Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge

Jack and Jinnie's daughter represents the Ancestors work turning full circle.

Ræm is the product of both their final lines of  humanity, the combination of homo sapien and homo erectus.

That she gives birth to Ancestor Idym's daughter,completes the Ancestor's project.

But, will they begin a new project? This we discover in Book Four.

Ancestor Oma

Image: Ancestor Oma - Click to enlarge

Leader of the Ancestors, Who were creating people according to a genetic cookery recipe, but millions of years ago.

Given modern science, briefly touched upon in the pane to the right (Dolly the Sheep), how long will it take modern humans to emulate these fictional characters?

Inter-Stellar Distances

Image: Distance from Earth to Alpha Centauri - Click to enlarge

A projection of distances between Earth, including planets, and Alpha Centauri

Please note the distance scale in powers of 10, meaning this image is very wide in reality. Average distance is circa 4.5 light-years.

The Question Remains

Now we know where we came from.

Now we know who we are.

But we still have to discover where we are ultimately going...

Science and Technology

Science Explained: Modern, Advanced Science


Modern vs Ancestral Science


The technology of the Ancestors often appears extremely advanced compared to what we know today. Much appears to be at the extremes of our imagination, yet this section explains in understandable ways, how with today's understanding, we can explain Ancestral science.

For us, scientists are already working on sub-light speed engines, and transporters are theoretically possible, but in the future. Robots, androids in human form are almost available today, some with learning abilities and artificial intelligence.

This is also spreading to our daily lives, with computers, tablets, and smartphone's all offering capabilities few could imagine, even one decade ago. These now come with personal assistants, who learn about us and our habits, our favourite uses.

Where is this science going, what sort gadgets, what kind of world will our children, nay grandchildren inhabit?


Image: Taris' spaceship remodelled - Click to enlarge

Image: Freighter - Click to enlarge

Rock Plasma
The only aspect of the Ancestors technology not explained elsewhere, is the black rock. This is a plasma that was developed on their home planet, Rhea, then orbiting Proxima Alpha. Appearing like rock, it has the ability to change into any shape, and can carry electrical signals, form display screens, and act as pipes for say, water. So what is it?

To understand, we need to change perspective, and not think of it as being rock, simply because it looks and feels like rock. It is plasma that can form any shape, and from templates, be divided into sections that perform certain functions.

It is composed of millions of nanobots. These mainly control minute particles of rock, but some have crystals. They can be directed to form a structure, like a transporter, and then set. They form a highly valenced surface that can only be breached by advanced weapons. Once in place, they do not change state, until a new directive is received, and this in turn, can only be issued by the Core of the spacecraft, or other module, that created them. A request received from elsewhere is ignored.

Gene Manipulation
Today, circa 2015, we have the ability to clone a human being; but so far, it has been made illegal; or so we think. There is unconfirmed evidence of genetically coding a super-soldier with enhanced bodily function. Is this a fact?

We are unraveling the entire, human, genetic code, and can already cure diseases with techniques such as Gene Therapy; cystic fibrosis is a case in point, and was shown to be largely successful in recent, clinical trials (October 2015).

Is it not possible, in 2016, for very rich or powerful people, or instruments of the people, such as the Army, to design a foetus to specific requirements?

If not today, then what about tomorrow, another decade, or one hundred years?

What if, our children's children are able to pop down to the local clinic during their lunch break, and fill out a menu of features they wish their child to have, sort of a genetic 'Mix & Match'. Like buying a car today, there would be a range of templates, or models, at varying prices. Instead of specifying trim and engine parameters, one would say, detail physical and mental abilities.

The couple may even deposit egg and sperm, and leave the clinic to grow the foetus to maturity. Reads much like what the Ancestors were about, the Great Ogre more so; genetically re-engineering their bodies, in the hopes of bettering themselves, or creating new human beings.

Gene manipulation is only one of several new medical sciences. Another is stem cell technology, growing organs and parts of the body. Other scientists are engineering bacteria and viruses to defeat long-standing threats, such as cancer; and yet others work to improve the immune system.

The Near Future
Humans are technologically advanced in today's world, but still lack understanding and advanced sciences used by the Ancestors. In 2015 NASA found water on Mars, and is proposing a Martian colony within one decade. That is not long. This all sounds reasonable, but Why? Yes, it's that recurring question again. Most likely, they have also discovered valuable resources to exploit and return to Earth; or is that being too cynical.

Other's have discovered planets in habitable zones, that are much older than Earth, and capable of supporting and sustaining life. What if, aliens far more advanced than we are today, already exist? What if they are also looking for new planetary resources to exploit, and biological slaves to do the work for them: Humans?

What if they are headed our way?

Star Gazer, Second Trilogy


The Great Ogre

Image: The Great Ogre - Click to enlarge

The arch villain, captured the Ancestors, his creators, and used them and their knowledge of gene manipulation to first create a race of slaves, the Trolls.

Later, he perfected cloning and mind-mapping techniques, allowing him to regenerate his body, and move his mind to a new one.


Not only does the Great Ogre clone himself, in the belief he will live forever, but he also clones others.

Once he had perfected cloning the Trolls as his slaves, he set about improving his army.

The Great Ogre assembled a team of scientists to enhance soldiers as ultimate fighting machines. He also removed the senses of fear and self-preservation, and pain is hardly known to them.

Reports from 2014 suggest that secretive government agencies are already trying to do similar.

Dolly the Sheep

Image: Dolly the Sheep

Dolly was the first adult mammal to be cloned, and was given life on 5th June, 1996. She is pictured with one of four naturally birthed offspring, Bonnie. This means that Dolly could sexually reproduce, naturally, just as other sheep do.

The image above is reproduced courtesy of Edinburgh University, whose related page is in the link.

A Question of Morality

Where is this science going in the world of today? Is it ethically correct to clone?

Dolly was created in a lab, twenty years ago!

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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