Tribal Data

• Life span: 60.
• Height: 3’ 6”.
• Body Type: Small, similar to the Last.
• Eyes: Green, sometimes blue.
• Hair: Long, rough-cut, and mostly red or ginger.
• Powers:
The Ring of Curiosity.
• Heart: On the left.


• Food:
Omnivores who eat whatever they can find. Most food is cooked over open fires.
• Drink:
Water and fruit juices; beer, mead, and whisky. 

Traditional Dress

• Emerald green tunic and trousers.
• Long black boots with silver buckles.
• Belt with silver buckle.
• Green cap with insignia.
• Ceremonial black leather pouch.


The Fourth wear a lot of jewellery, and prize gold highly. Both male and female have pierced ears and wear earrings, usually sporting a gemstone, unusual rock, or shamrock.


• Spear with sharp tip.
• Stiletto or short dagger.
• Bow and arrows.

They also make use of their hands, and tools such as fishhooks, lock picks, pry bars, or a length of string for obtaining objects.

The Twelve Tribes

Feature: The Fourth


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The Fourth or Leprechauns


The Fourth are homo sapien floresiensis

The Fourth Ancestor, Jem, was responsible for steering development of this Tribe. Like the Fifth, they were designed with a specific purpose in mind, this time to establish the pro’s and con’s of creating a diminutive Tribe.

Nevertheless, they are based upon the same developmental Cro Magnon template of their predecessors.

Ancestor Jem loved to laugh, play pranks, and have fun. She passed this trait on the to Fourth, and with genetics being a slightly imprecise science, even to the Ancestors, her gifted genes had a larger than expected effect. She created a mischievous race, akin to Leprechauns of Irish mythological origin.

Main Characters:
(These names are Gaelic names)
Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin - Red King of the Fourth
Prince Cayden - meaning: spirit of battle.
Princess Cayleigh - meaning party, and his sister.

Notable forefather:


Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin, Red King of the Fourth
Image: Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin, Red King of the Fourth - Click to enlarge

So named because of his red hair and beard.

Fionn mac Cumhaill [mythical Irish Giant, referenced Wikipedia].

Scientific Record
The Fourth lived alongside other homo sapiens between 100,000 to 12,000 years ago, coming into contact with Neanderthals, homo sapien sapien, and latterly, homo sapien erectus, as their Tribe gradually drifted southeast across Europe and Asia.

They were last known on Flores Island in Indonesia, and were thought to have become extinct along with the with the Stegodon, a sort of elephant. However, reports by local tribes and Portuguese explorers, led others to suspect they may have held out until the last few hundred years.

Being a Tribe of few in number, their social system is somewhat bizarre; the only emphasis is placed on reproduction. To this end, the clan behaves like an open marriage, with sexual liaisons completed regularly with interchangeable partners. Both male and female freely exchange partners according to their whim or wont of the moment. Jealousy is unknown, and regards the points made in Book Three, no man or woman claims ownership of the other.

Flings and affairs also develop between villagers from different clans, and their apparent promiscuity appears available to all the Tribe; like some species of monkeys, from puberty, or before, all focus remains upon creating the next generation.

They reproduce successfully, but infant mortality is high, mainly due to: climate, disease, and interference from the Last. They suffer more infant deaths than any other Tribe, something Jack and Kay, with the help of Matron, seek to change.



Ancient Celtic Europe.

Current location:
Flores Island, Indonesia, and nearby mainland Asia.

Like Magpies

The Fourth are like Magpies, always on the lookout for colourful, bright, interesting, or unusual trinkets.

They have a habit of ‘finding' or 'borrowing' things’. However, they don't place monetary value on what they 'find', but treasure the items for aesthetic value and artistic ingenuity or skill.


One of the things about the Fourth, implied,but never mentioned in the books directly, is that they are very agile and quick; just like small children perhaps.

Light of finger, and quick as greased-lightning they, at times, can be difficult to keep track of. This was their skill that undid the Great Ogre in Berlin; coupled with 'Oirish' blarney, and acting as fools.


They speak their own language, an ancient form of Gaelic, plus modern human dialects similar to modern Irish and English.


Those few with return bracelets can use their limited powers transporter.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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