Tribal Data

• Life span: 60
• Height: 5’ 8”
• Body Type: muscular, similar to the Last
• Eyes: Brown.
• Hair: Long, rough-cut, and shades of brown.
• Heart: On the left.


• Food:
Omnivores who eat whatever they can find. Most food is cooked over open fires.
• Drink:
Water and fruit juices; beer, cider, and spirits.

Traditional Dress

• Loincloth and stolen clothes of the Last. Furs.
• Thick, waterproof boots made from animal skins.
• Full, animal skin headdress, it is cold where they live.


They wear a little jewellery, most is composed of teeth and bones of animals they have killed.

They also prize colourful stones, or unusual rocks, which can be worn as pendants and bracelets.


• Spear with sharp tip.
• Long stone dagger.
• Bow and arrows.

They also make use of nets and snares for catching smaller prey and birds. Larger animals are separated from the herd and surrounded.

Notable Eighth

Keos - King of the Eighth
Mentor - Sage

The Twelve Tribes

Feature: The Eighth


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The Eighth or homo heidelbergensis


The Eighth are homo sapien heidelbergensis

The Eighth were created by the Eighth Ancestor, Kurnar, who gifted them his skills of climate control and adaptability.

The homelands of the Eighth are in western Siberia, where they continue to survive by avoiding all contact with outsiders. This is due to the ever searching eyes of the Great Ogre, who is determined to exterminate them.

Domestic arrangements
The Eighth live in scattered village communities numbering up to five hundred. Their population is less than three thousand, but they endure.

Because of the Ogres, they often live under the cover of trees, or deep inside caves, which are often interlinked, with an alternative exit.

Theirs is a patriarchal society, and only men can be rulers of the Tribe. Women join men to forage and hunt, but are otherwise tied to the home and rearing the young; their prized resource.


Keos, King of the Eighth
Image: King Keos of the Eighth - Click to enlarge

They often marry close relatives. But due to high male attrition, usually because of Ogre attacks, a man may have several wives, if only because there are not enough men to go round. Otherwise, they are mainly monogamous.

They lost their Ancestral technology during the ice age, when all people fled south to escape the advancing glaciers. The rough location is known by the sage Mentor, but without specific co-ordinates, searches have always proved fruitless.

Otherwise, they command fire, the wheel, but live a mainly stone age lifestyle. Their most advanced weapon is a form of bow and arrows, but usually stone knives are preferred. They use dogs to herd semi-domesticated reindeer, of which some are used as pack animals, or for food and clothing. Yaks are known to them also, but rare.

Neighth, a little Ancestor and Russian. Neighth is a language spoken by both the Eighth and Ninth, although each has their own strong dialect.

After the defeat of the Great Ogre, Jack, with assistance from the Core, were able to pinpoint the Ancestral home of the Eighth, which turned out to be farther south and west than they envisaged. Returning to the lands of their forefathers, they created a new capital city for their Tribe, and with the Great Ogre dead, prospered.


The Ring of Climes.



The Eighth roam a large area of central Siberia. Their lands lie north of the city of Baykit, Evenkiyskiy District, Russia. Map ref:

The Ninth are generally north of them, and the Ddwyrth due south.


Image: Hogar, King of the Sixth - Click to enlarge

The King of the Sixth was working with Ælthrelntheine; he was determined to track down the Ninth.

They were making a grid search of their last known whereabouts, working south. Hogar spotted signs of recent human activity; ones only a scout would see as clues.

They transported and made contact with the Eighth, Gangling actin as translator.

Scientific reconstruction of homo heidelbergensis

Image: homo heidelbergensis - Click to enlarge

Image reproduced courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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