Image: Jack Barleycorn, The Guardian - Click to enlarge
Jack becomes Guardian of the Second, King of The Outlands, but avoids the role of Emperor

Jien Noi
Image: Empress and Gatekeeper Jien Noi - Click to enlarge
Known as Jinnie by her husband, Jack, she is only the third person to ever hold the titles of Empress and Gatekeeper.

Image: Ræm, daughter of Jinnie and Jack - Click to enlarge
Daughter of Jinnie and Jack, Ræm becomes Empress Elect and future Gatekeeper. However, her destiny lies along the Third and Windy Way, and wielding the Sword of Destiny, becomes savior of all humanity at the end of Book three.

Image: n'Gnung is Jack's closest friend - Click to enlarge
n'Gnung is Jack's closest friend, and becomes First Warrior of the Second, and Guardian Elect.

Image: Kay - Click to enlarge
Kay, unlike any other Elf, has black hair and white eyes, except for the first ever Elf Queen, and Oma.

Image: Owain a'y Brenin, King of the Ddwyrth - Click to enlarge
Owain and his men are instrumental in defeating the Great Ogre.

Da Phai Nai
Image: Da Phai Nai - Click to enlarge
Matronly Innkeeper renowned for her broom

Lo Si
Image: Lo Si - Click to enlarge
Lo Si, Sun Kist's father, and The Keeper of Ancient Knowledge

Ju Lo
Image: Ju Lo - Click to enlarge
The next Keeper of Ancient Knowledge

Image: n'Gue - Click to enlarge
Prime messenger of the Second; fastest in the land

Weid Noi
Image: Weid Noi - Click to enlarge
The future Seer

Gung Loi
Image: Gung Loi - Click to enlarge
General of the Second's covert forces

The Great Ogre
Image: The Great Ogre - Click to enlarge
Arch villain

Image: Dawn - Click to enlarge
Jack's oldest and best friend.

Image: John, Chancellor of the Island University - Click to enlarge
Welcomes scientists to the University; his aim to preserve knowledge and continue research.

Supporting Information

Appendices: References


Useful References



Below are gathered all the major research and explanatory references of the first trilogy.

The numeric code translates as: book number, chapter number, chapter reference number.

Some references are related throughout the trilogy, and are directly below.

Lunar Dates
Lunar Phases April 2012 - And as referenced from International Light Association:
Related References:
Phases of the Moon (A simple explanation important later).


Naming convention for some characters and titles were provided by this 'Branches of Biology' website:

Book 1 References:

1.1.1 Matriarchal Society in Prehistory by Cynthia Eller:
Note: You may need to copy and paste this link or access it via Google search, as New York Times is now a pay-site.
1.1.4 Chinese Raisin Tree has aerial tubers that contain Hovenia, a traditional, folk hangover cure:
1.5.1 Mercury poisoning in small doses leads to madness over many months, as with the first Chinese Emperor. A large amount leads to a quicker and most painful death, the victim being aware of what is happening to them.
1.8.1 The Prisoner as Number Six - TV serial.
1.21.1 Wild Horse – much information about prehistoric ungulates, including Equidæ. This specific page refers to Equus caballus, or more commonly known as Przewalski's wild horse, forebearer of the ‘domestic horse’.
1.29.1 Bamboo and other woods for making bows and arrows.

1.32.1 The kalendæ of October - The calendar of Romulus is a little odd and counts backwards from the Idūs [ides] and through to before the prior Nonæ [nones] to establish the date of the preceding new moon. Idūs (Ides)—thought to have originally been the day of the full moon, corresponds to the 13th of most months, but the 15th of March, May, July, and October
Also ref: Ides and Nodes of the Roman calendar = date of the Full and New moon, from Wikipedia
Janus is of course the Roman god of the Doorway: or Jupiter, Ianuarius, and January - from Wikipedia
1.32.2. Becker-Hagens planetary grid system.
1.32.3. Female Centre of World Power - See article by Vera Shapiro at bottom of page.

Book 2 References:

2.5.1 Cystic Fibrosis - gene altering cure discovered.
2.5.2 Genetic engineering cures aggressive leukaemia.
2.5.3 The Twelve Tribes

2.9.1 Greek Legend Ægis – The cloak of Protection; more commonly interpreted in myth as The Golden Fleece, but this is not its’ true worth.
2.9.2 The Triple Twist Pendant: Maori Bone Art
2.9.3 Gaelic Legend Fionn mac Cumhaill (Legendary Irish Giant)
2.9.4 The Fourth naming convention: Gaelic (Irish):

2.14.1 Chang-e, The Chinese Lady of/in/on the Moon. Source:

2.16.1 Helios and Apollo – Sun gods referenced from Wikipedia.
2.16.2 'Pagat'. This is a reference to the game of Tarot being played by the Sisters of Destiny. Coincidentally, it ties in perfectly with the eclipse of the Sun, named Helios in Book 2, Apollo in the link. For more information regards the Tarot and background, see the Tarot internal link.

