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You are here: Gallery Album: The Twelfth


Image: Rambling Longshanks - click for large image


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SG Tribes
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The Twelfth live under a false mountain, their shield looks like rock, and the outside can be climbed.

Their's is no ordinary mountain, but Mount Kailash, a deeply revered place in Buddhist and Bon tradition.

Earth Power

The Twelfth live at the world centre of Male power, which is channeled and used in higher sciences, and to aid prescience and divination.

Notable Gift

At Ræm's birthing celebration, the Giants present her with a rare gift: The Aegis. This invisible cloak protects the wearer from harm.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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Image: Alpha Proxima, a planet of the sun the Ancestors fled from - click for larger image