Tribal Data

• Life span: up to 200
• Height: 8' +
• Skin: Grey.
• Body Type: rotund, robust, and powerful.
• Eyes: Brown.
• Hair: None on their heads, sparse grey body hair.
• Ogre blood is slightly caustic.
• Heart: On the right.


The Ogres were designed as warriors, to be hardly; their skin is like animal hide, or light armor, which can be tanned to form a type of leather.

Beneath this hide is a thick layer of fat, which protects them from feeling the cold. This in turn is why they have little need of clothes, except in severe conditions.

The Ogres were also designed not to feel as much pain as other Tribes, so their bodies have fewer and less sensitive nerve endings, especially to their skin.


• Food: Ogres are carnivores and eat both fresh and rotting meat.

• Drink: Spirits, beer, and water.

Traditional Dress

They wear little clothing, and what they do is of military kind, except for furs worn when outside in the snow.


The Tenth have no time for jewellery, but wear trophies of the dead with glee.


The Ogres have a full range of weapons, including Ancestral weapons and shields.

They usually carry broadswords, and have other barbaric, medieval weapons like maces and flails; the Kriegsflegel is very popular, (spiked balls on chains).


They speak their own language, and hardly understand any other except major human languages.

Ordinary Tenth are receptive to telepathic suggestions and orders from their superiors.

The Great Ogre is the exception, being able to overhear some telepathic conversations. He is able to suggest things into the minds of the unwary

The Trolls

Image: Volkar, President of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge

Volkar: Created as slaves and denied free will, the Trolls are emancipated by the Ddwyrth in Book Two.

The Twelve Tribes

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The Tenth or Ogres, & Clones


The Tenth – Ogres, Goblins, and Hobgoblins

The Ogres were created by the Tenth Ancestor, Carro, who being a weapons expert, created them as a fearsome warrior Tribe. They were intended to protect the Ancestors from any threat, but it is thought they turned on their creators, possibly exterminating them.

Many Ogres escaped into the wild, led by The Great Ogre, a monstrous foe intent on enslaving or exterminating all other sentient life. Indications are that they control the Ancestors starship, Captained by the thirteenth member, Oma.

What is known, is that they control Ancestral powers, weapons, and shields, and are experts at DNA manipulation and cloning.


The Great Ogre
Image: The Great Ogre - Click to enlarge

'The Great Ogre' is a title, and may refer to any leader of the Ogres from prehistory. The current Great Ogre is only known by that name, (other Ogres are named, but only to assist the flow of dialogue), and his name strikes fear. The current Great Ogre came to power in the first century A.D., and we learn in Book Three, his predecessor was killed by the Ancestor Obsidian.

The Great Ogre of the text, was not the named successor, but took the throne by killing all rivals. He made a point of showing no mercy to his kin, and became greatly feared throughout Ogredom.

Ogre Society
The Ogres are a manifestly patriarchal society, the females being virtual slaves of their men. Most are used for childbearing, and household duties, although the majority of males live most of their lives away from home, in army barracks. Some of the prettier girls are turned into unpaid whores, and feisty women are trained in the army.

Another group, comprised of the unwanted young, old, and ugly, are used for genetic experiments, often being used to breed clones, or other manifestations of 'humanity'.

Ogre society is brutal, as befits their nature. They are inherent bullies who demand their own way, and squabbles between peers are usually resolved by fighting to the death. Often the victor shrinks the skull and wears it as if a medal, the carcass being barbequed.

Although fear is unknown to them, except for the great Ogre and his generals. They respect authority, and are obedient to those in positions of power; that is, unless they gauge themselves to be stronger and able to win a fight. This is unlikely as leaders tend to be bigger and have enhanced bodies, but when older, challenges to the death will result in the victory taking office, subject to the whim of the Great Ogre.

The Ogres, like their creators, are masters of cloning, gene manipulation, mind-mapping, and DNA manipulation. They taken these sciences to new heights under the present Great Ogre, and have become so expert, they can design people to order, especially soldiers.
· They created the Trolls to be a race of slaves.
· The term Hob Goblin is exclusively used for clones of the Last.
· A Goblin is a clone of any other Tribe.

Theodosius Quinn was a clone, and Lieutenant of the Great Ogre who stole the Ring of the Warrior, and attacked the Island, using the Sar Tan clones as secret agents.