2.19.1 Megalencephaly: Meg

2.20.1 USA intelligence agencies:
2.20.2 Director of National Intelligence, USA.

2.23.1 Rainbow Gravity Theory:
2.23.2 Project Prometheus, a theoretical nuclear fusion space engine developed by NASA.
2.23.3 The EM Drive was thought to be pseudoscience, but is now being taken extremely seriously.

2.24.1. Navy SEALS USA Seal platoons nominally consist of 18 deployed men.

2.27.1 CDC [Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta] Zombie Apocalypse

2.30.1Nuclear Warhead Yield – from Wikipedia. 1 gigaton = 1, 000, million kilos of TNT (trinitrotoluene). The world’s largest known atomic multi-facet bomb, is the Russian Antanov AN 225 at a whopping 1.3 gigatons, although it could never be delivered as such. However, as in the text above, something like a nuclear explosion could ignite it.
Today, most nuclear warheads would normally be measured in Integers and fractions of Megatons. This strike was extremely excessive, registering 2, 385.4 gigatons. The results: Damning.

Nuclear Science

"The Natanz Nuclear Facility, located some 30 km NNW from the town (33°43′N 51°43′E) near a major highway, is generally recognized as Iran's central facility for enrichment with over 19,000 centrifuges currently operational and nearly half of them being fed with uranium hexafluoride."

Quotation and full reference:

Bushehr Nuclear Power Station:

2.35.1 Carlos Castaneda - The Art of Not Seeing.

Book 3 References:

3.2.1 MicroRNA biological microprocessors.

3.3.1. Immanuel Velikovsky proposed the initial hatred of Jews was because they were blamed for an atrocity that was perpetrated by another nation, but blamed on them. I have no comment and am not Jewish, just a seeker of truth.

3.4.1. Red Indian Information website
3.4.2. Hopi Pueblo Indians Cultural Preservation Office

The Earth’s Crust

3.4.1. Al Karak extinct (?) volcano
3.4.2. Mercalli Intensity Scale from Wikipedia
3.4.3. Richter Magnitude Scale from Wikipedia
3.4.4. Lithosphere from Wikipedia
3.4.5. Moho Discontinuity
3.4.6. Asthenosphere from Wikipedia
3.4.7. Fault Lines from Wikipedia, Transform Fault, and Subduction.
3.4.8. Internet Backbone and Core Routers
Further Reading: The Wrath of Gaia Explained [Internal Star Gazer link. Click to open as a Word.doc]

Volcanoes, Magma, and Volcanic Eruptions

Many of the facts concerning the Mexican scientists came from this article, which is saved as a separate document also:
EENS 2040, Natural Disasters, Tulane University. Prof. Stephen A. Nelson
Practicable Volcanology from Tulane University, especially: Prof. Stephen A. Nelson. Thank You.
Supporting information about volcanoes in general, and especially the effects of them, was supplied by Wikipedia.

3.5.1. CERN scientists 'break the speed of light'.
3.5.2. Souk – Persian for market place.

3.6.1. RYA Yachtmaster exam
3.6.2. Iranian Rocks and oil Field Values

3.8.1. Khæos - was the first of the Protogenoi (primeval gods) to emerge at the creation of the universe. She is female, because like her (slightly) younger sister Gaia, she sustains life in practical ways for all earthbound creatures. For more, begin with Hesiod [116] and their father ‘None’.
3.8.2. Hazardous byproducts - Benzenesulfonic acid

3.9.1 Associated references explained fully in the related internal link: The Wrath of Gaia explained.

Crude Oil
Crude oil begins to burn naturally around 230°C depending on composition (135° Celsius to 275° Celsius). It can of course burn far hotter under pressure, and above 1,600 Celsius.

Oil Fields

Natural Gas Field

Definitions of all ten forms of hydrocarbons:

3.11.1. Somali Plate and related Tectonic History, with diagram to the right.

3.14.1 8 main types of cuneiform.

