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Fiction book imprint of Publisher John Morris.

Services Include

  • Content editing
  • Proof reading
  • Copy editing
  • Cover
  • Illustrations
  • Print book formatting
  • EPUB formatting
  • Addition to our publishing catalogue for sales and distribution.

Learn how to Write

Only a Content Editor will rip your book to pieces, otherwise the prospective reader will, and not buy it.

Most 'editors' are proof/copy editors, they check spelling and typos, but do not understand what is wrong with your book.

Take the criticism, learn, and apply to your book.

Potential Market

You can write about anything you as an author, wish. Some genres are more popular than others, and many are fads of the major publishing houses.

Many new authors try for a book deal with a publishing house or agent. A few are successful.

Others pay for professionals to do part of the process, or do it all themselves. These are classified as self-publishing authors.

Writing Your Book

Always write  as the physical book will be published. To do that, you need to know what the parameters are. Until you have published, this you do not know. We do.

This means that what you type in Word or Open Office, as exactly how the print book will appear:
• Font face and size.
• Printable region.
• Odd and even pages.
• Formatting pages, section breaks for odd and even pages, repeat or first page.
• Chapter length and finishing line. You do not want to end up with one word or sentence on a page, especially an odd page.


You may have an image of your cover in your head, or have a blank. Charlotte Greene can help. Boris in particular, has great skill in designing covers for both Print and EPUB.

You do realise LULU require a different cover size from everybody else, don't you?.


Charlotte Greene offer expertise; we have already done it ourselves, for ourselves. Come, share our knowledge.

If you are a freelancer, tell us about yourself. Authors, tell us what you think you need, and let us help you succeed.

Join Us

Charlotte Greene has editors, graphic artists, marketing, and distribution channels, all waiting to be utilised by self-publishing authors.

We are collective of like-minded freelancers, all working with one aim: to bring new, quality literature to the book buying public.

The concept is simple, we do not employ people. We freelancers work together in a common cause.

Charlotte Greene

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Publisher Charlotte Greene


Charlotte Greene offers a radical new direction in publishing. We do not accept a book and charge a hefty commission for print and marketing services; the standard model.

What we do, is provide assistance, support, and access to distribution channels, so the self-publishing author can bring a book to market, both in UK (including Europe) and USA.

You may have found the established publishing industry to be like a lumbering dinosaur from a past age. Welcome to a new approach.

Charlotte Greene are open to receiving your query letter, and will reply within a few days. If we like the idea of your book, we will ask for a full print book version in Word or OO.

We will read the book, and reply quickly, telling you what we think of it. This will usually be accompanied by a list of suggestions and options. It is likely that a little, or perhaps a lot of work is required to bring the book up to marketable standard; we will pull no punches.

Should the author wish, we can begin working tog ethers.


Image: Star Gazer Book 1 - The Gatekeeper and The Guardian
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711040
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711071


Services include:

Charlotte Greene offers the vehicle for a self-publishing author to bring their book to market. We are open to all self-publishing authors of fiction, who need support along the way, professional help with editing or graphics.

How Does Charlotte Greene Operate?
We are not a global conglomerate with designs for world domination. We are, a collective of like-minded people, freelancers, gifted individuals, who work together to bring new books to the world marketplace. We work to the highest professional and ethical standards, and whilst charging for our services, unlike most others, we do so at affordable rates.

Our services are genuine, a rarity in the modern, target orientated world, but then, we are not target orientated, except for producing the best new literature possible.

What are your Charges?
Are fees for services are dependant upon the work involved, and the time required to complete.

Each freelancer agrees these fees with the purchaser before work starts; Charlotte Greene becoming the vehicle that allows them to communicate, puts them in touch with one another in the first place. We only offer the services of bona fide freelancers; the author has already been scammed.

Is my money safe?
Charlotte Greene are setting up a payment service with the internationally reputed Escrow payment service. They act as a third party, and hold the buyers payment, until the vendor releases the product; a book edit or milestone, a cover or drawing, promotional or 'marketeering' services. Once the buyer is happy, Escrow pay the sum due. If rejected, the money is returned to the buyer. This should never be an issue with Charlotte Greene, but money is paid to, and held by a third party, until all are satisfied.

What about Copyright
Your work remains your own, and by sending it to us, or a freelancer, you leave a traceable trail, that shows you are the originator of the work. We will confirm receipt of your work, meaning we acknowledge your copyright.

