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Image: John, Chancellor of the Island University - Click to enlarge

John is responsible for bringing the Mexican's into the plot: José Emmanuel Estaves (Volcanology), Fernando Perez (tectonics), and his half-brother Ramone Chavez.

Always keen to grow the University, he quickly accommodates them, and after the Wrath of Gaia, they move their labs and families to the Island.

The Mexicans

The Mexicans are part of a small and loose group of in dependant, 'Spanish-American' scientists, who because of their background, are largely ignored by the western scientific world.

Their main work centres upon the Pacific Ring of Fire, which includes some of the most deadly potential volcanoes. The ever-shifting tectonics exacerbate this, as do the dormant, undersea volcanoes of the nearby Pacific Ocean. Their area of expertise covers the Mexican west coast, and most Central American Countries.


"The Magmanic Mexicans"

This alliteration comprises a made up word that evokes the feelings of 'magma', and 'manic' in combination.

Before this word was created, the original used was 'magnanimous', and this should also be taken as part of the sense of 'magmanic'.


Dawn's brother, and oil exploration and production specialist, is the first to take advantage of the facilities John offers.

With Jack's assistance, he procures a lab, and scientists to process the results of samples taken in The GulfThe Gulf of Arabia.

Ali, like the Mexicans, comes into the trilogy for a short season in centre-stage, to explain the real-world science behind the plot.


John was not successful in obtaining the services of a meteorologist; all western minds being focused elsewhere.

As the Wrath of Gaia gathers momentum, threatening to extinguish all life on Earth, Jack demands somebody who understands the new chemical mix of the atmosphere.

With subtle prompting, Ali brings in Viktor Earhardt; a molecular chemist and meteorologist.

With means of understanding now at his fingertips, he learns of the greater threat: Benzenesulfonic acid.

Benzenesulfonic Acid

Jack relates in Book Three,

'Learning there was a lot of Sulphur in the hot air, he [Viktor] moved to a higher plane mumbling, “Benzenesulfonic acid,” which we learned was an organosulfur compound, and quite deadly in small dozes; we had exponentially growing, large doses.'

Carbon Dioxide

Despite the ongoing, and mostly disproved claims of modern 'climate change' plaudits, the Earth is currently [2016] producing less than half the amount of CO^2 required for optimal plant growth.

Science and Technology

The Wrath of Gaia: SG Earth Science Explained

  Volcanology, Tectonics, & Oilfields  

Powers of Mother Earth - The Facts

The Wrath of Gaia features a complex mixture of related Earth sciences, which combine with ferocious intensity to provoke the end of the world as we know it. Although bordering on the edges of scientific understanding, all hypothesis surrounding the destruction of life on this Earth are based in solid scientific fact. The main points with references, are outlined below.

  • The Bushehr nuclear weapons and storage facility is fiction.
  • The sheering of continental plate boundaries is extremely rare, but not unprecedented.
  • One premise the author uses, is that carboniferous deposits laid down during the Carboniferous Age, are not all neatly pooled together into what we know of as oil and gas field. The tenet is used that underground corridors of deposits link the main sites together, allowing for the ingress of magma into the bottom of oil and gas fields.

What we learn near the end of Book Three, is that the Great Ogre and his clones of the Last, were responsible for the initial cyber attack on the plant, and no doubt the timing was deliberate. The Iranian response was also heightened by the presence of clones. These factors exacerbated an already critical situation, but one that has already occurred in real life.

The author wishes to make plain, he has no axe to grind regarding either Israel or Iran, and is not interested in their religious beliefs; he used the geographical location simply because these countries suited the plot of this Part of Book Three, and the overall message of the trilogy as a whole.

The main categories are referenced below

Climate Changes over history

Background information:
“About 55,000 years ago, the weather began to fluctuate wildly from extreme cold conditions to mild cold and back in a matter of a few decades. Neanderthal bodies were well suited for survival in a cold climate—their barrel chests and stocky limbs stored body heat better than the Cro-Magnons.

