Tribe Locations Scroll

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Plate Tectonics

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Star Gazer World Maps


The maps below were created by Boris Junkovic and show the world as portrayed in Star Gazer.

Tribe Locations

Image: Tribe locations - Click to enlarge

Aftermath World Map

Image: Aftermath Map - Click to enlarge

Composite Map

Image: Composite Middle East Map - Click to enlarge

The Great Cobweb

Image: Transporter Cobweb - Click to enlarge


Aftermath Scroll

Image: Aftermath Map - Click to enlarge

Gas and Oilfields

Image: Gas and Oilfields - Click to enlarge

Star Gazer Maps

These maps were produced by Boris Junkovic to help the reader identify with locations of the known world today.

The cobweb maps shows the locations of all named ancient cities, and the Tribes map identifies their locations.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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Image: Alpha Proxima, a planet of the sun the Ancestors fled from - click for larger image