Sar Tan, the old Empress cousin. In Book One, she trained as a Seer, but went missing for several days, and returned having lost the gift of Seeing. Nevertheless, she became the then Empress senior Maid in Waiting, and confidant; whom Sar Tan poisoned with mercury. At the end of Book One, she is revealed to be several clones, who are interrogated, and executed.

Recent History
The Tenth learned from the Ancestors and then began their own gene manipulation program. Their first product was the Trolls, who they designed to be slaves.

Later they became interested in the power and wealth of the Last (Humans) so started a new DNA manipulation program in the middle of the last millennium to both produce and clone humans, and then program them. One of their first successes was Napoleon, followed many years later by Adolf Hitler.

Today they have human looking agents working in all parts of the world, including as Captain's of global industries and those occupying important positions within the machinery of government and security services.

Ancient History
Book Three reveals that during times from, and before, The Deluge (circa 10,000 BC), the Ogres created a network of transporters linking what were in those days, power centres of the Last. This was accomplished with the unwilling assistance of Obsidian, captain of the third spacecraft. He had become as good as a slave to a series of previous Great Ogres.

It is revealed, the Minotaur of Knossus was in fact an Ogre general named Minotaur It becomes clear, the Great Ogre's of the day, were interfering with the development of the Last, causing enmity and wars, and setting factions against one another. Early Egypt and related empires such as the Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians, and others, are discovered to have been drawn into the Ogre plot.

The Tenth are not masters of ancient technology, they simply use it, probably due to the fact few can speak Ancestor. Nevertheless, they are great innovators, taking specific Ancestor technology to greater heights. Their control centres are in their own language, but can be over-ruled in the tongue of the Ancestors when used with Oma's Ring.

Good Versus Evil
The author reveals:

"I wanted to show examples of Good and Evil as Tribes, to reinforce the focus of this trilogy, and Book Three in particular. One may consider the Eleventh or Second to be very Good, and the Last, that is our modern world, to be Bad; at least regards the Seven Virtues. But, even our contemporary world lacks true, utter evil; hence I created the Ogres."

So, the question remains to be answered; are these modern religious theologies, or the ethical examples set to the population by ministers of state, not forgetting parts played by judiciary and law enforcement, morally degrading the entire fabric of our greater society. What if one applied the Virtue of Classical Prudence to our contemporary world, and its leaders?

The Ogres typify a society with no moral or ethical beliefs, much akin to some in the modern world.



Ogredom refers to all lands controlled by the Ogres.

Their original home was in Olde Prussia, a wild area in eastern Poland, near Belarus.

However, when the Ancestors were incarcerated millennia ago, by a previous Great Ogre, they moved to their modern capital, located in bleaker, central Greenland, and thought to be the location of Oma’s spacecraft.

The Tenth built a network of worldwide power centres, many of which are overrun by the Allies in Book Two.

Ring of Power

The ring of the Tenth is known as The Ring of The Warrior; a malevolent ring that becomes one with the wearer.

Theodosius Quinn stole the ring when the Great Ogre was hibernating (being rejuvenated), and lost it to the Second, where it lies hidden.

It is stated that the all rings can be overridden by Oma's ring, and this is true.

In Book Two, Jack discovers he cannot overrule the Ring of the Warrior, which leads to a quandary. Why not?

The answer is revealed; Jack is wearing Taris' Captain's ring, not Oma's.

Sar Tan

Image: Sar Tan - Click to enlarge

Sar Tan is typical of the way Ogres have perfected cloning. In her case, the first clone was sent back to the Island, where she was programmed to cause disruption if the new Guardian appeared.

Of course, the surprise in the Book, is that there is more than one Sar Tan clone, but once understood, it is quite reasonable.


• Most male Ogres love misogynistic sex, and females dread the event. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, it is not unusual for sexual partners to fight to the death. Although males are much stronger and more brutal, females often win by use of subtle trickery.

• The ruling house of The Great Ogre is an exception, he clones, only using females as tissue vendors.

Funerary Rights

Both the Ogres and Trolls, but not other clones, eat their dead. Regards the Ogres, this is a form of nutrition, and their dead are taken to the butcher to be made into food.

The Ogres believe that eating the body of a powerful or intelligent Ogre will bring them the same abilities.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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