Grimwaldi Rinns

The capital city of the Second is another name of whimsy. There is no meaning to this name.

If this were homogenised English, which it is not, then this could be construed as the place the Second rebuilt their Tribe from, after the Dark Time; were the reference: "Grim World in Ruins."

Long Lake

The largest lake on the Island is called Long Lake because, from vantage points, it looks like a curled-up dragon. In Cantonese, Long means Dragon.

There are two towns nearby; Soi Long and Gu Long Dux. Soi means 'water' in Cantonese, so the name means 'water's of the dragon'. Gu Long Dux is merely a whimsy.

Forest Meade

The town is built above the flood plain, and named after the nearby Meade Lake. Meade means 'lake' in the Second's language.

Original settlers created the town in a forested region, and many trees were used for building, yet many still remain. But, that is not the origin of the name.

In Second (and Cantonese), 'fo' means fire. The town was built in the location because of many nearby volcanic vents; a means of cooking and brewing. So the compound name means, the fires of the lake.

Halfway House

This is located near an unusual divot in the earth, like the impact of a meteor.

The backdrop leading to a series of caves, some with rivers, or stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Jien Noi's father loved to explore the caves, and the unusual countryside nearby. That stated, the place is otherwise in the middle of nowhere.

When asked about the name, Jinnie replied, "Because it is halfway between here and home.".

Supporting Information

Feature: Places and place names


Places and place names


Places are as known in our contemporary world. This short page lists the exceptions.

The Island
The Island is an invented place, but based upon exact geological research, in the central area of the South Pacific at about longitude 150 West, latitude 25 South.

There is a submerged volcano at position -25.085599, -148.345642, which is the precise location of the Island.

  Image: The Island location - Click to enlarge

Major urban centres:

  • Grimwaldi Rinns, the capital city.
  • Soi Long, the foremost town.
  • Forest Meade, a large town to the east.
  • Gu Long Dux, a minor town.

Minor centres include the Hot Springs, and the Halfway House, the only ones named. Of great significance are The Village on the Shore, and The Hamlet, where Jack and Jinnie built their home.

The Old Capital is rejuvenated by becoming the base of the Island's University.


Image: The Island colour map - Click to enlarge

There are only two major regions: The Outlands, and the Main Island. Minor regions and places include:

  • The Highlands, where Jack arrives inside the caldera; home of the Great Boar.
  • The Valley of Knowledge, where the Hamlet, and the Rock + Caves of The Ancestor are located.
  • The Plateau above, and south of Jack's hamlet becomes home to Billy's group, and also supports native Island cattle and horses.
  • The Badlands, where: Goats, Cotton, and Coffee bushes are found.
  • The Shaman's Meadow, a cut-off enclave where her supposed house is.


  • The island of Sar Tan's banishment, the largest of the southwesterly group.
  • The nearby western island - Home to an unknown transporter cavern.
  • The island opposite the Shore, where Ræm qualifies as Yachtmaster.


  • The Twelfth live in the high Himalayas, close to Mount Kailash, and the male centre of world power. They were the likely instructors of the ancient Bon culture, thirty or more, millennia BC.
  • The Eleventh live in Elvenholme, the world centre of female power. It is located not far from Lake Titicaca, on the Peru/Bolivia border of the high Andes. It is protected by a shield that looks like rock, and can be climbed as a mountain.
  • The Tenth
    • The Ogres are based in Greenland, but maintained outposts all over the world, at least until the Allies overran them.
    • The Trolls are based in 'Olde Prussia', somewhere near the border of Belarus and Poland.
  • The Ninth home land is several hundred miles southeast of the isolated Siberian town of Norlisk.
  • The Eighth live in isolated frozen wastes due south of the Ninth.
  • The Seventh live in an area of no-mans-land near Lake Baikal in Russian Siberia.
  • The Sixth are nomadic, shy, and males often live alone, females with young offspring. Hogar is based in Bhutan.
  • The Fifth, inhabit a remote part of northern Burma (Myanmar).
  • The Fourth, Flores Island, Indonesia, and nearby mainland Asia.
  • The Third are scattered all over the world, representing the older versions of humanity, and include native indians in all their forms. Burnam is Maori and lives on South Island, New Zealand.


Ancestor's Origin

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image

The Ancestors, developed on Centaurea, a planet orbiting Proxima Alpha, the smallest Sun of the three star Alpha Centauri system.

They fled their star when the Aleutian-Hallion Alliance came to exterminate their species. To ensure the utter extinction of homo sapien atavus, they not only destroyed the planet, but turned their aging sun into a red dwarf.

The aggressors did not stay to monitor, and many fled the star system, some heading for our solar system.

Outlands Map

Image: Outlands colour Map - Click to enlarge

A more detailed view.

Island B&W Map

Image: Outlands colour Map - Click to enlarge

Some features may be clearer in black and white

Outlands B&W Map

Image: Outlands colour Map - Click to enlarge

The Outlands in black and white.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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Image: Alpha Proxima, a planet of the sun the Ancestors fled from - click for larger image