Tribal Data

• Life span: 68.
• Height: up to 6’.
• Body Type: Similar variations to the Last
• Eyes: Brown.
• Hair: Long, rough-cut, and shades of brown.
• Heart: On the left.


• Food: Omnivores who eat whatever they can find. Most food is cooked over open fires.
• Drink: Water and fruit juices; primitive light beer.

Traditional Dress

Primitive clothing and sandals made from flax and animal hides.


Worked bone, antler, and shells. Pretty rocks and basic jewellery feature strongly as talismans, especially bracelets.


Spears with stone tips, daggers, bows and arrows.


They speak their own tongue, and Ancestor.


They have lost the use of Ancestral technology, and merely try to survive as small village communities scattered across Asia.


Not related in the text, Jack and Kay track down the location of the Fifth's control room, which is revealed to be near Lake Victoria in Uganda.

The Fifth prefer their current lands, so swap their old control for a new one in Yunnan, China.

The Twelve Tribes

Feature: The Fifth


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The Fifth or homo rhodesiensis


The Fifth are homo sapien rhodesiensis

Thought to have been destroyed by the inhospitable climate changes and homo sapiens between 50,000 and 30,000 years ago. Often found in the fossil record, but classified wrongly as proto-homo sapien or homo erectus because of their use of tools.

The Fifth were a specific experiment aimed at complimenting the Cro Magnon prototype. They were originally from Equatorial Africa, where their resistance to the damage caused by direct sunlight and radiation was the major problem solved by the Fifth Ancestor, Raune.

She experimented with skin pigmentation, which resulted in specific features, such as black or brown skin, and dark eyes. The intention was to minimise the damage done by ultra violet rays from the Sun.

The Fifth hardly feature in the first trilogy, but become important in the second trilogy. They are led by King Xeros.


Image: Xeros, King of the Fifth - Click to enlarge

Little is known about the Fifth, or King Xerox, other than from brief meetings with the other Tribes on the Island. As a race they are reclusive, living in dread of the Great Ogre. They are independent, wary, but with a high sense of duty.

The Fifth were the last Tribe to be discovered, and had been contacted by the Fourth hundreds of years before; but both time, and their people had moved on. The Fourth continued to search for the lost Tribe, as did all others, especially Ælthrelntheine, who was determined to reunite all twelve Tribes of Humanity. The Elven prophesy dictated this must occur, or all was lost.

The Tribe were discovered when Jack used the Core to search for their Ring of Power:

Core: “What do you want done with them?”
Jack: “Send them to the shore, when we find them.”
The Core confirmed, “They are on the shore.”
I blanched. “What?”

At first distrusting and afraid, Jack showed them on screen, the Ogres attacking their village, and he became their Savior.

Society and Home Life
The Fifth are a patriarchal society, but show due respect to females, whom they treat as equals, but with other talents, such as rearing young and looking after the home. Females can become Queen of the Tribe, or leader of the village council, but this is rare as few of their women seek such station in life.

Due to Ogre persecution, they live in small, secluded communities well off the beaten track. They avoid contact with other Tribes, especially the Last.

Marriage and monogamy are principles of their Tribe, as is co-operation for the greater good of all, and crime is virtually unknown. They live on the edge of extinction, and all work for the greater good of the Tribe as a whole.



The Fifth originated in the Rhodesia region of Africa, spreading north and west.

Today they exist in the wilds of north-western Burma (Myanmar) and nearby desolate regions of China.

After their initial shock of transportation, Gangling Shortfalls arrived as translator, and soon eased the Fifth's fears.

That King Xeros in particular, had a good knowledge of Ancestor, helped much with conversation, although Gangling could speak their own language.

King Keos of the Eighth had proposed each Tribe send a delegation to the Island for cross-cultural exchange.

Initially wary, King Xeros agreed during their first attendance of the Olympic games. They created a small village near the University, which in time became a base for scholars of the Fifth.


The Ring of Honour, which is worn by King Xeros.

Related Characters


Image: Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge

The Queen of the Eleventh became the main contact with the Fifth, and assisting them where she could.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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