Copyright services are generally a scam, but when John Morris was new to the industry, this was a major worry of his. It is nearly always a needless worry, especially when applied to books, and especially unpublished, and unknown authors.

Are there any hidden charges?
No. All charges are plainly detailed. The Buyer receives a quotation, which includes small administrative fees for both Escrow service provider, and Charlotte Greene, acting as Broker. These small fees (a few percent of the total amount), can be paid by either the Buyer or Freelancer, or shared between them.


This page is mainly written regards the physical publishing of a book. Electronic publishing by contrast, is relatively simple. Well, except there are so many different e-readers and formats. Charlotte Greene knows all the ins and outs of that can of worms.

Much simpler than for a printed book, but more complicated to get one manuscript copy to cover all flavours. PDF is usually the way to go for submission, as with Print books.

Susan offers Scrivener services, that can produce Print and EPUB versions from the same document. Saved as PDF, these should be accepted by nearly all e-Publishers.

Pitfalls for new authors
You have spent one year or more perfecting your first novel, and are ready to be published. Wrong, this is where the real work starts. Charlotte Greene can help you, or the author can try other channels; let's have a look at the most obvious and popular.

Book Deal
Virtually all of us want a 'book deal' with a Publishing House or Agency. Virtually all that apply are rejected, and usually in a most illiterate and derisory way. If you've been there, then you look at other options, let's take them one by one.

  1. Self-help books about writing, publishing, most online and proactive book clubs, et cetera.
    1. Mainly scams from which the author thinks he learned something, but the providers took his or her money. Not worthwhile.
  2. Companies and individuals offering weekend events to showcase and discover new authors.
    1. They usually promise a book deal and promotion, but read the small print. They will charge 2 or 4,000 Dollars or Pounds, and the author ends up being scammed; the book is marketed, but does not sell.
  3. Publish with an independent publisher.
    1. This works. You pay a lot of money to have several hundred, or thousand of your own books published, and wait for customers. There are few if any. It is for the author to do the sales, promotion, and marketing. If there is no good reason to print your own book, other than pride, this is also a waste of time and money. Why bother, when so many offer 'print on demand' services; Amazon for one. There are many similar.
  4. Book Fair. The only reason an author should publish many of his own books, is to attend a book fair, perhaps book signing event, and end up giving the books away, or selling them at discounted prices.
    1. This works. The degree to which it works depends upon the event, and presentation.
    2. A second reason for British authors, is that they need to send one copy to The British Library, and five more copies to satellite libraries. This is a legal requirement of any book bearing an ISBN, offered for sale in UK and Ireland.
  5. Writers groups. These are authors who share their manuscript with other authors, and receive feedback, as from a peer. These can be very useful, but have pitfalls, such as a dominant figure who wants to overrule the authors ideas with their own.

Disillusioned, and with a bad taste left in his mouth, John Morris decided to do it all himself. The result is Charlotte Greene. Jonno has made mistakes, discovered what works in the real world of book publishing, and offers to share this with other would-be authors; to help make their dreams come true.


SG First Trilogy

Image: Star Gazer Book 2 - The Twelve Tribes
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711057
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711088

Image: Star Gazer Book 3 - The Wrath of Gaia
ISBN: (Print) 9781910711064
ISBN: (EPUB) 9781910711095


Fractured Series

Image: A dystopian story seen through the eyes of the young girls who lived through hell
ISBN [Print] 978-1-910711-00-2.
ISBN [Epub] 978-1-910711-02-6.


Image: April and Annaliese discover a plot to blow up the Presidency; can they prevent the destruction of America? ISBN [Print] 978-1-910711-01-9.
ISBN [Epub] 978-1-910711-03-3.


Coming Soon

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Official Author Website

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Find out more about the author's other books: urban fiction, thrillers, & dystopia. Learn about current and future projects.

Chapter beginning
and end

The first page of a chapter is up to the author. It may be a large number, or title in an unusual font. This is fine.

The first letter of a chapter can be in an oversized font.

All chapters should begin on the odd, or right-hand page.

Authors can do as they wish, but these are the industry standards, and should be adhered to.

Author Control

Unlike other publishers, CGCharlotte Greene, empowers author's to retain full control of their novel.

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