Tribal Data

• Life span: up to 200
• Height: 7'+, and women are taller than the men.
• Body Type: Thin, slight, extremely agile, and very fast. They float with grace.
• Eyes: Mainly blue, but some, including the Royal line, have green eyes. Both types are flecked with gold.
• Ears: Pointed at the top.
• Hair: Long blonde hair.
• Heart: On the right.


• Food: Theoretically omnivores they seldom eat mammals, preferring fruit, nuts, berries, and cereals. They use cooked roots and legumes mainly as tonics, although some are added to broth, which they enjoy communally at festivals.

• Drink: Fresh flowing water, herbal tea, and natural fruit juices.

Traditional Dress

The women tend to favour flowing robes and dresses, the finest being made from gossamer. However, some wear more casual, modern style clothing such as worn by the Last.

Men wear shirts, tunic vests, and trousers. For official occasions they wear robes.


They wear a full range of finely crafted jewellery, their rulers wearing a golden torc around their necks.


Finely crafted swords, and longbows are their main weapons, although many carry additional short-swords and daggers in battle. They also have Ancestral weapons and protective shields.


They speak their own language which is called Elvenhua, although some learned ones can speak a the language of the Ancestors.

Unfortunately, but few understand the deeper meanings, and it has generally fallen into disuse.

Telepathy is an important part of everyday life, an ability they share with the Twelfth, and enlightened other individuals.

Earth Power

This refers to naturally occurring up thrusts of power, such are used by Magus when creating seemingly magical weapons. They are not magical, but attuned to Earth Power.

Some locations have strong earth power, such as Elvenholme and Mount Kailash.

This has been referenced in pseudo-science in ways such as the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid System; but is a real phenomena the Eleventh use often.

On the Island of the Second, major power centres are the Temple of the old religion at the old capital, and the Sentry Rock of the village on the shore.

The Twelve Tribes

Feature: The Eleventh


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The Eleventh or Elves



The Eleventh were the second Tribe, created by Eljo, the Eleventh Ancestor. She bestowed on them a love of nature, scenic beauty, and the arts.

They consider the term ‘elf’ to be disrespectful.

The Ring of the Protector, gifted to the first High Queen, with a sworn duty of protection of all the Tribes, currently worn by Ælthrelntheine.

The Eleventh are the protectors of the Twelve Tribes, and of Gaia. They take this role seriously, by both protecting the innocent and persecuting the wicked.

They believe it is their duty to come to the aid of any Tribe in difficulty. In this capacity they rallied the Ddwyrth to join their armies to protect the Second from Theodosius Quinn, and later, the Great Ogre.

The Eleventh worked with the Ancestors to create the Seventh and the Second.


Image: Queen Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge
Ælthrelntheine is Queen of the Eleventh,
High Lord Protector of Gaia.

The Community of Mage's
Led by the Magus Elder, they were originally masters of magic, and made runed swords and other objects of power, which were often smithied by the Seventh. Like the Druids, they were also students of the sciences, philosophy, and sorcery.

These skills have largely been lost over recent millennia; as a race they sought enlightenment instead. To this end the Eleventh have been searching for the Tablet of Enlightenment. More recently, this came to a head when a disagreement flared between Ælthrelntheine's father and King, and the then Magus Elder. This resulted in the Community of Mage's being banished, perhaps because the Magus Elder Elect was the father of his first grandchild, Kay.

Homeland: Elvenholme
The Eleventh live in nature’s centre of power for the female flow, Elvenholme, which occupies a large area of impassable, mountainous country not unlike the caldera where the Second live. Beneath the shield lie lush valleys and dense vegetation. Working with nature, the Eleventh have created a scenic homeland filled with verdant vegetation, abundant life, and natural beauty. Birds sing and the air is filled with the delicate fragrances of flowers, wafted on a summer's warm breeze.

Their buildings are creations of fantasy, where tall towered and crenellated castles merge with the surrounding escarpments. The vista is enhanced by curious buildings, often stone houses with thatched rooves, and gardens that are a crazy confusion of complimentary planting, intersected by streams.

The main city is Romanesque, featuring stone columns and imposing, Greco like buildings. The One Tree stands central; nearby an open air forum, with senate set behind. The library is conjured from the inside of a growing, and very large tree. Many live in arboreal homes. The Palace stands in large grounds, set to one side of the forum, where a stream flows through the heart of the city.

