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Owain and his men help unearth the secreted Rings of Power.


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He accidentally discovers how to open the Ark of the Covenant below the Vatican.


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During the Allies discoveries of the subterranean network, progress stalls. The team are sure there are other Rings hidden, but cannot find them

n'Gnung is the one whose advice unlocks the secrets.

Supporting Information

Interesting Snippets: The 13 Rings


Rings of Power


The Ring of the Ancestor or Star Mark – apparently left with the Homo Erectus after Taris, the last of the Ancestor’s died.

The Ring of the True Heart, gifted to the Twelfth or Giants:
This ring is a scarlet colour, and was hidden by the last king to inhabit the Giants homelands, Furlong Fourgay. It was recovered by Junior in Book Two.Chapter 14, The Himalayan Exponential

The Ring of the Protector, given to the Eleventh, worn by Ælthrelntheine.

The Ring of the Warrior, given to the Tenth A blood red (Almost maroon) ring that often swirls darkly with the wearer’s evil intentions. Later came into the possession of Theodosius Quinn, who when captured, lost it to Jack; it is kept in the vault of the Second.

The Ring of Plenty, given to the Ninth.

The Ring of Climes, gifted to the Eighth.

The Ring of Steadfastness, left with the Seventh, with the duty to stand first against all threats.

The Ring of Adventure was given to the Sixth, and is commonly known as The Crystal Ring. The ring sports a clear crystal, not unlike a diamond, but unique. It is a version of the Ancestors memory crystals, and contains information, not yet revealed.

The Ring of Fauna, gifted to the Fifth. This Ring empowers the Fifth to understand the ways of animals, and includes the ways of mammals, birds, and fish.

The Ring of Curiosity, gifted to the Fourth. Because of this Ring, the Fourth are curious about many things, especially intricate and colourful jewellery and trinkets. This explains why they are consummate pickpockets, 'borrowing' items to admire their beauty.

The Ring of Nature. This is similar, but different to the Ring of the Fifth, and was given to Maori. It could have been any of the races of the Third, but chance dictated the New Zealand inhabitants received it.It inspires within them, great empathy with all forms of flora.

The Ring of The Knowing Eye was given to the Second. This is the only one that is not a ring, but a round stone, about five inches in diameter. The sphere is like a crystal ball, and regardless of how it is viewed, it always presents an eye to the observer, like a tiger-eye . It is normally called ‘The Eye of the Seer’.

The Ring of Invention. The Ring was given to the Last, and was presumed lost. In Book Three,Chapter 14, The Vatican Archives it is rediscovered deep within the secret passageways and rooms below the Temple Mount, Jerusalem; disconcertingly, so are several related Rings of Power.

Other Rings of Power

All Rings of Power have lesser versions used by controllers, or for training purposes. They have differing powers, and can be programmed by the Core.

The Ring of the Empress is used to open Imperial vaults, and was created by Taris.

The Ring of the Earth; returned to the Shaman in Book 2. The history of tis ring is unclear, but it is probable the Shaman created it herself.

The Signature of The Guardian. This is a round stone about two inches in diameter, with concave surfaces. It is made from rock plasma, and is black with glittering star like points of light captured within.


The Giants

Once returned to their own lands, Junior sets about rediscovering their Ring of Power.

After searching the obvious and unlikely places, he took a moment to think, sleeping on the problem.

The next day, Junior went to the remains of their temple, but noticed an old shrine to Gaia, and stopped to investigate. Behind a slightly protruding brick, he discovered the Ring.

The Sixth

The Ring of Adventure, as the name suggests, empowered the Sixth to venture to remote parts.

Their lifestyle was similar to bears, the males meeting females for procreation, but otherwise living a solitary and roving life.

This was the design of the Ancestors, who wanted to know how the species would adapt to all parts of the world.

The Rings of The Last

Deep beneath Saint Peter's Basilica, and some distance underground from the Vatican archives, a cobweb of interlinked transfer circles was discovered.

With the aid of Owain's men, the Vatican Ark of the Covenant revealed Oma's Ring of the Last.

The major finds were made beneath The Ark in Jerusalem, which hid the Ring's of the Last of Taris, and below, Obsidian. The location also revealed the original Commandments, being twelve in number, and written by Oma.

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