Tribal Data

• Life span: 80
• Height: 6’ 9”
• Body Type: Tall and powerful, they are quite muscular due to their chosen lifestyle.
• Eyes: Brown.
• Hair: Black, brown, and cream are common; and they are the only Tribe to have abundant body hair.
• Heart: On the left.


• Food:
Omnivores who eat anything - cooked or uncooked.
• Drink:
Due to their nomadic lifestyle, they drink whatever they can, usually water, or fruits high in liquid. They enjoy alcohol, but seldom have the chance to indulge.

Traditional Dress

Furs and hides + some 'borrowed' human clothing, especially boots.


Artisan pendants and rings, bracelets, but not garish, and usually simple.


• Weapons of the Last and other Tribes.
• Dagger.
• Tomahawk.
• Bow and arrows.

Keeping Their Distance

The Sixth are the only independent Tribe not to send a delegation to the Island. Their lifestyle is to roam freely.

However, Hogar and others do visit with regularity, and after the Ogre threat is vanquished, John is allowed to send observers to certain clans.

This in turn leads to further cultural exchange, and as mutual knowledge grows, so does acceptance and friendship.

The Twelve Tribes

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The Sixth - Cro Magnon


The Sixth are Cro Magnon, known around the World as: Yeti, Bigfoot, or Sésquac.

The Sixth represent the defining of the final prototype of the Tribes. Technically these people are the first homo sapien sapien, but in a very raw form. The Sixth Ancestor, Enok, created them, with help from the other Ancestors, but not the other tribes. The Ancestors were closing on their goal of creating human kind in their own image, and in a form highly adapted to life on planet Earth.

The Sixth represent the earliest form of homo sapien sapien. They are classified as Cro-Magnon, but are an elusive and distrusting race. Their survival strategy against the Great Ogre was to separate, live singularly, or in small family groups.

Their social patterns are similar to bears, the lonesome male, and the female bearing young until they are kicked out of the nest, males especially; adolescent females helping to raise the newborn. In the archaeological record they are

Image: Hogar, King of the Sixth - Click to enlarge

seldom represented, although some remains have been found in Himalayan glaciers, and wrongly classified as 'proto-humanoid'.

Home world:
Hogar and their transporter are based within a valley, hidden deep within impenetrable mountains of Siberia, but relatively near the western Mongolian border. His 'palace' is a cave complex that looks like rock from the outside. It is accessed like similar obfuscations, with his ring of power, which locks with a motif. The valley is shielded, providing a safe haven for the Sixth, one free of outside interference.

The homeland is sometimes viewed as a trap of duty by Hogar, whose inherent wanderlust makes him wish to ramble wherever free will takes him. Not so with his Tribe, who are known all over the globe. The Sixth are spread out and live in small family groups; although mature males are often found on their own and separate from females and young.

They reproduce easily and successfully, but rear young with with difficulty, mainly due to: climate, disease, and interference from the Last.

These nomadic people seldom visit their home world, but do join together for major celebrations. They live in secluded areas of the world to avoid discovery by the Ogres; and also humans. Hogar knows of their major stronghold regions, and visits different clans infrequently, but often enough to reinforce his Kingship. This also allows him to keep tabs on what other branches of his Tribe are up to, and encourage them to bait the Last, one of their favourite games.

The Sixth like to play hide-and-seek with The Last, and always win, occasionally dressing up in crazy costumes for amusement, once caught on camera as a Gorilla; they have an unusual sense of humour. They live elusive lifestyles, and despite their size, are extremely difficult for the Last to find, let alone confirm their existence. Sometimes they steal food or clothing, or whatever they lack, but this should be regarded as means of survival, not theft.

In pre-history, The Sixth shared areas of the world with newer Tribes: the Seventh, Second, and Last. They found their cousins to be threatening, often warlike, and shied away from contact.

Myriad æons of distrust are difficult for the Sixth to dismiss; but they do. Meeting King Keos of the Eighth, and being rescued, along with the Ninth, sway Hogar to be more open and sharing; a major change of lifestyle and inherent belief for the Sixth.

Gradually, and with mixed feelings, the Sixth rejoin the Twelve Tribes, in time, becoming more open and trusting, but never entirely; that is until years later, and Hollybrand becomes King.



The Sixth roam all areas of the Earth, and appear as diverse as the Last.

Hogar and their transporter are located inside a cave near the western Mongolia/Siberia boundary.

The Ring of Adventure

The power of the Sixth is commonly known as The Crystal Ring, and is worn by Hogar.

The homeland's of the Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth, are geographically related. So are those of the warlike Seventh, whom all hid from.

However, the other three Tribes came into occasional contact with one another.

Related Characters


Image: Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge

Determined to reunite all Twelve Tribes, she becomes the main contact with Hogar and the Sixth.

With the aid of Elven technology, they work together to track down the Eighth and Ninth.

Image: Kay - Click to enlarge


The Sixth never had full use of their transporter, having lost vital information in ages passed.

When Hollybrand and Kay are searching for Hogar, he realises the machine is also restricted, something Ælkræleinnoire returns to full, if still limited power.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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