also to Jason.



Late January

Contact with the Pope established.



Jack and Kay, supported by, and later superceded by Finity Gael, begin to unravel the Great Cobweb.



The third spacecraft is discovered.



Kay spends a lot of this period researching hermeneutics.


11th April 2017

Harvest Moon. Weid Noi marries Ali, she was already with child.



Won Long Dies.



Weid Noi gives birth to a son, Wong Kai, the next Seer.




Lo Si dies.



Ræm begins school.



Timeline ill defined: Chapter 17, Masks of the Allegory.


Circa 2022


Ræm begins learning Ancestor, and is educated at the University.




Only 90 million people left alive in the world.




Harvest Home celebrations attended by all the Tribes.
Ræm celebrates her 13th Birthday, and becomes the Shaman’s Apprentice.




Harvest Home sees the first Games of the Tribes.
The Great Ogre strikes as they return to their homelands.






The first officially planned Olympiad of the 12 Tribes.






The Emperor dies.






The future crew of the spacecraft begin training, Peni becomes Science Officer.




Ræm returns from her instruction with the Shaman.



An Ogre fortress is attacked, Kay and Jack almost die.



Jack has problems with the Core.


Spring Moon

The fifth Olympiad, Jack competes in the marathon, a 5-way tie. The Games were moved from Harvest Moon to Spring Moon, hence the extra year.




7th Olympiad (abridged, deleted), Jack's team win the Cricket.



Sunday, 5th October

Spring Festival and the eighth Olympiad.
The final wars with the Great Ogre begin .



The Ancestors are restored.



Jack learns what happened when Taris landed on Gaia.




Both spacecraft fly.


Ræm marries Iydm.


The immaculate Conception.



  Ræm and Iydm call their first child and daughter Eve Ning.


Why a Timeline?

Both the author, and editor Susan, used the Timeline to check for consistency, and to refer to particular events.

It is reproduced here in its latest form, although final editing has since been undertaken.

This was not devised with the reader in mind, but some may find it useful.

Full Moon

One variable that the Timeline fixes in place, are the various important full moons, plus one dark of the moon (Quinn invades). These map precisely to the Lunar Calendar page.

More Characters


Image: Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge

She is entitled, High Lord Protector of Gaia, a role that includes protecting all the Twelve Tribes.


Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge

Owain and his men are instrumental in defeating the Great Ogre.

The Shaman

Image: The Shaman - Click to enlarge

An enlightened, and perhaps, elemental being? As the trilogy progresses, the Shaman becomes increasingly entwined within the plot.

Rambling Longshanks

Image: Rambling Longshanks - Click to enlarge

The King of the Twelfth is a gentle Giant, and proud that his Tribe assisted the Ancestors in pre-history.


Image: Volkar, President of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge

Representing the New Tenth or Trolls, Volkar grows into leadership of his people.

The Fourth

Image: King Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin - Click to enlarge

King Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin,
Red King of the Fourth. This mischievous race are akin to leprechauns, even down to their Gaelic roots.


Image: Penelope Pendleton, or Peni - Click to enlarge

Peni walks the fine line between genius and madness, occasionally putting a toe across the line.

Ancestor Taris

Image: Ancestor Taris - Click to enlarge

His image was painted on stone walls thirty thousand years ago, and bears an uncanny resemblance to Jack.


Image: Horovitz - Click to enlarge

Mercenary who changed sides and fought for the Second.


Image: Leading Medic 37851 or android Matron - Click to enlarge

Leading Medic 37851, shows her humanity in Book Three.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image
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