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After coming to the Island, Peni becomes absorbed with the science of the Ancestors.

Unlike most people alive at that time, she understands much of the science, and uses this to confirm or disprove some of her own theories.

She strongly believes it is possible for humans to travel faster than the speed of light, and thinks outside of the 'Ancestor's box'.

In Book Four we discover if she has been successful.


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Kay shadows what Peni is up to, and is always alert to the latest discoveries. Whereas Peni is in the thick of it, Kay takes a more objective view.

Science and Technology

Science Explained: Spacecraft Technology


Boson Drive


The main spaceship has two propulsion systems: The Boson Drive for intra-galactic travel, and Infinity Thrusters are used within a solar system.

This page looks at the Boson Drive, which like most Centaurean science, is based upon transporter technology. The engine may be used in short, sub-second bursts within a solar system, but this is not fuel efficient.

Peni explainedBook Three, Chapter 20, Predefining the Arbitrary
"The fuel is lithium-six [6Li] that is bombarded in first instance by helium-four [4H], creating fusion plasma via nuclear spallation; already providing initial thrust and ships power, but there is more. These elements are both bosons, but the production of 3H, helium three or tritium, a fermion, is what matters.

"A secondary process injects tritium particles into a secondary propulsion chamber, where complex quarks [─13Q] are fired at the soup. Just like in a transporter, these are controlled by singularity crystals; except these are anti-photons. The resultant fusion providing enhanced thrust …and by combining the output of both drives, a seamless flow of regular and stable thrust is produced.

"The duplex fusion reactors thrust against special internal shields at virtual point of source, maximum force to be precise; the unusable reaction residue, plus hazardous and unstable particles exiting via the exhaust pipes. One boson drive can propel this ship at one-tenth the speed of light. That is quick."

The Intra-galactic Boson Drive utilises a nucleonic collider, specifically designed to create bursts of thrust, and separate strongly bound quarks within heavy lithium molecules. Suitable particles are such as the anti-quark group –13Q are processed and queued. Other matter resulting is instantaneously transported to the nuclear fusion reactor, secondary reactor, used to powers ships systems, or is otherwise harnessed in batteries.

A containment shield that utilises electromagnetic field control, allayed to the ship's gravity well, fires the grouped –13Q, targeted by the use of Singularity Crystals, and the resultant nuclear fusion of both primary and secondary fusion reactors is used to propel the spaceship. The secondary fusion reactor modifies the thrust bursts of the primary drive, adding a little extra power, but primarily acts like a damper, to provide stable and continuous thrust.

Because of particle quantity; the boson drive produces intra-galactic leaps of distance, in seconds, and due to transporter-based science, there are no associated gravity forces; the ship and people inside simply changed space-time location.

The force of momentum created; there remained radical particles that needed to be dealt with, many were photons, seen as the 'engine's rear flares'; but others being dangerous to life. These were discharged through the rear release ports that look like giant rocket thrusters, but are in fact exhaust pipes, a safety release mechanism; the thrust has already been applied internally; just like an internal combustion engine.

The exhaust system also includes modules to modify and render harmless the particles released, a bit similar to a series of differing catalytic converters. Some sections create or reclaim useful elements; so just like a modern sewage treatment facility, what comes out of the back is relatively harmless.


Space Travel

The Ancestor's journey to Rhea from Alpha Proxima took just over forty years.

Cryogenic freezing pods were available, and also the latest suspended animation pods; those later developed by the Great Ogre into prison cells.

During flight from one star system to another, two crew would nominally remain on duty.


When the Boson Drive is working, the four exhaust pipes emit a steady stream of used particles. These contain many re-formed photons, which are emitted as white light.

Other, and often hazardous particles, slightly colour this, especially when the engine is shut down.

Speed Limit

In theory, the Boson Drive is capable of speeds approaching that of light.

In practice this is not so, because much of the momentum dissipates into the shield that generates thrust.

Power is also lost to related ship's systems, especially the secondary reactor, reactor containment shields, Singularity Crystals, and providing power for waste retrieval and normal ship operation. Adding a second engine would increase drive by a very small amount.

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