Tribal Data

• Life span: up to 180
• Height: up to 8'
• Skin: Green.
• Body Type: rotund, robust, and powerful.
• Eyes: Brown.
• Hair: None on their heads, sparse brown body hair.
• Heart: On the right.


• Food: Trolls are omnivores, and eat virtually anything, but unlike the Ogres, they do not like carrion.

• Drink: Spirits, beer, fruit juices, and water.

Other Information

The trolls wear clothes stitched together from fabric thrown away.

Females have learned how to make these into tops and shorts, and they also knit and crotchet

Trolls do not know of jewellery, but have developed a form of tattoo that is related to family and clan.

Neither were Trolls allowed weapons, and those in the wild fashioned stone-age implements and weapons.


Image: John, Chancellor of the Island University - Click to enlarge

After liberation of the New Tenth, John is tasked with creating a basic set of laws, called: The Commandments of the Great Troll.

These are of simple nature, but he questions his beliefs, when including their funerary rights; as a Christian, it goes against his beliefs.


John's dilemma above, echoes the more fundamental questions posed by the trilogy; does he have the right to nay-say one of their most revered customs, simply because he does not agree with it?

After due discussion with Jack and others, the Commandment stands as is, because to refuse it makes the Trolls slaves once more, if only to another doctrine, and creates future enemies.


Jack and Kay create Rings of Power for Volkar and Stoltvar, enabling the two to use the ancestors device. The rings are of limited power, but allow them to transport and set shield intensity.

The Twelve Tribes

Feature: The New Tenth


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The New Tenth, Trolls, or Thräœll



The Trolls call themselves The Thräœll. This word is virtually impossible for most other Tribes to pronounce , so they are only referred to as The Troll, or Trolls.

The Trolls were created by the current Great Ogre as slaves, and although given minds of their own, they were treated inhumanely, regularly beaten, and often denied food. In many ways they were viewed as beasts of burden.

Over time, some were discarded as too old or damaged to be useful, whilst others were left behind on hunting or food gathering trips, and forgotten about. The Ogres considered them as tools, and otherwise irrelevant. Some survived, and in time made small villages where they tried to exist. They needed food and resources, and with the Ogres to the west, they moved east.

In time, the Ogres also expanded east, searching for raw materials and new hunting grounds. Scouts discovered several Trollian villages, and in due course, that occupied by Volkar and Stoltvar. They were the equivalent of mid teenage back then, and being fit, were taken as slaves, along with younger men. The old and the young were killed, the younger women, used and abused, before being executed.

Notable Trolls
Volkar and Stoltvar – the two Trolls who guided the Allies into Berlin. Later Volkar becomes Leader of the trolls, and Stoltvar becomes deputy leader

Naming Convention
Note: All male Troll names end in ar. Female names end in eur. They have 2 syllables.

The Ring of the New Tenth, created by Jack and Kay. This ring initially has little power, other than to adjust shields and transport limited numbers. In time, the powers are increased, but only as much as needs be.

They speak their own language and Ogre. Over decades, the next generation learns English and Ancestor, and other languages also.

Funerary Rights
Both the Ogres and Trolls eat their dead. To the Trolls, this represents the ultimate form of respect. They believe that when a family member dies, their spirit stays with the body and will be consumed by evil spirits that lurk within the earth if buried, but that fire can cleanse a body of harmful influences, and purify the spirit within.

When a body is pronounced dead, they cleanse it, including internal organs, of all evil, including the gut, discarding the contents thereof. The deceased is marinated externally, and internally with special herbs and spices. The carcass is set on a special cooking altar and bestowed with gifts, keepsakes, and flowers.

The cooking temperature is critical, because it must cleanse the spirit without consuming it in the flames. Once the body has been cooked properly, it is offered to the family, in order of age first, and then extended relationship. The greater a person’s worth, so the more Trolls accept the honour of eating this blessed flesh. They even cook the bones into a soup afterwards, they consider it a life-giving tonic, and hence no remains can be found in the fossil record.

By eating the person, the acceptor takes into their own being, the purified essence, the spirit of a dearly loved person of greatest esteem and importance to them. Through consuming this, they themselves move to a higher plain and can become more enlightened.

Trollian Society
Before they were given freedom by Owain, leading the Allied troops, most Trolls had no concept of freedom; they were slaves. They worked in heavy industrial factories, and were beaten ruthlessly for the slightest error, or sometime, just because the Ogre in charge felt like it.

Their homes were made of rubbish, scrap materials discarded by the Ogres. This is described in Book Two, where Jack and Owain, their party, visit the shanty town of the workers in Olde Prussia.It is a desperate place. They immediately call Da Phai Nai to feed the Trolls, and later, not mentioned in the text, assist with building better dwellings. A group of helpers assist the Trolls become a nation, showing them building techniques, and how to fashion tools using the Ogre factories.

Trollian women do the same work as men, and are also beaten, and sometimes raped. Most young girls lose their virginity to Ogre gang-rape, and often this is their first day at work; a sick induction ritual. Afterwards they are often beaten for not completing the day's work.

Perhaps fortunately, births of crossbreeds are rare, and when they happen, these are treated in even worse ways, most ending up as dinner. Conversely, the Trolls can reproduce easily, and regularly do. Some of their babies are culled and served at Ogre feasts. Otherwise, most grow to early adolescence before beginning work.

Trollian Perception
The Trolls see the world as an automaton would do, a robot that does exactly what it is told. With no idea of freedom, emancipation comes as a great shock to their nation.

What is remarkable, is that for all their hostility, the Ogres did not destroy the unique essence of their creations; to make them pliable slaves, they had to imbue the Troll with fear. This they did by allowing them emotions, an alien concept to most Ogres.

After their emancipation, the Trolls were given Tribal status as The New Tenth, so as to distinguish them from the Ogres. The release of æons of servitude was palpable, and for the very first time in their entire history, they were allowed to be 'themselves'. The mood and the moment was captured when Volkar and Stoltvar were brought to sit and share table with the other leaders of the Allied Tribes.

A riotous frenzy followed the feast, where dancers and singers released their joy of at last being free. They did not understand what it meant, but celebrated with gusto.




The New Tenth make the old Ogre city in Olde Prussia their new capital, and are taught how to use the Ancestor's technology.

The co-ordinates are ill-defined, but the location is nowadays in western Belarus, close to Lithuania and Poland.


Image: Llwydd The Bold - Click to enlarge

Once their Ogre masters were slain, Llwydd guarded the Trolls when released, but reported that they were harmless, and keeping them as prisoners was pointless.

He subsequently released them, allowing them to live their lives unchained.

Ogre Humanity

It is revealed, that when the Ogres found Volkar's village, the Trolls realised the danger, laid down their primitive hunting weapons, and bowed.

Regardless, most were executed. Any that begged for life, were tortured before the release of death. Only those worthy of being slaves were kept alive.


Image: Volkar, President of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge

Representing the Trolls, Volkar grows into leadership of his people.


Image: Stoltvar, Deputy leader of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge

Deputy leader of the New Tenth or Trolls.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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