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Jack tries to interest the next generation in the spacecraft. He is not well received, but Ræm deals with the situation.

Jien Noi

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Mother of Ræm, the Empress Elect, Jinnie installs her second daughter, Mai Li as the first ever Queen of Grimwaldi Rinns.


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n'Gnung and Gung Loi have four children, which grow to adulthood by the end of Book Three.


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After dying and being resurrected, Kay becomes aware of how tenuous life can be, she realises she needs to produce the next leader of their people. But whom will she choose as husband and father? The answer is revealed in Book Four.


Feature: The Next Generation at a glance


Book 3 Characters - The Next Generation


As time moves forward in Book Three, so a new generation is born and grows to adulthood. Few are mentioned by name, except for those that will come to the fore in the second trilogy.

Jack and Jinnie's children.

Empress Elect and Trainee Gatekeeper. However, she leads an extraordinary life, becoming the Shaman's Apprentice for seven years, and a semi-enlightened being in the process. Her destiny lies in other realms, although she can Captain the spacecraft as well as Jack.

Second child, named after Jack's father. He is not sure he wants to become Jack's successor, but learns control room operations, and marries Ah-Tien.

Mai Li
Steps up to become the Empress Regent Elect, and next Gatekeeper, due to Ræm being preoccupied. She marries Wong Kai,


Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge Ræm brings the trilogy full circle, when she and Idym, (creator of Eve); name their child Eve Ning.

and becomes the first ever Queen of Grimwaldi Rinns.

Gung Loi and n'Gnung's children

They have four children, one year apart, but only the first two are named. However, the younger siblings follow a similar life path to their older companions.

Zhong Zhi
The eldest child and first born of the next generation, if only by one week from Jason, (technically Ræm, but she is years older). His name is Cantonese, meaning 'central' or 'main' man; it is how Cantonese refer to people as being native Chinese. He marries Ah-Nei, the daughter of Horovitz and Xi Sai.

n'Gnung takes over the duties of the Guardian from Jack, but he still regards Jack as being the Guardian. The unspoken issue is resolved, when Jack nominates his successor as being Zhong Zhi, thus handing the role of Guardian back to the people of Gu Long Dux, Gung Loi's home town.

Ah Tien
Second child, and destined to take over from her mother as main control room operator. She marries Jason. Her name comes from the Cantonese familiar 'Ah' combined with 'Tien', meaning great or grand.

Others of mention.

Ah-Nei [Annie-May]
First child of Horovitz and Xi Sai. Being of mixed lineage, she becomes a part of the unplanned clique these children form. They all live near to each other at the Hamlet in the Valley of Knowledge, and have known each other all their lives. She is destined to take over as leader of Gung Loi's black ops platoons. Her name comes from the familiar contraction 'Ah' plus 'nei', meaning 'you (female)'. 'Nei mei means: full; overflowing; fill; cover; more'. She marries Zhong Zhi.

Wong Kai
Eldest child of Weid Noi and Ali. Weid Noi marries Ali in Book 3, and they have several children, of whom the first, Wong Kai is the only one named. He will become the next Seer; a position usually, but not always held by females. When he comes of age, he marries Mai Li, Jack and Jinnie's younger daughter; the first known marriage of a Gatekeeper and Seer.

His name means: Wong = yellow; Kai = open, begin, commence, like a water spring. The Second are the Yellow People, the name carrying much implied intent. Normally Kai 开 is Mandarin, and Hoi 開 Cantonese. They mean exactly the same. My use of Kai is not Mandarin, but 'toicernwah' (Taishanese), in honour of the belated lead guitarist and singer, Wong Ka Kui of Beyond.

Eve Ning
The daughter of Ræm and Iydm. Her name brings the third book full circle, as regards creation, or re-creation, of humankind in their own image.

Eve obviously parodies the First Woman. Ning is a Cantonese surname, primary meaning: to turn around – peacefully exhorting, like a lemon to the taste buds, turn the screw, flattering, smooth-talking, would rather carry in hand. Composite Cantonese meaning, to take forth into the new day.

References to written Cantonese can be obtained from our good friend Adam Sheik on his website Cantonese Sheik. Meanings of words can be checked in his CantoDict, but remember, these are Jyutping (Hong Kong) dialect, and not Yueping or Mainland Cantonese.


Weid Noi

Image: Weid Noi - Click to enlarge

Marries Ali in Book Three, and their son, Wong Kai, becomes the next Seer.


Image: Horovitz - Click to enlarge

And Xi Sai's first child is Ah-Nei, who marries Zhong Zhi.

First Trilogy

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