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Revels in new understanding, as she begins to understand Ancestral science.

The key for her, was learning the Ancestor's language. Once she became able to read the ships manuals, she quickly absorbed new information, which she melded with her own understanding. She often spoke of her ideas with Kay, and later Ræm.


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Although her role was originally as overseer, Kay learns much from Peni. As the effective second in command, she needs a working knowledge of all ship's systems.

Science and Technology

Science Explained: Spacecraft Technology


Centaurean Technology


This short page lists the currently available science and technology pages, as relate to the Ancestors. These are titles of pages from the main menu, with a little more information; let's begin:

  1. Subatomic Particles is a brief introduction to basic understanding of the sub-nuclear world. The page is designed to provide the reader with basic principles, that explain the science used in subsequent pages of this section. It is brief, and not all-inclusive.
  2. Transporters were the first of the Ancestor's advanced technology created, and most other science is based upon this technology, and their unique understanding of quarks.The underlying science is quite similar, if opposite to engines: They all involve particle transmission.
  3. The Boson Drive for intra-galactic, sub-light, space travel, was invented next. It may be used in short bursts within a solar system.
  4. Infinity Thrusters; what remained missing was the bit in-between: solar system travel. In due course, the Ancestors invented Infinity Thrusters They are used within a solar system, to travel between nearby planets, to achieve stable orbit, planetary atmospheric flight, and landing.
    1. The detachable Command Module, plus any space fighters or Space Hoppers (personnel landing craft), are only equipped with Infinity Thrusters.
    2. They are called Infinity Thrusters because as a group, they can manoeuvre in any three-dimensional direction.
  5. Glass Crystal Memory is a page devoted to the Ancestor's memory devices. These are discovered in Book Three, and eventually unlock the secrets of previous Great Ogres, and the self-martyrdom of Captain Obsidian.
  6. WeaponsSection coming soon, including descriptions of both spacecraft and personnel weapons.
  7. ShieldsSection coming soon, as used on the spacecraft, with transportation circles, and as personnel defence.
  8. CommunicationsSection coming soon, how the Centaureans use neutrinos for information transmission and receipt.

The technology of the Ancestor's was amazing, and much more advanced than that of the Last. Nevertheless, it lagged far behind that of their enemies. The Aleutian-Hallion Alliance in particular, had already mastered travelling faster than light.

The Ancestor's were working to create faster than light spacecraft, but were tied to expanding the known science. They built a prototype 'Super-Carrier ' that boasted nine boson drives, and travelled in excess of four-fifths the speed of light. With their homeworld under dire threat of obliteration, only chosen Centaureans were in the know about the immanent departure of this craft for a planet in the Libra system, Gliese 581e. Nothing is known of what became of them.

Designs were under development, and into prototype production for a thirteen engine'd craft, one that would theoretically equal the speed of light. The consensus of scientific opinion was, that by utilising the the gravitational sling-shot effect of a large star, Alpha Centauri A-B being the favoured option, they could at last travel faster than light. The almost completed prototype was presumed incinerated when Proxima Alpha underwent 'the change' to red dwarf. Countless lives were lost in hope the new Galactic Battlestar would be ready in time. It was not. By then, Oma's forebearers had long since departed.

Please pop back because more pages will be added soon.



Virtually all Centaurean technology is based upon particle transmission, in one form or another.

They first developed Transporter technology, which nearly all of their other advanced science is based upon, although some is reversed in practice.


The Ancestors solved the problem of long distance communications by using neutrinos, which have been proved to travel faster than the speed of light.

As our contemporary science has already demonstrated, neutrinos can be grouped to send simple messages.

The Centaureans took this to a far higher level; but in practice, it was only useful within a solar system.


Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge

Ræm often practiced the Ancestor's language with Peni and Kay, but became deeply interested in learning more about ship sciences.

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