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Visiting the Troll ghetto:

Chapter 31 ~ Slaves of The Ogre. This chapter examines what it is like to be enslaved to a barbaric monster.

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Book Two - The Twelve Tribes


Book Two, as the title implies, focus' on reuniting the Twelve Tribes of humanity. This is related in the Elven prophesy; all Twelve Tribes must be reunited to save humanity from The Wrath of Gaia.

That the Ogres, the embodiment of utter evil, are one of those Tribes, and are intent on exterminating the other eleven, becomes a problem. Nevertheless, all problems have a solution, but to discover what it was, one would need to read the book.

There is more fighting in this book, than in the other two, as the Great Ogre and the Allied Tribes battle for supremacy, and for life itself.

The Allies are quicker to learn Ancestral science, and apply it to shields, and learn how to interlink shields so one cannot be isolated by another, larger one. The Ogres are more deceptive, and genetically engineer more advanced troops.

Some Tribes are much better at fighting hand to hand, but we learn that all Tribes have skills none other possess. For instance, the cheeky Leprechauns, or Fourth, and no physical match for any enemy, but prove skillful in other ways.


Image: Star Gazer Book 2 - The Twelve Tribes
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711057
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711088


Using guile and sleight of hand, the Fourth dupe the Great Ogre and his servants, obtain a ring of power, that opens one door. This in turn changes certain defeat into victory for the Allies.

The Third also make a difference, discovering their poison tipped blow-pipe darts can sometimes penetrate an Ancestral, personal shield. They almost kill the Great Ogre by this means, but the poison was not enough to down such a huge creature.

The Twelve Tribes, continues the compelling story of Jack's life. The beginning introduces several new characters, most notably Kay, The Dark Elf. She and Jack discover much about the Ancestors, their spacecraft, and the history of all humanity.

We learn the Ancestors created the Twelve Tribes of humanity in their own image, by cloning and manipulating their own DNA, and that of existing proto-human, homo habilis, and creating their first prototype, homo ergaster. They did this because their bodies were not suited to Gaia's, as Earth is called, intense uv radiation, and other phenomena: sunspot radiation, and Gaia's great magnetism.

The history of the Second, as the Islanders are known, and all Tribes, including the Thirteenth Tribe, the Ancestors, are written in an ancient, rune-like script, discovered in many places, but used extensively in The Corridor of Knowledge. This is a depository of knowledge made by Taris, the pilot of the spacecraft that crash-landed on the Island.

To understand the written text, Jack and Kay need to understand the language, and find a training program in the spacecraft. Keen to unravel the secrets of the Ancestors, they both submit their minds to the program, not realising one of them should monitor the other. As a result, they lie comatose for more than five-hundred days, as the entire working knowledge of the Ancestors is downloaded into their brains, which grow in size during the process. They awaken to a world where they are native speakers of Ancestor, or Centaurean, as the language is properly called.

The book completes with several scientists coming to the Island to research the inhabitants, flora, and fauna. One other thing occurs, as as the author is adept, is a plainly written clue of much worse to come. Mossad, and agent clones of the Great Ogre, initiate a cyber attack on the Iranian Bushehr atomic power plant. Many safety systems were out due to tests being run, and the station is badly compromised. Iran retaliates with a nuclear missile strike against Israel, who reply with greater force. This act unleashes, what will become, The Wrath of Gaia.

This book continues the author's trait of filling each line, each paragraph with at least one from: ethos, pathos, or logos, amplified by many emotional, or humorous interludes; a ripping yarn from front to back cover.

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First Trilogy

Image: Star Gazer Book 1 - The Gatekeeper and The Guardian
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711040
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ISBN: (Print) 9781910711064
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