Tribal Data

We know who we are, don't we, so Tribal data is pointless regards the Third.

They include all older races, such as: Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori, and native American Indians (all the Americas).

They became divided in the Orient in stages over many millennia, spreading to very different parts of the world at different times.

Life Story

The Third are known as The Keepers of Ancient Knowledge. This is exemplified by the Australian Aborigines, who still tell of fleeing the last Ice Age in their legend: 'Walkabout'.

Notable (fictional) Third:

(these are Aborigine names)
• Burnam, - King of the Third - means Great Warrior in their own language.
• Princess Myuna (Clearwater).
• Prince Gelar (Brother).


The Ring of Nature.


Image: Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge

The Queen of the Eleventh was mainly responsible for tracking down the true line of the Third, and was the first to visit Burnam.

Lo Si

Image: Lo Si - Click to enlarge

Lo Si found he shared a lot of common history with Burnam. The pair stayed in touch after their initial meeting, and their mutual histories were augmented when the Corridor of Knowledge was discovered.

This led to learned of the Third from around the globe, visiting the University, where John set up a special centre for them to rediscover their shared or disparate histories.

The Twelve Tribes

Feature: The Third


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  The Third  

The Third are represented by the older branches of modern humankind:
Aborigines, Maoris, and Native American Indians from North, Central, and South America.

The Third are a divergent, disparate grouping of early humanity that in pre-history, colonised all corners of the Earth. They were, and remain, very successful, and include all who have histories predating the last ice age, circa 30,000 BC. They were the first modern homo sapien sapiens.

The Third Ancestor, Cloof, created them, developing the Cro Magnon template of their predecessors, and incorporating genes from the Fifth and Fourth.

She was working to perfect a sound Hominina, but what sets the Third apart, was the massive increase in brain power, especially the enlarged cerebral cortex.

This was further enhanced by growth responsible for neuronal proliferation during


King Burnam
Image: King Burnam - Click to enlarge

neurogenesis, as well as the maturation of dendrites. Not only did their brains get bigger, they got clever with it.

With Cro-Magnon, the Ancestors slightly enlarged the cerebral cortex and skull, but not to the extent they did with the Third. They also greatly increased associated synaptic connections and neurotransmitters, so neurons were associated with few axons, and dendritic connectors; let alone equivocal neurotransmitter receptors. The key was inter-connectivity of the base neurons. These elements were added to the Third's genome.

Oma ensured that all the Tribes benefited from the enhancements made, and all were endowed with increased brain power. Tests were mainly carried out using clones of the Twelfth and Eleventh, which led to them especially, retaining the power of telepathy, one previously only known to the Ancestors.

The Third share many unique similarities, and differences. Often other DNA segments were added, or subtracted, as each of these races were used to define the Ancestors ultimate goal; creation of their kind in their own image.

Burnam King of the Third is one of the oldest leaders of the 12 Tribes, and has gained much wisdom through his long lifetime. Some of the Aboriginal tribes no longer acknowledge their shared history, thinking themselves to be different in the modern world. However, he still wears the ring the Ancestors gave to his people, The Ring of Nature, and some know of it's history and worth.

Scientific Record
We know the Aborigines arrived in Australia about 30, 000 years ago, possibly over a land bridge or by sailing short distances. This fact is also remembered in their traditional tales and is known as 'Walkabout'.

The Maori of New Zealand are a related tribe who made a similar journey via island hopping in the Pacific Ocean. They share with the Second the Haka, primarily a war dance.

Native Indians of all the America's broke away from the main line at a far earlier point in time when their homeland was in the Yunnan region of China. This group travelled north and east, eventually crossing to the America's, island and iceberg hopping by boat. There, a race of tall, white-skinned people with blue eyes and white hair already lived. Records of the Inca support this fact, and this has been used to indicate the presence of The Ancestors.

Others of the Third include Polynesian islanders, a group whom crossed back from the Americas, into the central Pacific.

Physical Features and Dress:
As of present-day peoples.

Spear with stone tip.
Bow and arrows.
Blowpipe and poison dart.

They speak many languages and dialects.

Other Information:
• Maoris and American Indians share the wearing of feathers in their hair: Common, ancient heritage?

• The Second share with the Maoris, the Haka, and also a form of encircling dance with Native North American Indians.


Maori Traditional Dress
Image: King Burnam - Click to enlarge
Image courtesy of Wikipedia commons 3




The Third represent the original lines of all the Aboriginal races, and they have roamed all over the Earth.

Unknown tribes are still being discovered, especially in South America, and especially the Amazon.

Bone Twist

Image: Maori Bone Twist. No larger image available

This Maori gift of Friendship symbolises two shoots growing as one, two people, two nations joined by a common thread.

Other Information:
The Triple Twist Pendant:
Maori Bone Art


Image: Maori Haka - Click to enlarge

The Maori Haka is directly related to that of the Islanders, but millennia of millennia have seen divergence of their once semi-common culture.

Female Haka

Image: Maori Haka - Click to enlarge

Maori women also perform their version of the Haka

images courtesy of Wikipedia Collective Commons Three.

Uniting The Third

The Allies, with great assistance from Burnam, begin the daunting task of trying to unite all tribes of the Third in their shared common ancestry, with some successes, some failures, and much curiosity.

Jack and others assist Burnam, and in time he sets up a Council of Tribes of the Third. The task is ongoing.

Nevertheless, Burnam and his delegations are warmly received by Aborigines, some Amazonian tribes, Polynesians, and several North and Central American Indians: Hopi, Yaqui, Inuit, and Apache (Sioux).

Laplanders and northern Mongols also join, if at first for the aid freely offered the.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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