However, the rapid fluctuations of weather caused ecological changes to which the Neanderthals could not adapt. The weather changes were so rapid that within a lifetime, plants and animals someone grew up with would be replaced by completely different plants and animals. Neanderthal's ambush techniques would have failed as grasslands replaced trees. A large number of Neanderthals would have died during these fluctuations, which peaked about 30,000 years ago.

‘Note: That this date correlates with the arrival of Aborigines in Australia, and presumably Maoris in New Zealand. The DG Islanders also left about the same time, and are distant cousins of these people.’

Studies on Neanderthal body structures have shown that they needed more energy to survive than any other species. Their energy needs were up to 100-350 calories more per day comparing to projected anatomically modern human males weighing 68.5 kg and females 59.2 kg. When food became scarce, this difference may have played a major role in the Neanderthals' extinction.”

Crude Oil

Crude oil begins to burn naturally around 230°C depending on composition (135° Celsius to 275° Celsius). It can of course burn far hotter and above 1,600 Celsius.

Oil Fields


Natural Gas Field

Iranian Rocks and oil Field Values
Fig: 3.13.1 Iranian oil and gasfields from Stargazer Official website

Volcanoes, Magma, and Volcanic Eruptions

Much of the facts concerning the Mexican scientists came from this article, which is saved as a separate document also:
EENS 2040, Natural Disasters, Tulane University. Prof. Stephen A. Nelson
Practicable Volcanology from Tulane University, especially: Prof. Stephen A. Nelson. Thank You.

Hazardous byproducts

Benzenesulfonic acid


Definitions of all forms of hydrocarbons:

Nuclear Science

"The Natanz Nuclear Facility, located some 30 km NNW from the town (33°43′N 51°43′E) near a major highway, is generally recognized as Iran's central facility for enrichment with over 19,000 centrifuges currently operational and nearly half of them being fed with uranium hexafluoride."

Quotation and full reference:

Bushehr Nuclear Power Station:

2.25.2 Nuclear Warhead Yield – from Wikipedia. 1 gigaton = 1, 000, million kilos of TNT (trinitrotoluene). The world’s largest known atomic multi-facet bomb, is the Russian Antanov AN 225 at a whopping 1.3 gigatons, although it could never be delivered as such. However, as in the text above, something like a nuclear explosion could ignite it.

Today, most nuclear warheads would normally be measured in Integers and fractions of Megatons. This strike was extremely excessive. The results: Damning.

The Earth’s Crust (Book 3)

3.4.1. Al Karak extinct (?) volcano
3.4.2. Internet Backbone and Core Routers
3.4.3. Mercalli Intensity Scale from Wikipedia
3.4.4. Richter Magnitude Scale from Wikipedia
3.4.5. Lithosphere from Wikipedia
3.4.6. Asthenosphere from Wikipedia
3.4.7. Fault Lines from Wikipedia
3.4.8. Moho Discontinuity

Further Reading

The science was originally revealed in Book Three, a relatively long and technical presentation by the Mexicans and Ali. This was abridged for the printed and eBooks, but is still available  for those who wish to know more about what actually occurred.

The Wrath of Gaia Explained [Click to open as a .PDF]

Note: The images right are not complete, and some will soon be replaced (February 2016) by specific images created by Boris; he is working on them as I write.

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SG Middle East Map.

Image: Composite map of the Middle East - Click for larger image

Sea level changeshistory

Image: Cyclic history of Sea level changes throughout the ages

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Acid Rain

Image: Acid Rain - how does it work? - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Bushehr location

Image: Bushehr location - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Iranian Oil and Gas Fields

Image: Iranian Oil and Gas Fields - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Ghawar oilfield

Image: Ghawar, the world's largest oilfield - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Arabian Plate - Simple

Image: Arabian Plate, simple view - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Arabian Plate - Complex

Image: Arabian Plate Tectonics, local view - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Afar Hotspot

Image: Afar Hotspot - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Afar Depression

Image: Afar Depression - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Spreading Volcanic Ridges

Image: Spreading Ridges of Volcanic Origin - Click to enlarge

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Image: The Ancestors came from the stars ... Alpha Centauri - click for larger image




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