The seat of power is the Temple of the Moon, located within and beneath the Palace, and is the centre of female power on Gaia. The modern Temple of the Moon, located in Peru, is simply a distraction to stop outsiders looking for the Eleventh. This seat of earth power predates later native American ones by millennia.

Power flows for 1,000 years in this location as the female power has dominance, and for the next 1, 000 years at the home of the Twelfth in the high Himalayas where the male presides. However, both cycles are again split into equal cycles of 500 years of male or female priority - and in 2010 when the trilogy begins, the female priority has root in the land of the Eleventh.

The Ancestors taught them many things about their ancient technology, and research is ongoing, the Eleventh being the most technologically gifted of all the Tribes.

Society and Family
The Eleventh are an uniarchial society, neither male nor female takes precedence, except by their perceived worth. This leads to a conundrum, because one of their highest reverences is childbirth, giving the female of the species a definite advantage.

Elven rulers are always elected by the High Elven Council, and sit as the head of that group. The sex and lineage of the Ruler Elect is unimportant, supposedly, but the current Royal house has ruled for millennia.

They have extremely good eyesight, more attune to that of a hawk, and can also see extremely well in the dark.

The Eleventh are not especially strong, but are exceedingly quick, moving with alarming speed when pressed, especially in battle.

Whilst they can reproduce fairly easily, they tend to have few children, and consider sex and raising children as being a duty, not a pleasure.

They are naturally attuned to nature and love animals and plants. They also like to be in beautiful scenic places, and craft their environment to their liking of nature.

The Eleventh seldom marry, and while they are proud of their family heritage, they are as closely integrated to social society as their kith and kin. Children are often reared by grandmothers, and leave their mothers young to make their own way in life.

The Eleventh are unknown in the paleontological fossil record, because of their funerary rites, as no remains exist outside of Elvenholme.

The One Tree
So named because there is only ever one of its kind. The Eleventh are caretakers of The One Tree, which is the symbol of their nation. Readers may spot the connection, because the same Tree is also the symbol of the Deru-weid, or Druid. What can be revealed here, is the tree only produces one seed, a nut that is similar to an acorn. The seed cannot grow until the old tree dies.

The tree is hermaphroditic, displaying both male and female with both aspects necessary for fertilisation. This has led many learned people to consider the tree as being two trees growing together as one. Is the Maori double bone twist a representation of this?

Modern religions pay allegory to The One Tree, which is alluded to in the Garden of Eden. Two notable trees grew there: the Tree of Everlasting Life, and the Tree of Knowledge of Everything (Good and Bad). Sometimes these two trees are viewed to be only one tree, which are explained by various religions, and the Kabbalah is also related. So, the question is, are these modern religious theologies, allegories for The One Tree?



The Eleventh live under a false mountain, their shield looks like rock, and the outside can be climbed.

They are juxtaposition of the Peru/Bolivia border, near Lake Titicaca, where the original Temple of The Moon is hidden securely.

Notable Eleventh

• High Queen Ælthrelntheine.
• Ælkræleinnoire AKA: Kay
• Angkrelguer – The Elven Prince and son of the Queen.
• Ælfreisia – the Elf Queen’s sister
• Alkrengrenguer the leader of the ancient sciences of metallurgy and spells. He cast Kay's sword of office, the Sword of Deception.

Earth Power

The Eleventh live at the world centre of Female power, the Giant's homeland in the Himalayas being the Male centre.

Both Tribes take great interest in Earth Power, and use it to benefit Gaia, and all living things.


Image: Kay - Click to enlarge

Kay, is the eldest child of Ælthrelntheine, and Queen of the Eleventh Elect.

Kay, unlike any other Elf, has black hair and white eyes, except for the first ever Elf Queen, and Oma.


The first ever ruler of the Eleventh was created in Oma's image, and she had black hair and white eyes.

Her genes were designed to lay dormant for æons, before manifesting once more when Kay was conceived.

Powers of The Shaman

Image: The Shaman - Click to enlarge

Why did the Shaman give Jack the seed of The One Tree, along with a riddle?

Had she already foreseen the demise of The One Tree?

The Ddwyrth

Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge

The Seventh are the staunchest allies of the Eleventh, unwaveringly answering the call to battle, regardless of risk.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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