Tribal Data

• Life span: 80.
• Height: 5’.
• Body Type: Stocky and formidably powerful, they are as wide as they are tall, and extremely muscular.
• Eyes: Brown or Hazel.
• Hair: Brown or dark brown.
• Heart: On the right.


• Food:
Omnivores who love meat cooked or uncooked.
• Drink:
Water and fruit juices; Ddwyrthen strong ale is drunk by everybody - man, woman, and child.

Traditional Dress

Leather and heavy-duty clothes are popular. Most wear trousers or shorts, but kilts and skirts are sometimes worn, especially on ceremonial occasions.


They wear a lot of jewellery, and love rare metals, Gold especially. This is cast into heavy jewellery and ornaments, gold being worn by everyone.

They also treasure rare and precious gems, which are worn as pendants, bracelets, and rings.


• Double-edged axe, of which the finest are termed 'Bloodaxe'.
• Broadswords, long and short swords, and daggers.
• BMaces and flails of ingenious design.

The Ddwyrth know of other weapons, such as bow and arrows, battering rams, and catapults, but these are deployed only in specific circumstances.

Their heavy crossbow is normally used to launch incendury devices.

Da Phai Nai

She invented the collective noun, "A Mess of Ddwyrth."

This usually applies to the morning after the night before, but can also apply to the latter stages of that night.


The Ddwyrth do not consider the term‘ dwarf’ to be an insult, they find it both humorous and illiterate.

In contrast, the Eleventh find 'Elf' to be a grave insult. They use the term as one of their few swear words.

The Neanderthal

The author researched  Neanderthals in great detail, and this link gives access to some of the more relevant information.

The Twelve Tribes

Feature: The Seventh


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The Seventh, Ddwyrth or Dwarves


The Seventh are
homo sapien neanderthalensis

The Ddwyrth were created together by the Seventh Ancestor, Stel, aided by the Twelfth and the more so, the Eleventh. In the archaeological record they are represented by the Neanderthal, who we consider extinct, but they are not.

Stel was a project manager for the mining sector, so tunneling was one gift she gave her creation. Her second gift, steadfstness, was to remain true to the task at hand until completed.

These hardy dwarves are hirsute, and have Celtic ways about them. They have Welsh names, but speak with a Scottish lilt. They remain simple minded, but are far from stupid, and are great at what they do. However, they like to party and live for the moment, not tomorrow.


Owain, King of the Ddwyrth
Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge

Whilst the palaeontological record shows Neanderthals in the East, the accepted criteria is that they were more centred in Europe. They have a stout build and similar cranium size to modern humans, but lesser frontal lobes, meaning their brains were used for controlling their dexterous bodies more than for ‘thinking’ as much.

During the last Ice Age, they moved a long way south, coming into contact with the Second, and especially the Last. Lo Si reports that they did not adapt well, or quickly to the changing conditions. What is not stated, is that eventually they mastered the problem, becoming very adaptable; this as a Tribal trait, has remained with them.

For pure physical brute strength, their power to weight ratio cannot be matched by any other Tribe. Nonetheless, they have a free-wheeling approach to life, so when they get bored working, they down tools and go off to party.

Mining and Smelting
The Seventh are masters of both mining and smelting, they excel at making tunnels in rock to reach the ores they seek. Not only are they very proficient miners, but possess refining and processing skills, at least equal to the latest manufacturing techniques of the Last.

They are also master metal workers, knowing a great deal about metal smelting, alloying, and preparation for the infusion of magic-like runes. The Seventh have helped create virtually all of the magical and notable blades in existence. They forged rare blades such as Kay's Sword of Deception with the runic aid of the Eleventh, and later, Ræm's Sword of Destiny.

They make good use of the Ancestor’s technology, but prefer to use their hands, not their brains. The Ancestors taught them how to use the earth and its products. In this way they are similar to The Last , but they use Gaia's bountiful resources at no detriment to the greater good of all living things.

They speak their own language that is called Ddwyrthen. Many can speak other tongues such as Eleventh, and Second. They have little understanding of the language of the Ancestors, but several have a high proficiency in other tongues, especially those of the Last.

Ferocious in battle and given to 'berserker', or 'The Red Mist' as they call it. They are also fierce social companions, enjoying all of the entertainments life has to offer. Warriors (can be either sex) carry Bloodaxes, stout broadswords, and many other implements of decapitation and bodily destruction. The Seventh love hand-to-hand combat and even young children wield large double headed axes - their favourite weapon.

It is difficult to tell men from women, except for the fact that women tend not to grow full beards.

Society and Family
The Ddwyrth are a patriarchal society, but one where females often act like males, sometimes in competition, but usually working along side one another. Marriage is uncommon, except for specific clans and Royalty, where continuing a direct line is important. These houses excepted, the common Ddwyrth usually forms a common law partnership, which may last a lifetime, but more usually, for a few years only. This in part, may be because for every three females born, there are only two males.

It would be wrong to label them polygamous, but should be viewed more in terms of 'open marriage', not sexual excess. However, caring for family is a central theme of their culture. Society also looks after all, so food, shelter, and clothing, are never in want; village, clan, and town councils ensure all are well looked after.

Due to high infant mortality at birth, children are highly prized, which further explains their procreational arrangements, which Jack and Matron are drastically reducing with an offshoot Ddwyrthen hospital.

Image: Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge  

Ælthrelntheine and the Eleventh have a long-standing bond with the Seventh. Whenever there is need, be it for work or battle, the two tribes always stand together, regardless of risk.

One reason for this goes all the way back to creation, when the Eleventh assisted the Ancestors in creating both the Seventh and the Second.

Image: Kay - Click to enlarge  

Kay, for reasons not revealed in the books, knows the Ddwyrth extremely well, and Owain especially. The reason is that during her time at Universities of the last, and especially in Blighty, she became more of a rebel.

Later she was sent as envoy to the Seventh, where she fitted in perfectly, and drank with Owain, beer for beer. By return, Owain became deeply impressed with Kay.


Ddwyrth: Pronounced:


The Seventh live in verdant lands under what appears to be a mountain range, west of Lake Baikal, near the city of Kyzyl, in Russian Siberia. Map Ref:

Like most of the more advanced Tribes, they use their shield to hide their large and rich lands from prying eyes, which to outsiders and modern satellites, looks like snowy mountain waste.


Image: Aroweena, the Keeper of Hearts - Click to enlarge

Owain's first child, Aroweena, has risen to her rank through skill and dedication, not nepotism.

She is known as The Keeper of Hearts, because she eats her enemy's hearts.


Image: Llwydd The Bold - Click to enlarge

Llwydd The Bold, First Warrior of the Seventh, comes from a clan of military Ddwyrth who excel in battle.

Noteable Ddwyrth

Owain a’y Brenin – The King of the Ddwyrth (Brenin is his title, meaning King [From the Welsh]).

Aroweena the Keeper of Hearts – A female and Second Warrior of the Ddwyrth.

Llwydd the Bold – First Warrior of the Ddwyrth.

Brynllyn, the master forger of the Seventh millennia ago.

a’Wnaed – Mage of the Seventh who helped forge the Sword of Destiny.

Notable Forefather:
Boërwulf – Ancient King of the Ddwyrth.


The Ring of Steadfastness
The Ddwyrth bring balance and equilibrium to the other races they meet, because they are firmly rooted in the daily reality of life.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image
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