Masks of the Allegory
3.16.1 Shakti
3.16.2 Parvati
3.16.3 Nephilim
3.16.4 Giants
3.16.5 Elioud
3.16.6 daimōn
3.16.7 The Three Theological virtues
3.16.8 The Four Cardinal [or Classical] Virtues

Subatomic Nuclear Particles

1. Mesons and Bosons: introduction to simple quantum particle physics.
2. Pauli Exclusion Principle: It’s all to do with spin vectors vs the angle of dangle – or maybe one particle is or is not inverted?
3. The inter-galactic Boson drive is a form of Quark/Antiquark Drive (QAD).
4. Fermions are subject to the Pauli Exclusion Principle, and therefore introduce the required stability and contradiction for the Warp-Drive to work.
5. The spaceship is fuelled by generally available cosmic matter and radiation, such as Hydrogen, Helium, Solar and Gamma radiation. This is converted by small fusion reactors to a form of Lithium (Because of the inherent instability of the nucleus and unstable electron shell, prone to adventures under the right conditions). Doubled Lithium molecules if treated as a separate entity, do have the stability and vulnerability required of a Boson Drive.
6. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

3.20.1. Standard Model of nuclear particle physics
3.20.2. Complex Lithium molecules vs Pauli Exclusion Principle – Section: Consequences.
3.20.3. Hadrons and other related subatomic particles.
3.20.4. Chi-Boson By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent, Daily Telegraph, UK. 22 Dec 2011
A team of international scientists including British researchers said they had discovered a new boson, a particle which helps form the nucleus of atoms.

3.20.5 Light Years Defined:

3.20.6 Sticky Fluids - mentioned lower in the article as travelling faster than light.

3.20.7 The Boson Drive and Infinity Thrusters were created in good faith by the author, who later learned of this page [nuclear pulse propulsion from Wikipedia], summarising the most of it. Subtle alterations were then made to the text of SG3, bringing the fictional science into line with the conglomerate of current thinking; not much changed.

3.23.1 Scopolamine
3.23.2 Scopolamine ref 2

3.23.2 Glass crystal memory. Superman's memory crystals may become reality in computers.

3.25.1 Date of the full moon October 2036.

3.27.1 'PRIDE AND A HAUGHTY SPIRIT' Solomon wrote : “Pride go'eth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). Incidentally, Shakespeare adapted the same proverb for Hamlet's first soliloquy, before the modern [King James I, 1611] Bible was published.

Ch 17: General References:

Island References

A large body of references as not given above, as they relate only to the Island. These include location, type of volcano, flora and fauna, similar islands, and much more accumulated data. These are all included in a separate page Island Information.

More Characters

Image: Ælthrelntheine - Click to enlarge
Kay's mother has come to understand her daughter's true ascendancy, and has become Kay's staunchest supporter.

Image: Aroweena, the Keeper of Hearts - Click to enlarge
The Keeper of Hearts, Second Warrior of the Ddwyrth

Image: Llwydd The Bold - Click to enlarge
Llwydd The Bold, First Warrior of the Seventh

The Fourth
Image: King Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin - Click to enlarge
King Ruaidhrí Ó Riáin,
Red King of the Fourth

Rambling Longshanks
Image: Rambling Longshanks - Click to enlarge
The King of the Twelfth is a gentle Giant, except when provoked

Image: Volkar, President of the Troll Nation - Click to enlarge
Representing the New Tenth or Trolls, Volkar grows into leadership of his people

The Third
Image: King Burnam - Click to enlarge
King Burnam

Related images

Sea level changes in history
Image: Cyclic history of Sea level changes throughout the ages

Acid Rain
Image: Acid Rain - how does it work? - Click to enlarge

Bushehr location
Image: Bushehr location - Click to enlarge

Iranian Oil and Gas Fields
Image: Iranian Oil and Gas Fields - Click to enlarge

Ghawar oilfield
Image: Ghawar, the world's largest oilfield - Click to enlarge

Arabian Plate - Simple
Image: Arabian Plate, simple view - Click to enlarge

Arabian Plate - Complex
Image: Arabian Plate Tectonics, local view - Click to enlarge

Afar Hotspot
Image: Afar Hotspot - Click to enlarge

Afar Depression
Image: Afar Depression - Click to enlarge

Spreading Volcanic Ridges
Image: Spreading Ridges of Volcanic Origin - Click to enlarge

Major Worldwide Plates
Image: Major worldwide plates- Click to enlarge

Somali Plate
Image: Somali Plate - Click to enlarge

Victoria & Rovuma plates
Image: Victoria and Rovuma micro-plates - Click to enlarge

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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