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Bubbles in The Gulf:

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Daughter of Jinnie and Jack, Ræm becomes Empress Elect and future Gatekeeper. But, her destiny lies along the Third and Windy Way.

At the end of Book three, Ræm stands alone to face the might of The Great Ogre. Wielding the Sword of Destiny, she provides the final twist of the main plot:

"I will heal you now, Great Ogre."

The clues to the why of this statement are clearly written in the text, but in such a way as to be passed over by the reader. See if you can find them all.

Oh, and remember Ræm's birthal gifts from the beginning of Book Two; one of them is of paramount importance in this scene.

The Shaman

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As the trilogy progresses, the Shaman becomes increasingly entwined within the plot.

We never learn of which, if any Tribe she comes from, but she lives on the Island of the Second, and plays a very long game related to their benefit.

The Shaman is an enlightened, and perhaps elemental being. Her essential essence can be seen as that of benefactor, protector of the Second, and of Gaia.

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Book Three - The Wrath of Gaia


Book Three completes the first Star Gazer trilogy, and is itself a book of three parts: The Wrath of Gaia, Aftermath where belief in God is questioned, and the final war with the Great Ogre, the embodiment of utter evil in the modern world.

The Wrath of Gaia is an original and highly plausible end of the world scenario. A retaliatory nuclear missile strike on Iran becomes the catalyst that awakens the primordial powers of Gaia, as Mother Earth is known.

The Arabian Plate is destabilised, followed by immense volcanic activity, as the Earth readjusts to balance the upheaval. That not all life is obliterated, is about as good as it gets.

During the aftermath, Mother Earth is assisted to heal by Jack and the team, who also attempt to put the planet back into its correct orbit; so almighty was the final explosion. The Second, Jack, and his team survive, only to face the threat of extinction once more.

Final Wars with The Great Ogre complete the book. The malevolent despot ruler of the Tenth demands all the other Tribes are enslaved to his will, or be exterminated.


Image: Star Gazer Book 3 - The Wrath of Gaia
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711064
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711095


Description (Back Cover / Flyleaf)
Imagine, the world Jack was born into, no longer exists.

Faced with the utter destruction of all life on Earth, can our heroes survive? The Great Ogre continues to wage war with all the other Tribes, confounding chances of survival, when the primordial forces of Mother Earth are unleashed upon a mainly unsuspecting human nature.

In a ripping yarn, The Wrath of Gaia depicts a vision of the end of the world, completely original, entirely believable, and based in geological evidence.

Amid fast-paced, spicy action, survivors struggle with their daily existence, displaying humour, as they are also led to question their deepest beliefs:
• Are religions innately misogynistic?
• What of the balance between Man the hunter, and Woman the creator of life?
• What greater evil, was evoked in the concept of ‘original sin’?
• What is the nature of God—a deity, or was humanity created by an Alien race that came to Earth millions of years ago?

That hypothesis, as presented in this book, is difficult to refute. Humanity has no common antecedent with the Great Apes. Did a race of star faring Ancestors create the missing link—create us? What is the elusive kernel of ‘original truth’ when it comes to our shared Humanity? What ties us together might also wrench us apart.

Once we know where we came from,
Once we know who we are,
How will we discover where we are ultimately going: Star Gazer, Second Trilogy…


The Wrath of Gaia
Book Three begins with the immanent Wrath of Gaia, where the fate of not only homo sapiens, but all life on Earth, hangs by a thread. Several new characters join the plot as the Wrath of Gaia gathers momentum, one of the most important being the independent Mexican volcanologist, José Estaves and his team. He and others not only provide the scientific understanding of events (logos), but also add a little humour     He looked at me, his wide grin prominent, and stated with a knowing look in his eyes, “These people, they are not human, yes?”
     I could not help but smile back at his infectious smirk and replied, “They represent different tribes of humanity. Langnor here belongs to what you would call homo erectus, although we call them the Second.”
     He turned and smiled at my companions, “Two Second, an Elf, and a Dwarf I presume?”
     The Eleventh replied immediately in English, “My name is Ælkræleinnoire, but if you call my people the Eleventh, I will allow you call me Kay, we do not like to be addressed as Elf. To my side stand n’Gnung and Gung Loi of the Second; and this is Aroweena, Second Warrior of the Ddwyrth or Seventh—homo neanderthalensis, and know she is not called The Keeper of Hearts because of her beauty.”
     José took the etiquette lesson in his stride, assisted by Kay's curious smile, and shook everybody's hand like long lost friends. Her interest piqued by his reaction Kay added, “Know that we are currently at war with the Ogres, some of whom were given human form. The five of us standing here together have killed thousands of them between us, and our blood-bond is strong.”
     José removed his glasses and peered up at the Eleventh, “Please know fair Queen of the Eleventh, I am not an Ogre.”

Events centre on the Gulf of Arabia, whose gas and oilfields have an impervious upper layer, or did have. Bubbles are detected rising where none should ever exist, and samples reveal gases associated with volcanology, and others with hydrocarbons. In some locations, they are mixed together. The ground begins to rise throughout the region, indicating extreme and increasing, internal pressure. It is only a matter of time, before something, somewhere, has to give...

After the world's largest oilfield explodes into the stratosphere, Jack and his Allies do what they can to secure the future and survival of humanity. They preserve life and knowledge as best they are able, and slowly start rebuilding.

Their kidnapping of the Pope leads to discovery of The Ark of the Covenant, and The Twelve Commandants of the Ancestors, that predate Moses' version. This in turn leads to the focus of the trilogy: Did God create us, or did an alien race from outer space?

Chapter Seventeen reveals the arguments for and against, inclusive of all religions. It examines ideologies such as worshipping mythical and supposedly omnipotent beings, as characters argue in debate. This is quickly forestalled when 'The Kay', chairing the forum, examines religious issues. She tackles Original Sin, misogynous male leaders of religions, and feminism. We learn why Prudentia is the overriding Virtue. The reader is led inextricably to examine their own beliefs; what if? our species, homo sapien, were created by an alien race, The Ancestors.

Once stated, the plot quickly moves on, and years pass quickly. Some characters die, as others grow to adulthood. Gaia recovers and new growth flourishes; and with humanity, where loss is balanced by birth and marriage, and the Circle of Life repeats with new participants.

The Final Wars
The Great Ogre's has never deviated from his megalomaniac obsession with either totally subjugating, or exterminating the other Tribes. His forces feint attacks, as he enhances and alters his clones to become the ultimate fighting machines. He also alters the minds of captured soldiers and a medic, before returning them as sleeper agents to their last know position.

It would be wrong to give the story away here, but suffice to say, the book and trilogy complete with the children recreating their creators, in their own image.

As this volume unravels, asking, demanding answers to questions that appear impossible to conceive: Can the Great Ogre ever be defeated. Do the Ancestors still exist, and if so, will that answer the questions: "Who are we?", and "Where did 'we' come from?"

It is left for the second trilogy to answer the final question: "Where are we going?"

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