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Work on the associated, and free, online game has begun,February 2016, and will take about one year to complete

Boris and JonnoAuthor John Morris plan three modes: Hidden Object, A bit like Dream ChroniclesAdventureQuest, find clues, solve puzzles; mirrors the books, and Fight modesSomething similar to EBF4 (Epic Battle Fantasy 4); all with optional timer, difficulty levels,  and 'secrets'.

The game will be available here, and on other websites, such as Kongregate.

The Ultimate Question

Origin of Species

The history of the Ancestors is revealed as the trilogy progresses, as are the results of their creations, the Twelve Tribes. One premise of this first Star Gazer trilogy, is to ask the question, "What if?"

•What if humans were not created by God?
•What if humans did not evolve over aeons?
•What if a highly advanced alien race created us?
King of the Ddwyrth
Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge

Is Owain on the Wagon?

Owain was too busy to stay for a beer, has he turned over a new leaf?

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Find out more about the author's other books: urban fiction, thrillers, & dystopia. Learn about current and future projects

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Imagine our modern, contemporary world

One where Giants, Elves, Dwarves, Ogres, and Trolls,

share this Earth we think, only we inhabit.

Follow the hero, Jack, as he comes to terms with being castaway on a South Pacific Island,
and lives with a Tribe of humanity long thought extinct; The Second are not quite human,
but are as close as kissing cousins with homo sapien sapien.

Star Gazer First Trilogy
Is mainly science fantasy, with ancient technology far more advanced than that we know of in 2016. Beginning in August 2010, Jack meets, and later marries one of the Islanders, before war intrudes. They fight an Ogre General, and with the aide of the Elves (Eleventh) and Dwarves (Seventh or Ddwyrth), win.

The focus of Book One remains on The Gatekeeper and The Guardian, while Book Two tackles reuniting The Twelve Tribes; the problem being, The Ogres are determined to exterminate all the other Tribes. Many battles ensue as the book gather pace.

Book Three, The Wrath of Gaia, is a reality check. It begins with modern man instigating a series of events, that lead to awakening primordial forces of Mother Earth: most do not survive. Those that do, begin to question the role of a 'God' in their lives, for in their hour of greatest need, that god was conspicuous only by 'his, her, or its' absence.

Jack and others live to fight another day, and to battle to the death, the Ogre's mutant hordes. When all seems lost, one small girl, the daughter of Jack and Jien Noi, stands alone to face the mighty wrath of The Great Ogre; how could she win?

The trilogy is about 'Humanity'. It reveals characters in their best, and worst moments, and does not quail from offering the reader a surfeit of emotions. Love, joy, and winning, are balanced by suddenness, loss, and death. Each line, each paragraph contains at least one of : ethos, pathos, or logos.

Balance is key. For every loss, there is a birth, for every bad time, there is a good time; but there is more. The author takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride, which again, is balanced by humour. Characters such as Peni and the contrary Da Phai Nai, bring laughter in their wake:

• Extracts of Peni
• Extracts of Da Phai Nai

The books also offer clues easily passed over by the reader, but written in plain view. Their full impact is revealed on this website; related characters being Ræm, the Shaman, and Langnor.

Romance also features, especially where Jack fails to realise Jien Noi is in love with him. Later, he and Kay become very close, but their tentative love is doomed to remain unrequited; unless Jien Noi dies.

Additional Information
This website offers a wealth of extra information about charcters and their history. One of the most important  is Jack's backstory (pdf), which offers many clues of what is to come.

The Missing Chapters were abridged from the original Book One, but offer further insight into Jack's acclimatisation, and adaption to Island life. These ten short chapters finish where the first word of Book One begins; a must read.

In some ways, Ræm is the most important character of the trilogy, but little is revealed about her and her childhood. This is rectified in Ræm's Backstory, an interesting read in it's own right.

Star Gazer is a major new work of Science Fiction and Fantasy set in the real world of today. All information is provided to support the books, and allows the reader to quickly find additional information about their favourite characters and tribes, as well as giving tremendous background information and research references.

This is the official Star Gazer website and all material is copyright © of John Morris, who with Boris Junkovic on graphics, retain all intellectual property rights. No part of this website: text, images, whatever; may be reproduced without express permission.

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Published Books

First Trilogy

Image: Star Gazer Book 1 - The Gatekeeper and The Guardian
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711040
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711071

Image: Star Gazer Book 2 - The Twelve Tribes
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711057
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711088

Image: Star Gazer Book 3 - The Wrath of Gaia
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711064
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711095

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