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Kay, unlike most other Eleventh, is not searching for the Tablet of Enlightenment. She shares this view with her father, the Magus Elder.

This was one of many things they discussed when meeting clandestinely.

Rambling Longshanks

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The King of the Twelfth is also skeptical about the Tablet's true worth.

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Interesting Snippets: The Tablet of Enlightenment


The Tablet of Enlightenment

The Tablet of Enlightenment is a rectangular stone with runic writing on it. It tells of the steps that must be completed to gain enlightenment.

The Tablet exists, but many of the Eleventh search for it. However, some view it not as a Dao [Mandarin: Tao] or Path, but a distraction. That is to say, its existence is not a red-herring, but its usefulness may well be. This was explained in a conversation Kay had with Rambling, both of them skeptics.Book 2, Chapter 13, The Whispering Wind

After Ælfreisia departed, Ælkræleinnoire was elusive. She was long withdrawn, her head in a cosmic world. Elucidating after completing her thoughts, she offered with a sweep of her hand; “With the return of the Twelfth, she is up to something. Please know she is not evil, but a true supporter of all our causes. It’s just that she, like many of my kind, is seeking an impossible grail.”

Rambling agreed at once, and confided, “There is a game being played here by some factions of the Eleventh, which we should monitor.”

Ælkræleinnoire was nonplussed, unfazed by his comment and replied languidly, “That would be them, the so-called learned of our society, seeking the Tablet of Enlightenment, which is not here.”

The statement piqued Rambling’s curiosity, and he enquired, “You know where it is?”

She stopped momentarily to look at him, lock his eyes to her own, and uttered sincerely; “No. But I have an idea how to find it.”

For the others at the table, she looked up and added, “It is an ancient stone; one rumoured to explain the steps to enlightenment. Nonetheless, it is also written that, within the true heart of every creature, the kernel of revelation resides—would we but acknowledge it. Many of the Eleventh have dedicated their lives, their entire existence even, to its discovery. I consider it a ploy; one a parent may play on an inquisitive child. The truth will out, but from within, in this instance.”

This is brought directly into focus when Ræm becomes a semi-enlightened being, following her apprenticeship with the Shaman. A different route is taken by Kay, and to a lesser degree, Jack; the former finding her unique spark of life and protecting it. Jack glimpses his, but is not as advanced.

It will be for the second trilogy to reveal whether the Tablet of Enlightenment still exists, and whom else becomes Enlightened.


The Giants

The Tablet of Enlightenment is thought to be written in Ancestor, but nobody knows for certain.

In fact it is in the Ancestors language, but was not made by them. If not, then whom made it?

The author would necessarily need to be an enlightened person, for how else could they define the steps required.

Elemental Beings

When a seeker attains full enlightenment, they often change state, and become an elemental being.

The Shaman

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An enlightened, and perhaps, elemental being? She created and still has the Tablet, which is used for training.

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