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Lo Si

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Lo Si, the Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, understands much more about The Prophesy, but he also has unanswered questions.

For this reason, he does not encourage discussion, except privately, with others of similar understanding.

Ju Lo

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The trainee Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, is fully aware of his Deru's concerns, and they talk long about such matters.

However, it is not until they train under the Shaman, learning about knowledge lost during the Dark Time, that full understanding flourishes.

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Feature: The Prophesy  


The Prophesy


Lo Si tells us about ' The Prophesy':

“It was after this time that The Prophesy was revealed. I am sure you all remember the basic form:

“Many know of the children's version; the Prophesy as thus…

At a time in the far distant future, a man will come amongst you from the East.
He will not be as you are.
He will be tall and white skinned, with long white hair and blue eyes.
He will live several of your lifetimes.
He will be carrying the Signature of The Guardian.

This man, for a man is what he is, will forever change your lives and return the long-forgotten old ways.
He will show this people a great world outside the one they know.
In return, you will lead him to the threshold of the path between the worlds.
This is the destiny of your Tribe, and with it comes the supreme responsibility:
For you are the last remaining Gatekeepers of our most revered Ancestors.

“However, there is a longer version known but to a few. They are supposed to mean the same, but the veiled knowledge is hard to perceive…

At darkest time in distant future, when required true boon for nurture,
Man from East comes seeking succour, an ally you must never neuter.
Not of your kind, with bluest eye, long hair and skin of white; and high,
Signature of Guardian is his pry, his lifetime longer as you die.

Future’s herald mortal danger, both of Earthly n’ cosmic nature.
The die is cast O’ Great Deranger, ‘cept for those of greater stature.
Twelve Tribes must stand as one, or this prophesy will be undone.
The First a boon in times to come, if only to increase the sum.

This man, for man is what he is, resolves passed and future’s salient quiz.
Olden ways of ancient yore become the future’s bright new lore.
His way be barred by yolk and harrow, true key released will be his arrow.
Show him must the key, the furrow, greater world revealed than one you know.

Destiny approaches yonder, your Tribe to lead into the wonder.
Between the stars destiny await, your duty to unlock the gate.
Gatekeepers of Ancestral’ future, pay heed your duty; never falter.
World’s turning will empower once more, but only if the truth be core.

“The Ancestor gave us the simple version, to explain this one to the common people; although my understanding remains sorely stretched, even amongst the most wise and true. My problem with this version, as Ju Lo is well aware, is that the Ancestor translated this into the simple passage we use. There is no record of the Ancestor creating the passage, and it is not in the style all his other musings are presented in. It troubles me to admit, this was not given to us by the Ancestors; but if not, then by whom?”

Related Characters


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The High Queen of the Eleventh is dedicated to honouring their own Prophesy, of which the whole text is known to only a few; it is written in Elvenhua.

It decrees: All Twelve Tribes must be reunited in common purpose, to overcome the Wrath of Gaia.

That the Ogres are one of the Twelve Tribes caused the Eleventh much concern.

The Shaman

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Where mischief and hidden meanings abound, and especially where the Ancestors are not involved, where should one look first for answers?

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